The Power Within

scorpio2In a few days, the Sun moves into the constellation of Scorpio. Ah, the mystery of life! Just look into the eyes of a person born in the sign of Scorpio and you will feel the emotional depth of all the mysteries unravel! Deeply intense, passionate, and extremely driven, Scorpio touches the innermost part of your soul. Just like the fall, it asks you to die to a part of you that needs to be let go of to then regenerate and heal yourself. Birth, death, and rebirth.

Scorpio is the cycle of life. The process of transformation to bring about a change. Plants die but blossom again to bring even more beauty every year they are reborn. Trees are naked to then redress themselves in the new spring fashions! In our bodies, cells die to then regenerate. Birth, death and rebirth are around us every day in every aspect of our lives. Every second that passes in life is a death and then a rebirth. Time is death and rebirth. One cannot exist without the other. It is Libra’s message of relationship. There is no entrance without an exit! It serves us to embrace this cycle so that every moment, every touch, every word, every glance, every action we live is with great gratitude and appreciation. Scorpio teaches us to live in awareness of the present.

Pluto, the ruling planet of the Scorpio energy, is the destroyer! He brings about elimination, takes away that which is no longer needed. It is powerful indeed, and when Pluto transits hit our natal chart, we are most definitely in store for major disruption, but it is a needed one for changing that which no longer serves us. It could be a relationship or a job or a behavioral pattern that doesn’t serve us well. Whatever it may be, Pluto and Scorpio provide the power to die to that part of our “self” to then bring about healing in our lives. Scorpio is the embodiment of the mystery and makes them the healers in life passing on the torch of death and rebirth to achieve our highest potential.

It truly is not a simple task to understand this energy since it is the mystery of life itself. Scorpio energy holds the secrets within, which make Scorpios want to uncover the secrets, reveal the secrets. They have a very suspicious mind and make great investigators as they try to peel away each layer. This is the motivation for the intimacy they develop with people they meet. They will ask about your life, they will ask about your deepest feelings, and they will genuinely care! This allows them to unravel more of the mystery.

However, they will not be so open about their own deepest emotions. This can make it challenging at times to understand where you stand with your Scorpio friend as you may misinterpret their unwillingness to speak about their deepest emotions. This could lead to all kinds of misperceptions. But do respect their secrets. It is who they are….the mystery.

So during this time when the energy of Scorpio surrounds us (we do have Halloween during Scorpio), dive deep into yourself, into your emotions, and begin to ask yourself what must die in your life to regenerate yourself to bring about the manifestation of the seed you planted back in the Spring when the Sun was in Aries. Is it your attitude? Is it a relationship? Is it a habit? Dive deep into your soul, into your past and see what needs to be released. Understand that you cannot transform, you cannot be reborn or change what challenges you most in life without the death of that which no longer serves you. The serpent sheds its skin. So you, too, must shed yours and replace it with a new one.

Meditate deeply, intensely. Dive into the deepest part of the ocean of your soul, of your consciousness, and using that Scorpio energy, research, investigate, find what it is that is blocking you. You contain the Power within yourself to take control and transform. But while you’re doing so…..enjoy the ride!! Scorpio is also about magic!

In yoga we perform a pose called Savasana, corpse pose. It is where we die and surrender to our embodiment. We pretend to be a corpse. You live your life through all the asanas of your practice….sun salutations, all your warrior positions…and then you die in Savasana! When in Savasana, incorporate your life, the energy of your practice into the body, and then truly surrender! Dive deep into the “third-eye,” and look, examine, investigate.

Also, when performing your cobra or fish pose, breathe in the energy of Scorpio, of rejuvenation. Shed your skin when performing cobra. Become the snake and bring forth the intense power within through your hiss.

Happy “Scorpio” Halloween and Happy Regeneration!

With love, Debbie

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Heart of Understanding

libra 3
Beauty, relationships, balance, justice, love, peace, diplomacy……”flower child” idealistic language? Maybe. Those born in the years between 1942 and 1957 have Neptune in Libra, and this was the generation who grew to be the flower children, the baby-boomers who had an incredible idealism with regards to relationships and the world. They searched for their “soul mates” and believed in love, leaving behind the structured roles of the man and woman in marriages, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for relationships. Neptune in Libra also gave rise to the Civil Rights movement.

But Neptune is also the energy of disillusionment, which lead this generation to very high divorce rates as they searched for that idealism. And it was here that the influence of Libra as the teacher brought them to the understanding that to find that perfect love, to have that mirror reflection of what they felt within, they first had to love themselves, find their authentic self. So many of those born in the generation of the flower child left their search for the ideal soul mate to instead search for Divine Love within themselves allowing them to let go of past patterns in relationships. And here is where Libra begins its mission.

