Pisces – The Mystic in You

“You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the World will live as one.” Though these were the words of John Lennon, a Libra, he very much understood the message of Pisces, possibly by the strong behind-the-scenes influence his Pisces colleague George Harrison had on the whole band without their knowledge. The quiet one, he was called, but he incorporated all the archetypes of life and the language of the Divine. The Beatles’ lyrics were romantic, fantastical, mystical, and humanitarian.

And that is what the energy of Pisces is. Pisces is and lives the language of God.   Pisces is the Whole of life.  They are the dreamers of the world, the imaginative creative force of the World. Their dreaminess and imagination is often misunderstood as being nothing but an illusion, that they are delusional. But then again……the mystics of the World, the philosophers of the World, the masters of the World, and even the genius minds of scientists (Einstein, a Pisces, by the way) believe that the physical world is actually the illusion.
The Hindus refer to this as “Maya,” literally meaning illusion. The Buddhist refer to it as “samsara,” which does not actually mean illusion, but it is the process of continuing to create different worlds for ourselves and moving into them.  Basically…! We suffer when the illusions of our own perceptions that we create in our minds affect our lives regarding our relationships, our emotions, our thoughts.

So… Pisces really a dreamer, or do they “get it?” Do they actually know what true reality is?  This energy incorporates the energies of all the signs. It contains Aries, Taurus, Gemini…..and on and on, which is why one will find Pisces people to be extremely empathetic. They know what it is like to walk in the shoes of others, of all those archetypal signs, which explains why Pisces rules the soles of the feet!  I guess that is why they love to dance and are good at it!!!!

However, that unlimited empathy they feel can be detrimental to them as they soak up all the negativity that flows through life, as well, which is why they like to sleep. Imagine having all those energies within you! It would be exhausting! It can pull them into a funk, into feeling pity for themselves. And their empathy does not limit itself to humans, but to all beings, to all things in the World. This needs to be understood, just like Libra’s balancing act needs to be understood.

The message that Pisces brings to us after we’ve traveled the whole Zodiacal Wheel is that we should try to be integrated with the blessings that each sign gives to us. We need to be communicators (Gemini), we need to be resourceful (Scorpio), we need to be persistent and determined (Capricorn), we need logic (Virgo) and all the other gifts that the Zodiac brings to us to get through in this life. Pisces is all of this. They truly understand and perceive that all is One. Pisces is the Astral World.

Pisces “believes.” This is the energy of faith and religion and hope, which is probably why during the Age of Pisces we had the establishment of conformed religion. Interesting to note that the Pope’s last official day in performing his Papal duties falls in the energy of the Sun being in the constellation of Pisces! The Age of Aquarius is about unity, one mind, one religion, one God, which, really, is what Pisces is about, but Aquarius needs Pisces’ faith and belief and integration to make it happen. So one age ends and another begins! What does the resignation of the Pope which has not happened but once before 600 years ago really mean for the future? We will have to keep our radars up for that one!

And again you probably ask….okay, so what does Pisces mean to me? This is the energy of yoga, of meditation, of astrology, of Tarot, of dreams, of imagination, of fantasy, of art, of all mysticism! It is the creativity of our minds and our thoughts. We all love these things in our life. Who doesn’t love to watch an animated fantasy movie. It stirs us up emotionally, brings out the creativity within us. When we use our imagination, we can visualize, create, and then manifest in our daily lives. Pisces is all about creative visualization!

So this is a perfect time to meditate, to take yoga classes, to pay attention to your dreams. Use your imagination. When meditating, use creative visualization if there is something you either want to rid yourself of in your life or attract to you, and keep a journal of what you “hear“ or “see“ as an answer to your visualization. Look at the World through eyes of empathy and compassion, walk in others’ shoes. Enjoy art and poetry. Go into your imagination…..become a mystic!

In yoga, this is a wonderful energy to take Flow classes. Maybe even Google Shiva Rea (a Pisces) and see if you can find one of her classes being streamlined, or maybe go get one of her DVDs. When performing your sequences, imagine yourself flowing like a dancer from one pose to another, seeing yourself as whatever you wish to be as you stay focused in the center of your Third-Eye.  Think of the prolific Fish, the symbol of Pisces, as they flow through the waters of our consciousness, one reaching for the Divine, the other towards our physical selves.  “As above….so below.”

And for fun……do the Snoopy Dance! This energy loves to dance!

Enjoy this time of imagination and creativity where all dreams “can” come true, and see you next month when we start all over again, a little wiser than we were before! (Pisces is the Wholeness of the circle, the beginnings and endings….thus, Winter to the joys of the Spring Equinox where life returns)

“Here Comes the Sun, and I say it’s all right!“
With love,

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Innovation – Aquarius

Reconstruction through innovative thinking, freedom, acceptance of humanity (the energies of the Zodiac as a whole), and awareness is the theme of Aquarius! Where would we be without the genius of this eccentric energy and its love for humankind? Furthermore, where would technology and the unifying of the World via advanced communications be without Aquarius? They are the sign of technology, science, and unity.

When you reflect on the 12 different energies of the Zodiac, it really is amazing how the flow of life, the plan reveals itself! Each planet (and its corresponding archetype in the signs) has a place in how life unfolds. Again, going back just the past few months…we had death in Scorpio (Pluto), the optimism of Sagittarius (Jupiter) to know that there is life after death, the reconstruction of Capricorn (Saturn) with its discipline and patience, and now we come to the ingenious, innovative, out-of-the-box ideas of Aquarius (Uranus). Do you see the pattern? You died, you transmigrated (rebirthed), you developed perseverance to move forward, and now you come to the awareness within yourself to have the lightening bolt of a genius idea in just how to use your new self to better serve yourself, your friends, and humanity.

And really, that is what it’s about. How do we give back that which we receive? That is the fundamental teachings of Kabbalah….receive to then give forth. The energy of Aquarius does so through its love for humanity. They are the sign of brotherhood. They are friendly and most funny!! Eccentric beyond belief. Some famous comedians that come to mind are John Belushi, Chris Rock, George Burns. You could almost say they’re like beings from another planet. All of us know an Aquarian, and tell me they are not the most unique people you know!

Everyone loves an Aquarian because Aquarians love people! Friends mean everything to them. Almost to a fault, actually, as they can seem impersonal to their nearest loved ones. Does anyone remember the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond?” I would place Raymond as an Aquarian. Eccentric, getting himself into situations due to his out-of-the-box mentality, yet fundamentally, you could sense his true caring for the well-being of others coming out in “odd” ways. And, of course, always forgiven!

The shadow of this energy is that it is rebellious, stubborn, and unpredictable! But then again, let’s go back to the lessons of Libra. Where would the world be if there were not those that chose to rebel against tyranny? And they did so with their love for humanity. Everyone is equal in the eyes of Aquarius. Abraham Lincoln was Aquarius. Edison? Yes, he too! And Charles Darwin, as well.

Some of you may say well, yeah, this is interesting to read, but what does it have to do with me? I’m an Aries! We all contain within ourselves the different archetypes of the signs, and each energy contributes tremendously to the world. There are different aspects of our lives that contain specific energies of a sign. For instance, in your natal chart you may have Aquarius in your 7th house. Well, then the characteristic of Aquarius would come through in your relationships. You would probably want a funny partner who is a good friend and allows you freedom!

Uranus (Aquarius) is our superconscious. It is the One consciousness in all things. It is the unifying energy. It is that which connects to higher intelligence. I guess that’s where all those wonderfully innovative ideas come from!

So during this time, engage in mindfulness meditation, awareness meditations. Do Pranayama exercises such as alternate nostril breathing to align your left and right energies focusing intently on your Brow Chakra. Open your psychic channels, and keep the Chakras clear. For those of you who do not engage in these practices, just take some time to just sit and connect to your mind, eliminating all thoughts and distractions. Just sit in silence keeping your awareness on your breath and your body, slowly breathing in and out and being aware of the flow of the breath through the body.

LAUGHING YOGA!!! This would be a great time to go take a laughing yoga class! Laughing unites, creates friendships, brings out the crazy child in you. Aquarius loves to laugh.  In your regular practice, make sure you do your poses equally. In your balance poses, take care that the ankles are properly placed, and in your arm balances that you pay attention to your wrists.

I would like to take a moment to dedicate this to my mother who was quite the eccentric Aquarian! We miss and love her!

With that…..”have a wild and crazy February!”

Love, Debbie

p.s If anyone is interested in having their chart done or would like more information, you can contact me at


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Happy New Year, everyone! And now……….

December 21st came and went….the Holidays came and went….and here we find ourselves preparing to hibernate for the winter. I’m sure many of you have made resolutions for the year 2013. We always do, but why do they always seem to fall by the wayside? We truly are genuine in our determination to make the changes in our lives that we know are beneficial, but somehow we fall victims to impatience, pessimism, cynicism, fear…..whatever it is.

And that is why Capricorn comes to greet us in the new year! The Goat is the achiever in life. It is the perseverance, determination, patience, ambition that is needed to succeed. It is the structure and the discipline that we need in order to reach our fullest potential. But it’s not always easy! The energy of Capricorn (and Saturn, its ruler) is not without its fair share of suffering and even depression. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and our life lessons. He brings to the surface that which lies in our subconscious. Saturn contains all the collective fears. He is the disciplinarian.