When asked about Libran qualities, many people will say “oh, they are just so indecisive.!” Ummmm……again, maybe. But there is a very logical (Libran trait) explanation for that. It’s what I like to refer to as “the wisdom of a heart that understands.” What is the understanding? That all things in opposition are actually equal and, therefore, the same, that dualities are illusions and when balanced appropriately, one sees the equal value.

So when a Libra person is faced with a decision, they calculate and weigh out all possible results before taking any action, and they do this in simultaneous real time!! It is not fickleness, but their keen logic and discernment. They have to be the scales of justice to balance out the two possible extreme results. However, once that decision is taken, they will act with complete faith knowing that whatever it is they chose, it WILL balance out in time.

Libra needs relationships! It could be any form of relationship, but it is something they live for. Libra rules the 7th house of the Zodiac, which is that of partnership, marriage, justice, law. It is the house that governs where we find our harmony. Relationships in any form are key to our own self-discovery and understanding for it is through relationships that we learn to give and receive, to compromise, to sacrifice. Our partners, and just as equally our enemies, are actually mirror reflections of what is contained within ourselves. If there is something we see within our partner that we do not like, it may be a message to us of what we ourselves either need to change or something that maybe we need to develop. The Libra energy asks us to explore ourselves through our relationships so that we may grow.

Ghandi said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Ghandi was born in the sign of Libra. He made many compromises to bring about a new India, to return India to its people, and do so in a non-violent way by balancing the scales. In relationships, whether married or in partnerships, we have to compromise for the “sake of the relationship,” not so much for the sake of the other person. Relationship implies two. So, therefore, you both compromise to reach the union, the center of the nature of the relationship itself. You each sacrifice something to reach harmony.

So let’s put all this seriousness aside for a moment. Libra is also about FUN!! Libras love to socialize and enjoy the arts, whether it’s music, sculpture, fashion…..anything that is beauty! They love to sing loudly in the car to their favorite song. They just love to love!

So during this time, focus on your relationships. What do they mirror back as to who you are or need to strive to be. Aesthetics, both personal and in your environment, and focus on truly balancing your life. All things, good and bad, are there to assist you in centering yourself which is truly the only way to reach harmony. Each person in your life, including enemies, is there to reflect what may be needed to be addressed to create balance and harmony in your life. Pay attention. Let go of your ego in relationships and compromise.

And have fun!!!! Get together with friends, socialize, and surround yourself with beauty, whether it’s in your personal adornments or your environment. Listen to music and become the music. Focus on the beauty, peace, and harmony of life rather than all the ugliness. As Elvis Costello once said in a song, “What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding.” Nothing!! It’s the balance of life.

In yoga, truly use the beauty of your body, the music of your body to create peace within yourself. Find your center as you flow into your balancing sequences, not only your physical center to maintain posture, but your inner center, your heart full of understanding! As you balance and center, listen to what it is telling you. How is it wanting you to create balance in your life? What do you need to change within yourself to create harmony in relationships and in the world around you? What justice are you seeking, and how can you achieve that in a peaceful, diplomatic manner?

And then……bring it all to the heart and enjoy your peace, your beauty, your love of self and expand it to the World around you through your interactions with others.

Happy birthday to all you wonderful Librans who bring us so much beauty!

Love & Blessings,

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Organize, Analyze & Edit

virgoLast year when the Sun was traveling through Virgo, we had all the sensory overload of the Presidential Elections going on. The media did all that it could to try to manipulate our own belief systems with all their accusations and drama. This one is right…, that one is right. He is lying…, he’s lying!! Gosh….enough to drive one to insanity. But with the Sun’s visit to Virgo’s neighborhood, we were able to edit out that which we personally recognized as distortions of words and called upon our own analytical thinking and reasoning to come to our own decisions that felt right for us.

So what do we have this year? Pretty much a repetition, but only this time it’s with all the scandals going on, the inequity of racial finger-pointing that continues to cause divisiveness among the common folk, while the puppeteers manipulating the show use their authority to continue to benefit their own egos for power and control. I guess it’s the same story that has existed for thousands of years. Nothing will ever change the language of politicians. But how we organize, analyze, and edit our own thoughts and belief systems can make a difference to us in how we live our lives among the madness.