So…starting in the fall of 2012, many began talking about how things just seemed so “off,” how there is this anticipation of change, this feeling that something was about to occur. And as I wrote in last month’s article, no, there was no death and destruction occurrence, but there is this energy of change, and not just personally, but collectively.

In Scorpio we had the death of that which no longer served us. We saw it every day in the news watching all the changes happening worldwide. Economies, governments. And I’m sure we were feeling it personally, as well. In Sagittarius we were given the optimism to know that even with death there is life. And now Capricorn tells us how to reconstruct. And what do we see? We see negotiations going on in the hopes of reaching solutions to what ails the world. Will they reach compromises? Will there be restructuring? Or will things just continue as they are.

What does this mean to you on a personal level? Well, it is natural for us to self-evaluate ourselves during the fall when the energy of Scorpio so wants us to transform, and then to make those resolutions to make that change. The energy of Capricorn allows you to do that, to succeed. Now, of course, there is always the negative side to any energy, and that of Capricorn is pessimism and fear, and that is the energy that most succumb to. “I can’t do this.” “It’s too hard.” “What a bunch of hogwash.” “I’m too depressed to give up my sweets.” Sometimes reconstruction of that which you are trying to kill brings suffering and hardships. Isn’t that what success is all about? Success comes by not getting discouraged but by using the challenging words of discipline and perseverance!

Oh…..if I have to be honest, I dislike those words! My career is that of a court reporter! When I went to court reporting school, it was three-and-a-half years of nothing but failure on a daily basis. Out of 35 people that started in my group, only five of us actually finished and went on to be court reporters. It is the most challenging of studies on a personal level. Truly….it is! It is speed test after speed test after speed test, and right when you get all excited because you passed a test in one speed, you know you have the next one facing you. I learned so much about myself during this training. I grew so much. I learned perseverance…..I learned discipline….I learned not to get discouraged because I “failed” every day! But now I can honestly say that it has given me the most valuable of training that I have applied to my everyday life.

Whatever personal journey you may be on that is causing feelings of discouragement, just keep on chugging. What was that children’s book? The Choo-Choo that Could (or something like that). The Choo-Choo kept saying I know I can….I know I can.

And know, too, that Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is the ruler of Time (the Ancient Greeks referred to Saturn as Chronos, the lord of time). So patience! Time is going to pass no matter what. Why limit yourself by time? Maybe let go of the expectations of failure/success and just keep choo-chooing along. You WILL get there because you made a determined intention to do so. Use discipline….use perseverance….use patience, apply some action, and voila! If you allow the dark side of the energy of Capricorn/Saturn to discourage you and you give up, what will that leave? Regret? Create more fears and setbacks?

So in yoga… attention and give “time” for alignment in your poses. “Structure” your poses. Make sure that you are not putting strain or pressure on the knees or any other vulnerable skeletal areas of the body. (low back, neck, shoulders.) Listen to your instructors when they begin to give cues for alignment and adjust yourself accordingly.

One other thing about Capricorns….they are funny! Laughter is sometimes a very effective way to overcome your fears. Try it! And take your time! Take your time eating, walking. Just enjoy whatever moment in time.

I wish you success in whatever you undertake in the new year!

With love,


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A New Era

So….here we are! December 21st came and went and we survived and there wasn’t any devastation, except for some pretty bad weather conditions that has left many travelers stranded. Pretty standard for this time of year, though the storms were more severe than usual.

Many are probably now asking, “what was all the hoopla about?” What’s up with this whole Mayan Calendar talk? The Mayan Calendar was probably the most efficient and accurate calendar devised. How? Their proficiency in astronomy is one reason. Help from the “beyond?” Maybe. There are so many reasons why that to be able to say with accuracy, I would defer to the experts!

Right…..the hoopla! Every so many thousands of years — and again, some say an era of humanity lasts 5,000 years, some say less, some say more. Astronomers and astrologers alike have differing theories depending on who you’re reading — the World exits and enters a new Age, a step in another direction collectively. Generally, it is when there is a conjunction with the Galactic Center. In this case, it is the Winter Solstice. If one looks back at history, one sees how we have evolved (or de-evolved depending on your outlook of things).

And so the Mayans had a very good method in predicting when we as a World would go through a shift in consciousness collectively where we take a step forward. This just happened to be the last exit-entrance they were able to record for whatever reason.

And that’s it! As the Looney Tunes used to end their shows with….”That’s All Folks.” But not really….

Whenever something changes, there is a death and then a rebirth, as we have learned from our friend Scorpio. To have construction, there has to be destruction. But then our friend Sagittarius comes in and gives us the optimism of rebirth, of transmigration. Capricorn follows with the work, perseverance, and success of reconstruction.

We are going to feel some discomfort before we move ahead. There is a strong Uranus-Pluto square happening which brings a very powerful, almost explosive type of energy. Sudden changes happening with a strong force. It can leave us feeling shocked, a bit disoriented. This can be true both on a personal level and collectively.

We are entering or are in or have been in the Age of Aquarius. What does that mean? It is when the vernal equinox moves from one constellation into another. So in this case, it would be Pisces to Aquarius. Again, there is controversy as to when this actually is to occur or if it already has occurred.

According to the International Astronomical Union, they put it at the years 2600. Astrologers disagree because of the varying degrees of each constellation. But even astrologers are not in complete agreement as to when it is to occur or if it has. There are some who believe that the Age of Aquarius occurred during the era of the hippies since it is associated with harmony, trust, goodwill, unity, understanding, change. And there are those who believe that the end of the Mayan Calendar (December 21st) is when we entered the Age of Aquarius.

Regardless, my personal opinion is that the characteristics of the Age of Aquarius are present and the shift, the changes are occurring. You see worldwide how people are starting to let their voices be heard that things are not working under the influence of the Piscean Age, that there needs to be change. People are awakening to the realization that there needs to be more unity on a conscious level collectively and recognize who we truly are as beings.

“Be the change you want to see in the World,“ wonderful words by Mahatma Gandhi, should be our motto during this time of change. How we live and share our daily personal lives is how we can contribute to effectuating change. What we project onto the World is what the World becomes.

This says a lot about us today and our society. When we look to the senseless acts of violence such as the terrible shooting of those wonderful little angels, we can begin to ask ourselves what are we as humans collectively projecting that is creating this energy. Why are we obsessed with violence in the media and entertainment? Why are people feeling that they need to gain some sense of recognition, even via negative means? What do we need to change?

So let it start with you! Make a commitment to your practice of yoga and meditation. Set intentions of goodwill towards the World. Expand your awareness from self to the world.

So with that, I send my fondest wishes for a very Joyous Christmas. This is the time of blessings, abundance, love….all the things that the Universe loves to give! (Jupiter and Sag!)

And I wish you a New Year of awareness, a new Era for you full of new discoveries and healing!

With Love, Debbie

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Christmas – Sag

Welcome to December!! Welcome to the Winter Solstice, to Christmas, to the receiving/giving energy of Sagittarius, to the Abundance of Jupiter, to the birth of Christ Consciousness, and yes……to the end of the Mayan calendar!! So much going on! Going to be a busy newsletter month!

Well, let’s start with “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth,” Sagittarius! Good place to start since this sign pretty much encompasses most of these topics. No coincidence it falls during a time of joy, laughter, fun, generosity, and Holiness. Sag is the optimistic, free-spirited, adventurous, generous wise man! (or woman!) They are the high priests, the gurus, the rabbis, the spiritual teachers, the knowledge-seekers. And it’s all natural! They don’t need to read a million books (though they love to educate themselves). They breath and live higher knowledge in the essence of their being, and for this, they are always seeking/speaking Truth, though sometimes not so gracefully.

Sometimes the truth of a Sagittarian can really put people out because they will dare to say that which others will not even dream of as it can step outside the boundaries of diplomacy. Truly….you will never be able to fool a Sag. They WILL call you out. But look at that for just one moment. What puts you out about it? The fact that it’s true and they dared to say it, or the fact that you have just been faced with a reality that needs to change within you? Does this not make them truly the wisest of us all? Does this not make them people you would welcome in your life for growth?

Welcome the Sag in your life as they will teach you the Truth you need to transform, to help you migrate from one state of being to the next (though at times painfully so). As one of my favorite authors once wrote, “The truth of Sagittarius kills death. And the death of death is life.” (Gahl Sasson, Cosmic Navigator.)

So what is our Truth and how do we live it? Where is the authentic you? Buried within you through all the cobwebs of bad habits, of negative thinking, of identification with ego lies your Treasure! Your joy! Your Christmas! The greatest gift you will ever receive…your Truth, purpose. Find that Truth through your meditation, and then with faith, live it.

The birth of Jesus is so much more than we realize. This was the birth of the greatest metaphysician of all times! This was the birth of the Christ Consciousness within us all, the physical manifestation of God brought to us through Jesus, the Christ. Many scholars have tried to put into words the life of this great Being, but it is difficult to do. We can only “feel” it and not “intellectualize” it.