This is the beauty of the energy of Virgo!! Here is where we pay attention to all the little details, where we set boundaries, where we pay attention to our well-being (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). It is where we say NO to that which crosses our boundaries and interferes with our goals. As Gahl Sasson so eloquently puts it: “Say No to sweets….say yes to health.” This is what Virgo teaches.

But, of course, this energy teaches so much more! It wants to perfect things in our lives by editing out what is not needed. If you have been following your intention since we planted the seed back in Aries, you will recognize the flow. We started with initiating. We created the intention, we planted the seed. Taurus gave it its value, what practical value your intention had for you. Gemini communicated it, waited for the guidance to proceed, listened for the message. Cancer nourished and loved the seed, gave it compassion. Leo gave the Will to create the action needed to make the dream come true, the authority necessary. And now…..we’re ready to organize the plan, analyze it, and edit it. Virgo edits the fantasy from the reality and makes it happen through your physicality. It basically is the Swiffer-mop to clean up all the dirt! Virgos are the masters at organizing, analyzing, editing, and then cleaning it all up!!

Work and service! This is what is needed to manifest. Whatever the seed of intention may be, there is always the work needed to reach its potentiality. But it’s not just about the work needed; it’s also about the service. And that’s not just service to others, but to yourself, as well.

In service we learn humility. We come to realize that there is a far greater power within us than just our own frail egos. Greatness is achieved through humility. Examples of this surround us in our everyday lives. Our animals. The service that our animals provide to use is that of love, companionship, loyalty……yet, look at the humility of your pet. They will roll onto their backs and surrender themselves with unconditional love to you and forever be grateful for all you do! What a perfect manifestation of the art of giving/receiving unconditional love and service. It is reciprocal.

The military. They truly provide a service that goes above and beyond what any of us are called upon to do in our lives. And they do so with humility. They sacrifice their well-being for the sake of others. There is greatness in humility as you serve something much larger than your “self.” What is that expression? Great things come in small packages? The energy of Virgo thrives when it is being of service.

As we approach Labor Day, the day of work and service, it’s a wonderful time to identify in our lives where it is we are or could be of service. Where in our lives can we detoxify in order to better our health, physically, emotionally, spiritually (Virgo rules over health, as well). It is important to care for the body as it is the vessel to manifest your highest potential. Where can you shine your light the brightest to the rest of the world with humility, without needing, wanting, or asking for the recognition? Where can you excel? Where do your boundaries need to be set?

In your practice of yoga, while doing poses such as Uttanasa (forward bend), child’s pose, resting in pigeon pose, bent forward with your heart touching the Earth, surrender yourself with humility to the greatness of Divinity. Surrendering of ourselves opens our heart.

With that, I wish you all wonderful health and well-being.

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I WILL……how many times do we use those two words! And what do we “really” mean when we say them? Intention, wish, action, commitment? Really, it’s all that but so much more.

As we continue our journey through the constellation of Leo this month, it makes sense to speak about Will since they are the masters of its use! They can create and manifest just about anything they desire (another variation of Will). Leo is such a strong, dynamic energy, just as its ruler, The Sun, that once they set their mind on something, they WILL accomplish it. And there is truly the force behind the word….dynamic action!

You may sometimes hear people say about another, “Oh, they have such strong Will power.” True, that could be a positive or a negative, but it certainly shows a strong commitment to self and to the action required to live ones life. So many people fail at tasks because they give up. They let their Will go. When people transition, it is said they have no Will left….they surrender. Nothing around you….not your home, not your relationships, not your exercise routine would be without Will. We cannot do ANYTHING without Will. It is planting a seed of intention/desire into our thoughts and then using the dynamic action of Will to produce it. Will is the force behind all that we do.

There are many metaphysical practices that employ techniques such as creative visualization and then affirming your vision with phrases that usually will begin with the words “I Will.“ It is taking that vision and giving it power through your commitment. A thought is just a thought until it is acted upon. And how is it acted upon? Yep, through your Will. Same with a desire. You can have desires and wishes until you’re blue in the face, but how do they manifest? By making the commitment to take the action necessary to bring it to fruition. And, of course, there is one person we all know who was the supreme Master of Will…..Jesus himself. It was through his Will, guided by Divine Will, which we are all One with through our own Christ Consciousness, that gave him the ability to heal so many people. So where does this strong force come from?

Many might argue that our Will comes from our brain, that our brain is what creates the action to manifest our thoughts. Yeah…to some extent that’s true. But then think about it……the brain is “actually” just an organ, like your liver or your heart or your spleen! It is an extremely complex organ, but it is an organ. So what tells the brain what to do?? Consciousness? That silent space that has no sense of time or space? Is that where our Will exists? I would offer yes.

I would offer that this brings logic to why in our meditation practice we are always instructed to stay within the awareness of just the present moment so as not to be distracted by “stuff,” to empty the mind and connect to that space where we then are intuitively guided not by fear or ego, but by our own Divine nature……turning our ego/control over to our Higher Will. It is here that we can make our desires manifest. It is through our meditation practice that we connect to the One Christ Consciousness within us all that is our Will.

It’s also how we rid ourselves of bad habits and patterns. Sometimes just by forming the intention of ridding yourself of a habit and then letting it go and saying the words “I Will” to form the commitment and the dynamic force of action, and boom, it’s gone without even a second thought!! You wake up one morning and go wow…..I’ve gone three days without a cigarette and didn’t even realize it! Didn’t even have to try!

Forming our wishes/intentions/desires through thought and then surrendering them and trusting that what will come will be for our better good is trusting in our Higher Will. Sometimes that good may come in the form of adversity or setbacks and we may think gosh, this is dumb. What am I doing? How can I possibly think that I could do this. Look at what’s happening. Goodness in our lives does not always come in the form of riches and success as those can be very detrimental in our lives, as well. Goodness in our lives comes from trust in knowing that our Will is one with the Divine Will, and the One is always looking out for our better good, even if it has to be shown to us through adversity. It is through adversity that we evolve from our lower nature to our higher to then accomplish our intent.

This is the message of Leo and the Sun. It is taking that seed we planted in Aries and giving it the action to create the momentum in our life to manifest it. Leo’s Tarot Card is the card of Strength. It shows a woman who represents our Higher Self, our Will taming the wild beast, which represents the unevolved part of us. Its message is that it takes strength to embrace ourselves fully, to acknowledge and accept the unevolved aspects of ourselves and trusting that through the use of our Higher Will, we can take dominion over our lives and create that which we wish to manifest.
strength card
This is a good energy this month to work on your Will in meditation. Put it to the test. Come up with something you would like to accomplish this month and be sure it’s what you REALLY want, whether it’s to rid yourself of a habit or to create something new, write it down, look at it before you go into meditation, sleep, and first thing in the morning look at it. Then come up with an affirmation for yourself beginning with the words “I Will,” and then surrender. Let it go. Then begin to pay attention to any synchronicities, opportunities through people you meet, flashes of intuition, ideas….whatever seems to relate to that which you are trying to accomplish. If you want something more generic, maybe try something like “I Will put the law of intention/desire into effect in my life.”

With that…..I Will you a successful, creative, loving Leo energy month!!

With love…..Debbie

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Courage and Vitality

The Sun’s warmth gives us vitality and strength! When the Sun is out, we feel good; we feel youthful; we want to have loving fun. It brings us back to the days when we were children and we used to run and throw ourselves on the slip-and-slides laughing at each one of our friends doing their own goofy little maneuver as we stood on the sidelines licking our popsicles! And it also took courage.

But it is so much more. The Sun has been honored throughout all time as the giver of life. It sustains all life. All that we experience on planet Earth is because of this bold, powerful, generous, sustaining, and creative energy. The Sun is Love. Is it no wonder that our friend Leo is ruled by the Sun?

Leos are all the characteristics that the Sun is. In our natal charts, the Sun represents our creative expression, our ego, how we manifest ourselves to the World.  It is our creativity and our power, and Leos are the Kings/Queens in this area of life. And just like the Sun, they want the recognition of who they are. They are royalty; they are the drama of life. They roar with confidence and authority in exhibiting their Will.

Using their incredible creativity and love, they are able to manifest their wishes. Any picture you‘ve ever seen of a child gazing towards the stars and singing “When you wish upon a star,” is sure to be a Leo courageously and authoritatively making their “wish come true“ by expressing their willful natures.

Leo rules the heart and so they love romance! But their love is so much more. The Sun/Leo rules the heart Chakra, and in nearly all spiritual practices, it is the aim to open our hearts, bring unity in mind and heart to access our higher selves or God or Source. Whatever label you wish to use. This is achieving the wisdom the ancients have spoken of. Leo accomplishes this by bringing forth their inner child, their playfulness, as this is love! This is our nature when we fall in love. Leo can turn even the simplest of tasks into a loving, fun experience as this is their expression. As the Beatles said, “I feel good…in a special way. I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.“ Love creates!

What does this mean for our seed we planted at the beginning of the year? In Aries we created. We formed the intent of what it is we wanted to accomplish. In Taurus we gave it value, worth, what it meant for our lives. Gemini communicated our wish. It listened for the messenger to guide us towards the path. In Cancer we nourished it with unconditional love. We contained it within our womb. Leo boldly, confidently, courageously, and willfully is staking claim to our intent. It is taking charge of its manifestation.