One message, though, is certain. And that is that we all have within us the Christ Consciousness. We are all children of God, as was Jesus. We, too, with daily devotion and turning inward by meditating can find the meaning of who we are, the healing of our souls, the compassion and love. And that is our Treasure….to find our true essence and walk through this life with joy, even in our darkest of times. Paramahansa Yogananda said: “From Joy we came, in Joy we live, in Joy we melt.”

But as Sagittarius teaches us, it is not just the birth of Jesus, but it is all the teachers throughout time. Again, the Christ is within us all. Jesus encompassed all these teachings. His travels during His life (another Sag message….to spread Truth, you must journey) brought Him to experience these other teachers. Jesus understood that there is only One thing that unites us all….our Christ Consciousness. He understood the sacrifice of ego (the body). Ego is what creates the separation between the physical and the spiritual. It is through the closing of this gap that we create a better world for ourselves.

During this Christmas season, connect to the joy of the season by using the optimism of Sagittarius to face your Truth and live it authentically, without fear. When decorating your Tree, in your Mind’s Eye see yourself laying the gifts of calmness, forgiveness, nobility, service, kindness, peace, faith, joy all wrapped in gold under your Tree. Release the stress of Christmas and allow instead the love and peace of Christmas to prevail and to stay within your heart.

And realize that this gift of the Christ is for all creation! Our favorite Centaurs rule over travel, over foreign cultures, over education, over philosophy. Use their energy to really connect to the Unity of the Christ Consciousness in all of the World.

I am going to segue to the body now since we are celebrating the physical birth of the Christ. Sagittarius rules the liver, our hips and lower bodies. So in yoga during this time, detoxify the body by doing a lot of twists! Maybe devote a whole practice to twists. There are so many…….some that we even like to forget! Also, do lower body strengthening. Practice your chair pose (Utkatasana) and its variations. Connect to your faith and optimism, your inner Sag, while doing these challenging poses.

And with that, I will leave the other topics to our next newsletter! Truly enjoy this time. Notice how the whole World seems to come together in one consciousness, and that is the Christ within us all. It brings out the joy, the love, the peace in all everywhere. Think about that……why is it? What does that tell us?

Ponder Christmas in your heart and allow the generosity, abundance, gaiety, joy, spirituality of Sagittarius to live in your heart!

Merry Christ-mas, and have fun!! LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!

Blessings, Debbie


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Well…..the leaves have pretty much fallen, the temperatures are getting colder, and the trees are in their “pretend” death. We are now turning within to reflect on our own Scorpio energy of what needs to die in our lives, whether it be attitudes, behaviors, or physical changes within our environment. Have you used the intensity of Scorpio to dive deep into yourself to find that which you are being asked to let go of?

Scorpio is also about magnetism. It’s about the mysteries of life that we so want to have revealed, yet they are kept hidden and we have to research and investigate in search of satisfying what our Soul wants to attract. Oddly strange that the energy that follows death and rebirth, rejuvenation, is that of Sagittarius, Jupiter who just wants to bless us with all the abundance that he possibly can. It is the energy of the gift giver……

So the question becomes: What do I NOW want to attract into my life? What kind of magnet do I wish to be?  What do I desire (another Scorpio keyword) to be blessed with? We can try to answer that question just from the science of an ordinary magnet. Small magnets attract small things; large magnets, large objects. And so our own human magnet draws according to our own power of attraction, that which we identify with, our attitudes, our patterns of thought, behavior, our bad habits.  The question to ask yourself during this time of Scorpio transformation is, do I wish to be a business magnet, a spiritual magnet, a material magnet? What do I want and who do I want to be and what do I need to renew within me?

You may right off the top of your head say, “Why yes….I wish to attract financial abundance and many material comforts!” And you can very much do so. Or you may say, “My soul so desires to find peace and comfort in Divine Love.” But in reality, we can’t have one without the other. Again….we always go back to the lessons of Libra to be in balance and harmony with the flow of life and the Universe.

If you focus only on attracting material comforts and wealth, you may find at the end of your life that you never progressed spiritually and it may seem so pointless to have forsaken the joys of Spirit because you were so overwhelmed with “life.” Just like you cannot only focus on gaining spiritual abundance and forget the body and its necessities for material life unless you have advanced to the stage of a true yogi forsaking all materiality! And that probably isn’t going to be the case for the vast majority of us!

There are all kinds of magnetism; mental, physical, sexual, spiritual. However, remember the words of Jesus? He said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto You .” What does this mean? Where is the Kingdom of God? And how can this Kingdom have what I need to live here on Earth?