Take some time during the Sun’s stay in Leo to examine where in your life you need to exhibit more strength, courage, and confidence in manifesting your intent. Take authority over all those little nagging thoughts that go through your mind that serve nothing but to limit you, and “will“ them away. During our stay in Cancer, we had to look at some of our insecurities. We took a journey back to our past to see where/what blocks our unlimited potential. Now grab those insecurities with all your might and take dominion over them! In Tarot, Leo is the Strength card, which is our higher self taking dominion over the beast that is our lower nature. Soak in the Sun and feel its power….its vitality…..its sustenance, and then take control of the “self.”

In yoga, proudly perform your Sun Salutations with confidence, authority, and honor. Since Leo rules over the heart and the spinal cord, engage in heart-opening yoga sessions, backbend postures. Take authority over your body, but be playful. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

And remember……bring out your inner child! Have fun, play, love, laugh. “Let the Sun Shine In.”

With Love

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Summer Solstice – Cancer

The Sun
“HRAM-HRIM-HROOM-HRUM-HRAIM-HRAUM-HRAHA,” one of the many chants, rituals, dances, traditions you will hear and see during the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. This is the Bija mantra for the Sun, the light of light, our awareness. It brings forth the life-giving power that comes from the Sun and is our life force.

From the days of our ancient ancestors to today, this day has been marked with great celebration throughout the world as it is a day marking the beginning of life-giving energy, abundance, growth, expansion, nurturing. Crops that were harvested in the spring are producing, and people emerge and dance in celebration. Mother Earth is producing and the people rejoice.

There are celebrations everywhere. Weddings take place celebrating love and family. Very apropos as we enter the energy of Cancer, which begins on the Summer Solstice. It is a time of abundance in love, family, and prosperity in all things. The Moon, ruler of Cancer, is associated with the harvest. And so we harvest all things in our life during the Summer Solstice and the energy of Cancer.

The Summer Solstice is the time when Earth is at its most incline towards the Sun. The Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun as a flower faces the life-giving Sun to grow into its beauty. And so it is with us. We return to life and we nurture whatever seed of intention it is we planted as we begin to witness its birth.

The Moon/Cancer is the giver of life. It is the mother that births, it is the nurturer, unconditional love, and healer. This energy is our emotions, our childhood memories, our ties to family. The Moon and Cancer is our home!

Certainly, you have the pleasure of knowing someone born into this sign. Personally, I have a Moon child sister-in-law. I cannot even begin to think of the many adjectives I would use to describe her loving nature, nurturing qualities, compassionate nature! Not to mention being the greatest hostess I know. When you attend one of her parties, you feel you are at home, both emotionally and physically. There is nothing that she wouldn’t do for someone, and does so with love! I also have a friend who is a Cancer, and she is always right there to listen and advise you on feelings. Of course, she is a very feely person herself and wants to talk about her feelings in her intimate relationships, and this gives her a wonderful understanding of our emotions.

Cancer is the energy of unconditional love and compassion, and its purpose is to provide security. But as we saw in the energy of Gemini and the significance of the letter Zayin, there is also the shadow side of that energy which is Cancer’s challenge in life, and that is to understand security, they must experience, feel, and understand insecurity, resulting possibly in a deep-seated need to be needed. To understand fully compassion, they must feel and understand lack of compassion. And to understand the fullest capability of unconditional love, they experience what they feel is a lack of. That is the key word……feel!! The Cancer energy truly “feels.” If one looks to the Dalai Lama, born in the sign of Cancer, there is an understanding of just how deeply compassionate and loving this energy is. It forgives!

A very important astrological event occurs on the 25th of June. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, opportunities, and luck enters the sign of Cancer. Jupiter wants to bless us, but sometimes it gets a little over-enthusiastic leading to exaggeration. Opening ourselves up to the energy of Jupiter, we open ourselves to tremendous opportunities by “listening” and “seeing” the synchronicities that are guiding us towards our goal. The Moon/Cancer is our intuition. Trust your intuition, nurture your intuition, and allow it to provide guidance. We contain within ourselves all the answers if we take the time to listen, to allow life to answer. Patience is key, and Jupiter will bless you here.

What does it mean that Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer? Well, you will find it is a time where you may experience and be blessed with more compassion, empathy, forgiveness, healing, mostly in the area of home and family and early childhood memories. So this will be a wonderful time (Jupiter will be in Cancer until July 2014) to focus on those areas of your life. Maybe you’ve been thinking of changing homes or redecorating your existing one. Maybe you’re planning a family reunion. Whatever involves home, love, and family will bring you the most blessings.