The Kingdom is found within ourselves via meditation! This is where we connect to our inner selves and find clarity, wisdom, intuitive guidance, love for self and others, healing.   It is here we find our Soul’s magnet.  The list goes on and on of what we find in the Kingdom within for “There are many doors in my Father‘s mansion.” (Jesus spoke)

It is here that we connect to our Will creating the action necessary (remember Aries?) to manifest what we wish in our lives. It is within ourselves that we develop a “plan” of that which we want to be and create, where we find what kind of magnet we wish to be and what it is we need to release in order to attract it (Scorpio). And it is here that the balance is found between that which is required in the physical world and the growth of our spiritual reality.

How do we develop the “plan?” Dive deep into yourself and feel/see what it is you “really” want to create (new business, home, love, whatever….), plant the seed, via meditation connect to your Will to generate the action necessary, take care of your physical body with proper diet, exercise, fellowship, and then turn your Will to Divine Will and allow your magnetism to attract it into your life. On a daily basis connect to yourself via meditation and release the fears, the anxieties that block the flow of spiritual magnetism, and coming from a place of more peace, all else will follow. Like magnets that attract objects, so you, too, will attract. Think with love, and you’ll attract love. Think positively and you’ll attract positivity.  This is where we find the Kingdom we are advised to seek first and foremost for all else to follow.

In yoga, during Shavasana, (corpse pose) surrender, but then inhale and stretch your body and tense every muscle in the body as you hold the breath. Feel the energy tingling through the body, feel your “human magnet,“ as you focus intently on the “Third Eye,“ and then exhale fully through the mouth and release, surrender. Do this several times and feel the flow of energy within the body with the realization that this is “you,” the Creator of your life! Now…..await the blessings to be received by Sagittarius/Jupiter.

As The Beatles so wisely said: “All You Need is Love!”

Wishing you love and magnetic energy! Debbie







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As Fall comfortably sets in around us, trees beautifully colored and the sound of leaves softly falling onto the ground, we begin to reflect on what it is that needs to also fall out of our lives. Autumn is very much a time of deep reflection, of letting go as we see some of the seasonal plants we planted die, the trees beginning to be stripped naked, squirrels scurrying about to begin collecting their food for the winter preparing for the cold weather to approach. It seems to be all about dying.

Fall is a time of death in preparation for rebirth. This is the cycle…..birth, death, rebirth, death, rebirth….and on and on it goes. Plants die but blossom again….trees stand bare to then redress themselves. Even within our own bodies, cells die to then regenerate. Birth, death and rebirth are around us every day in every aspect of our lives, even the smallest of incidents. One cannot exist without the other. It’s just like the Libra message of relationship.

No sign understands or appreciates this cycle more than a Scorpio! They rule the 8th house of death, the occult, the mysteries of life, and of sexuality! Some are under the perception that Scorpio is all about sex. Yes, they are about sexuality and intimacy, but not for the mere pleasure of sex. It’s the role it plays in the cycle of birth and death, the mystery of transforming, regenerating.

The 8th house is also about hidden secrets, the secrets we want to hide from the rest of the world, our fears. And so Scorpios very much like to uncover the secrets, expose them, but they will keep hidden their own! This makes them great investigators, and is the motivation for the intimacy they develop with people they meet. They will ask about your life, they will ask about your deepest feelings, and they will care! This helps them unravel more of the mystery. Scorpio is deeply intense, emotionally, passionately, and extremely driven.

Really…’s difficult to understand a Scorpio. Just as the mysteries of life are difficult to understand, so are they since they are the mystery itself! They hold the secrets within them, and this gives them an incredible ability to transform, to regenerate making them great healers. They also hold their own secrets, and this makes it quite challenging at times to understand where you stand with a Scorpio as you may misinterpret their silence, their unwillingness to speak their deepest emotions. This can lead to all kinds of misperceptions. Respect their secrets…’s who they are. The mystery! And without them, we would not be able to understand the cycle of life.

So during this time when the energy of Scorpio surrounds us (we do have Halloween during Scorpio….), dive deep into yourself, into your emotions and begin to ask yourself what must die in your life to regenerate yourself. Is it your attitude? Is it a relationship? Is it a habit? Dive deep into your soul, into your past and see what needs to be released. Understand the lesson of Libra, the polarities, and understand that you cannot transform, you cannot be reborn or change what challenges you most in life without the death of that which no longer serves you. Libra says there is not an exit without an entrance….Scorpio says there is no rebirth without death. The serpent sheds its skin. So you, too, must shed yours and replace it with a new one.

Meditate deeply, intensely. Dive into the deepest part of the ocean of your soul, of your consciousness, and using that Scorpio energy, research, investigate, find what it is that is blocking you. But while you’re doing so…..enjoy the ride!! Scorpio is also about magic!

Yoga…….what is it you do in Shavasana? You die. You become a pretend corpse. You live your life through all the asanas of your practice….sun salutations, all your warrior positions. You live your life, and then you die! When lying in Shavasana, incorporate your life, the energy of your practice into the body, and then truly surrender! Dive deep into the “third-eye,” and surrender, look, examine, investigate.

Also, when performing your cobra or fish pose, breathe in the energy of Scorpio, of rejuvenation. In Kabbalah, Scorpio is ruled by the letter Nun which represents the prolific fish, diving deep into the ocean of emotions. Scorpio is also the serpent. Shed your skin when performing cobra. Become the snake and bring forth the intense power of Scorpio through your hiss.

And with that…..I wish you all a very Happy “Scorpio” Halloween!! (their favorite holiday, by the way!) And I wish you regeneration!

With love, Debbie

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As  the Sun continues its journey through  the constellation of Libra, our thoughts may be about that which brings us harmony and peace, both personally and globally.  With all the talk bombarding us these days, it appears that harmony and peace are two words that seem to have vanished from the English language, as has diplomacy and truth!!  So how do we stay centered in our own truth?  How do we stay balanced within our own peace?  How do we live life in harmony?

Opposites!  Yeah, opposites!  Libra recognizes that you can’t have one without the other, which is why at times they are accused of being so indecisive.  Take a moment to think about opposites.  You can’t have an entrance without an exit.  You can’t have winning without losing.  You also cannot have truth without deceit.  How would you know of truth if there wasn’t deceit to measure it against?  There will always be the other side of the coin.

In Astrology there are signs that oppose one another.  Aries and Libra oppose one another.  Think of that one….Aries the warrior, the aggressive energy, action, and Libra the peacemaker, the one always seeking harmony, diplomacy.  Aries is active; Libra can be passive.   Aries can very much benefit from the peacefulness of Libra to soothe their firey  nature, and Libra can benefit from the action of Aries.  Look at the opposite signs of Virgo and Pisces.  Virgo with their analytical and practical mind can very much help ground the dreaminess of Pisces,  and in return, Pisces can add some imagination to Virgo.  Opposites are strongly attracted to one another as they feel mutual respect and admiration for the other.  They learn from one another.  Opposites attract…..they want what the other has.

And so it is in all aspects of life.  There is always the other side of the coin.  The thing is we have to learn to integrate the opposites to give us a better understanding of the natural laws of life to help create wholeness within ourselves.  How do we know to create balance if there isn’t imbalance?  How can we know how to be humble if we didn’t know what arrogance looked like?  How do we create peace if we don’t know what conflict feels like?

Through our practice of meditation, of going into the silence, we can begin to have acceptance of the dualities of life.  We begin to see how one incorporates the other, that opposites truly are the same extreme of one another.  Through acceptance of opposites,  we begin to complete our own sense of self, of truth, of balancing the world around us, resulting in harmony, tolerance, and most importantly…..more love!  Not just a “feel-good” concept; it is a natural law of life!

And so in your yoga this week, think about opposites when you do your inversions.  Think of how you have up and down, north and south.   When practicing your Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), give thought to your Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (up dog).  When doing Adho Mukha Vrksasana (headstand), think about it’s opposite of Tadasana (mountain pose).  Before starting your Sun Salutation, take a bow to the North, South, East, West and imagine them on opposite ends of their vertical and horizontal lines.

And most importantly……tell yourself that you are in balance and harmony and that you trust the natural flow of life!!

Wishing you harmony now and always,


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Balance……how many times a day must we hear that word!! You must balance work with pleasure, good with bad, light with dark, positive with negative, anger with peace. The list is endless of all the polarities of life, and to walk through life in harmony we must tip the scales to find our center.

As the Sun moves into the constellation of Libra, the energy is all about balance, art, beauty, relationships, diplomacy, compromise, socializing with friends. Not a coincidence that it is during this time as we come into autumn that night and day reach a perfect balance! Not to mention all the beautiful new fall fashion designs that come out, something that the energy of Libra enjoys tremendously! It’s all about aesthetic pleasure, both visual and subtle. Rarely will you find a Libra who is not well-dressed, perfumed, with a most melodic-sounding voice. And don’t be fooled by those that say, “oh, Libras are just too indecisive. They can‘t make up their minds!” True….but not out of fickleness. It’s truly because they see both sides to ALL things and are simultaneously trying to find the center, the balance of the two opposing thoughts. Not an easy task for anyone, but with justice and principles being first and foremost in a Libran’s nature, it is a feat they can accomplish with grace.

What does it mean to balance? Where do we find balance? Compromise, for one. Ghandi, a Libra, made many compromises to bring about a new India, to return India to its people. In relationships, whether married or in partnerships, we have to compromise for the sake of the relationship, not so much for the sake of the other person. Relationship implies two. So, therefore, you both compromise to reach the union, the center of the nature of the relationship itself. You each sacrifice something to reach harmony.