It is also a time where you can do great healing of past wounds. Since Cancer energy is also compassion and forgiveness, healing comes from forgiving not just those who have wounded you, but yourself, as well. We can do this by having compassion, walking in other people’s shoes. Everyone is doing the best they can, and we do not know the other’s story, but we can imagine that somehow at some time, they have suffered just as we have. Who knows why your coworker snapped at you. Maybe there is someone at home who is experiencing an illness and they are having to care for them. It could be anything. Exhibit compassion before condemning. Accept that people are where they are, but we can choose where to be in our own hearts. This is the art of forgiveness. It is through acceptance and forgiveness that we learn love.

Since Jupiter loves to inflate and expand everything it touches and the Moon/Cancer is our emotions, you may find that emotions may be overly exaggerated. There is always a shadow side to all things, and Jupiter’s is exaggeration. Maybe the family healing that needs to be done gets too emotionally-charged and leads instead to a passive-aggressive energy. Or maybe the forgiveness you’re trying to find from an early childhood memory gets too emotional and leads to guilt. Since Cancer protects family and nurtures, maybe that protectiveness will display itself by over-crossing your boundaries creating conflict in relationships. In other words, we can end up feeling “too much,” resulting in an opposite effect.

When meditating (reflection or whatever method you use), try to bring yourself back to a time when maybe you did something that required compassion and forgiveness. Bring yourself back to that moment and really “feel” it. Bring forth compassion for yourself and then forgive yourself. Accept and love yourself, and then apply that to your family and to the world around you. Practice mindfulness to develop intuition.

In yoga, during the Summer Solstice and the first week of Cancer, do a practice of Surya Namaskara. Focus on sun energy. Then switch to a more lunar practice and connect to your inner emotions, intuition. Give yourself a nurturing ground for healing.

Most importantly…….ENJOY YOUR FAMILY!! What a wonderful summer it will be for family, home, and love with Jupiter blessing us in the sign of Cancer!

All my love….Debbie

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Duality – Gemini

1267973551l9sO3b Another Eclipse has graced us again! This one a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, the energy of truth and wisdom. Personally, I feel it was a perfect way to end this wave of Eclipses with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. Why? Because by listening and following our heart’s wisdom, our own truth (Sag) we can bridge the gap and unify (Gemini) our subconscious (Moon) with our conscious mind (Sun).

So whatever may have transpired in your life, whatever you have been asked to contemplate on and relinquish in your life these past few months, by having followed your heart, is now on its path to a new beginning. The effects of this Eclipse, as well as the others that have passed, will be with you for a time. So sit and listen…….

With that….welcome to Gemini, the Messenger in your life! Here is where we take our seed that we have planted (Aries) and given value to via our talents, our own self-worth (Taurus) and begin to communicate it, market it, sell it , trade it, think it through (Gemini). Gemini uses all forms of communications (internet, writing, radio, speaking…) to get the message out, but it is also where we begin to understand the road to take in order to materialize our goal by carefully listening to the messages we receive, not just give. Here is where we find our messenger, as well, either through something we hear, someone we meet whose words trigger a moment of clarity, lyrics to a song, an advertisement…..any form of communication.

Gemini traits are those of intelligence, wittiness, charm, adaptability, and lovers of information. Being the energy of communications, you may find Geminis in all walks of life, sales, public relations, marketing, writing, speaking, entertaining. All paths that deal with bringing forth a message of some sort, and they do so with great love and passion!

I find it somewhat challenging to write about Gemini and its ruler Mercury because I am Gemini!! It’s a misconception that people have that we understand our own signs best and that it is where we shine the brightest. Though it is our expression, our ego, the shadow of our Sun is also our challenge. Based on the laws of karma, we come back to overcome certain traits for our soul’s evolution, which is why you find the positive and negative traits of your Sun sign. By unifying the negative and the positive (ego and higher self) of whatever solar energy we are born into, we can live that energy to its fullest creative expression, which is what Gemini does. It brings union between opposing forces. And that is a good place to start.

Why does Gemini have the reputation of being a “split personality?” Because no other sign understands the dualities of life better. Negative/positive, giving/receiving, love/hate, good/evil….and the list goes on. Why do they understand duality so well? Because they themselves are dual. They are the Twins. They perceptually understand.