So what does this month mean for us as this energy prevails? During this time, focus on relationships, aesthetics, both personal and environmental, and focus on truly balancing our life.  All things, good and bad, are there to assist us in centering ourselves which is truly the only way to reach harmony. Each person in our life is there to reflect what we may need to address in ourselves in order to be balanced. Just like our partners, even people who may be our enemies can mirror something about ourselves. Pay attention. Let go of ego in relationships and then compromise.

And have fun!!!! Get together with friends, socialize, and surround yourself with beauty, whether it’s personal adornments or in one’s surroundings. New clothes, maybe, new comforter, pictures.  Whatever beautifies.  Listen to music and become the music. Focus on the beauty, peace, and harmony of life rather than all the ugliness. As Elvis Costello once said in a song, “What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding.” Nothing!! It’s the balance of life. And again, wise words from another Libra, John Lennon…“Give peace a chance.” Not just hippie words, but truly words of wisdom (most Libras are wise!). Reflecting on those words brings us back to the nature of our beings, that which we are born as…..loving and peaceful. Especially important to think about as we go through a very divisive time right now in this country.

Yoga…..oh, yoga!! During this time as you’re performing your balancing asanas, really try to find your center, not only your physical center to maintain your posture, but your inner center. This can be anywhere! Your center may be your heart, your solar plexus, your third eye….maybe even a particular part of your physical body. As you balance and center, listen to what it is telling you. How is it wanting you to create balance in your life? What do you need to change within yourself to create harmony in relationships and in the world around you?

And then……bring it all to the heart and enjoy the peace and the beauty!

Happy birthday to all you wonderful Libras!

Love & Blessings,




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So much Virgo energy this month!!  We have the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and on the 15th of September, we have a New Moon in Virgo forming a conjunction.  What an incredible time for analytical thinking, reasoning, and expression.  So many minute details to pay attention to, so much filtering of important information to do.  What a critical time to have this energy surrounding us.

These days leading up to the election for a new president brings so much controversy, confusion, divisiveness, sensory overload, and sometimes even feelings of loss of control in our own belief system. The media plays such a big factor in trying to persuade us one way or the other, and we tend to feel almost like puppets being manipulated by self-serving egos! This one calls this one a liar….the other calls the other a liar….one says these are facts…the other says no, these are facts, and we are in the middle thinking what am I to believe…..who is right….who is wrong….who truly cares.  I found myself involved in many controversial subjects this week, and it was difficult to have discussions with any sort of respect, though I sincerely gave it my best shot!!  Virgo wants us to be humble in our thinking and our words.

So what do we do? We edit out that which we recognize as obvious distortions of words that are clearly misrepresented to persuade us to one’s own views. The Virgo constellation that our Sun is now passing through brings an energy of discernment, analytical thinking and reasoning, logic, ability to pay attention to even the smallest and most minute of details. Use this gift that we are given to come to your own conclusions. Open yourself up to humbly listen to all views, and then use your own analytical reasoning to do your own editorial work and draw your own conclusion.

It is difficult not to fall into the whole hoopla of the political world, but it is not beneficial to us as human beings, to our spirit when we fall into the trappings of ill will towards others just because of a difference of opinion. In truth…..that is what they want, is to pit one against the other for their own benefit. Know your own truth…..use your own better judgment. Again, difficult to do. Use your own editorial abilities to say no….these are my facts! Regardless of who it is you favor, respect others and humbly listen to their side, as well. You may just learn something you didn’t know, like it or not.  But do so respectfully and without insults. This is the only way that we can learn from one another and stand together as human beings that do not wish to be manipulated by any side. That is the most abusive insult there is….the game that is played on us. Analyze.

In your yoga/meditation practice this week, bring your awareness to your Throat (Visuddha)  and Third Eye (Ajna) Chakras.  The Throat for the ability to clearly speak and hear your own truth and to honorably express yourself, and the Third Eye for integrating information and using your own intuitive guidance for perspective and to curtail judgment.   Our practice is our best friend….it puts us back in check when we’re veering off the road of respect for one another.  And that applies to all aspects of our lives… life, our relationships with our children, spouses, work relationships.  It’s easy to stray and lose focus causing disturbances in our own inner peace and love for another. 

Paramahansa Yogananda said: “Softer than a flower where kindness is concerned…..stronger than thunder where principles are at stake.”  Believe in your truth and have your opinions, but be clear that they are YOUR beliefs, and not those of the ones who try to influence you.  Be strong in your truth, but be kind and respectful when voicing them.  Hard to do in today’s atmosphere. 

Love to all, Debbie

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