To be a communicator, a messenger, one must understand and deliver both sides. A messenger must balance the opposing forces, but in order to do this, it also becomes necessary to separate them out. And so Gemini’s mission is actually one of separating in order to bridge the gap and bring unity. So we can see how they make great traders, salespeople, writers, politicians. This energy knows that there is only One, but to get there you must bring unity of oppositions.

Some of the symbols associated with Gemini are the Lovers card in Tarot, the Twins, Adam and Eve, and in the discipline of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letter Zayin (also spelled Zain, Zayn, or Zay). So let’s take a quick look at a few of these and maybe this will help bring some clarity, which is Mercury‘s, Gemini’s ruler, role.

So the Lovers card. This Tarot card represents the intimate relationship with our soul. It is the ability to be able to discern our physicality to our Higher Selves. The woman in the Lovers card represents our subconscious, and the man represents our conscious mind. The man looks to the woman who is looking upwards towards the Angel.

This is a representation of how our ego in order to live a full life must balance itself with the Higher Self for guidance. It is unifying our masculine (conscious mind) with our feminine energy (subconscious) How is this Gemini?

Well, the man (ego) has separated itself. It uses the energy of Gemini (in this case the woman) to bridge the gap of separation uniting him with his Higher Self. This shows us the importance of communications in relationships (spousal, parental, whatever), the giving and receiving of information that can lead to self-healing. All communications can raise your consciousness and that of others. Messengers and Messages. The Tree in the card represents the Tree of Knowledge, and the serpent is the duality in life.

Where did the separation of the ego and the Higher Self occur? We could probably use as an analogy the story of Adam and Eve. They tasted from the Tree of Duality making them aware of an opposing force. Their physicality and purity became shame, hiding from God and themselves. I’m sure some of you are saying wait…..Eve coaxed Adam to do that! So where is this concept of masculine needing feminine to reunite (feminine in this analogy being the Gemini energy)? And here enters Gemini’s dual nature. How can you know the opposing force exists without knowing the separation? Again, Gemini separates in order to understand and unite so that we may evolve and return to our Higher Self.

The Hebrew letter Zayin is the letter associated with Gemini. Zayin is obtaining sustenance through struggle. It is also the sword (which, by the way, in Kabbalah Yoga would be the side plank) of discernment cutting through delusions/illusions to receive clarity. So how is this Gemini?

Zayin’s numerical value is that of seven. This is the path of the law of Expression, communication. When we look at this in terms of Creation, there were six days to Creation, and then the seventh day is that of rest. The six days of Creation can be likened to the many different tensions that we face in our daily lives working hard to measure up to the elements of external factors (families, community, work) and this creates struggle because no matter what, we feel we are never free of these challenges and are not really sure how to balance our inner natures, our own values and integrity to fit in with the expectations of the world. We believe it is our egos, our physical abilities alone that control and sustain our fate.

The seventh day of rest is our peaceful center, our own inner identity. We are the object but we are not of the external factors. So Zayin represents the challenge in shaping and maintaining our identity, our spiritual selves knowing that God will provide success if we understand that all things come from Him, that all comes from One Source. Zayin allows us to persevere by bridging the gap to understand the concept of duality. It is the sustenance, the struggle to balance between the tensions of human existence and the Spirit. This is the challenge of life. And there is Gemini….the Messenger…..the bridging of duality. Gemini is the seventh day, the understanding that all comes from One.

Though Geminis are prone to be emotionally-detached, I can say from a personal perspective that Gemini loves. And it is this love that inspires them to inspire others and to unite others and unite all things into the One. It is a true, genuine heart, but it has to go through so many gyrations and does what is necessary to be sure that their goal of unifying is accomplished.

So let’s get down to what this means for you. Reflect on your life and see where you may be needing to merge two opposing forces. Where is there duality, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally that is creating separateness? Find ways to merge this duality. It shouldn’t be an either or decision, but a unifying, a balancing of that which we are and that which is needed to sustain ourselves in our physicality.

In yoga, practice alternate nostril pranayama. Merge your right brain energy with your left. Since Gemini rules the hands, lungs, and nervous system, when performing your asanas flow with the breath and bring your attention to uniting the body with the breath while being mindful of your hands/wrists while performing inversions. Bring the mind to the heart, the heart to the mind.

And listen… attention to all forms of communications. This is the perfect energy for hearing the much needed message in order to fulfill your desire, to bring to life the seed you have planted. Pay attention to what people say.

And with that….I wish all my fellow Gemini friends a Happy Birthday!

With love,

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Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Taurus

So much celestial activity this May! And so much inner activity within our lives! We have three eclipses, and they each ask of us to go within, examine ourselves, and bring to light new beginnings. Of course, that’s always easier said than done for in doing so, we are to open our hearts and look at our vulnerabilities, exposing them!

Solar and lunar eclipses are not necessarily doom and gloom as many ancients and even some modern-day schools of thought like to believe. Yes, there can be drastic events during eclipses, but this is most likely due to the aspects that planets begin to form to the place where the eclipse occurred. It is not the eclipse itself.

Really, they can be wonderful awakenings for us. They can bring introspection, endings and beginnings, fresh starts, clarity if we “listen.” It’s almost as if they are like our calendars in our computers or cell phones that periodically start making noises at us to remind us to do something. Eclipses remind us to do a self-check.

A solar eclipse takes place when the light of the Sun is blocked by the Moon coming between the Sun and the Earth. So temporarily, we do not see the light. We may feel lost, confused, unsure of our direction. They bring “darkness.” But in that darkness is silence, a perfect place for introspection. And then eventually it passes and the light reappears and can bring with it clarity and new beginnings.

A lunar eclipse can bring even more introspection as they occur when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon forcing us to balance our ego identity, which is our Sun, and our subconscious, our emotions, which is our Moon. The effects of a solar or lunar eclipse can last up to six months, but are most powerful for about a month.

As I was meditating on this solar eclipse event and what it meant, I found myself connecting to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. There are 10 spheres on the Tree of Life. A brief description of what they represent would be the different levels of consciousness, not only within ourselves, but in the World around us. Each sphere has various archetypes associated with them, including astrological. For purposes of this article, we will work with the astrological significance.

src="Kabbalah Tree of Life photo: Ten Sephiroth Tree_of_Life_Diagram_with_names_zps0505e576.jpg

So when you look at spheres 6 (Tiphareth-Beauty), 9 (Yesod-Foundation), and 10 (Malkuth-Kingdom), they are The Sun, The Moon, and the Earth. The Sun in our astrological charts represents our self-expression, our ego-identity, vitality. The Moon is our subconscious, our emotional expression, intuition, anxieties. It can be our fears. Earth is our physicality, the manifestation of all conscious energy. And so there it is….the Moon in between the Sun and the Earth. Our own inner eclipse triggered by the external.

The sphere of Beauty (Tiphareth) on the Tree of Life represents our ego identity, but it is also our Awareness, our higher self. You notice it sits in the middle of the Tree. It is the place that oversees our subconscious and our conscious mind. Here is where we need to balance our spiritual higher awareness (intuitive mind) with our Earth-bound senses and look within our ego-identity to see where we need to sacrifice those parts of our ego that block our higher intuitive mind. The Sun rules over Beauty. Again, this is Beauty in a nutshell. It is so much more!

Foundation, (Yesod) you could say, is like the mixing bowl of all our conscious energies. It contains all our accumulated experiences, our patterns, our deepest memories and emotions. It contains our fears, anxieties. This is a place of transformation, death to that which will not serve us for our better good. You could liken Foundation to the Underworld. It is where we hold our deepest memories and emotions, but it is also a place of many riches! When we go within, here is where we gestate that which we come to learn about our “self” that prepares us for a rebirth, a new beginning. It is introspection, acceptance, and the force that then pushes us to manifest in our lives that which we desire to achieve. Foundation is the Moon.

And then Earth (Malkuth) is where all manifests. Here is where we take our self-expression balanced nicely with our higher intuitive natures and contribute to the World around us, our families, our work, our relationships.

So back to this eclipse! It is happening in the New Moon of Taurus with the Sun also in Taurus. As we know, Taurus is about our talents and self-value translated into our self-worth, whether monetarily, spiritually, materially, emotionally. So ask yourself questions regarding your talents, your self-worth, money, possessions. Where are you experiencing challenges and why. Go within and examine what it is you need to sacrifice in order to achieve a greater sense of self-worth to then contribute to the World.

Beauty (Sun) asks you to sacrifice. Foundation (the Moon) prepares for the birth by asking you to face that truth, that sacrifice. And then as the Moon moves away, the Light shines back onto the Earth bringing new clarity, new beginnings.

One other point I would like to mention is that Venus will be playing a role within the next few days, as well. Venus will be reappearing in the sky making a conjunction to the Moon. What does this mean? Open your heart, face your vulnerabilities. How do they interfere with your relationships? What vulnerabilities do you need to sacrifice in order to transform? Do you even acknowledge your vulnerabilities? I know….who wants to open themselves up like that. But to truly move on and create something new, it’s necessary. That is the suffering of change.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, this will be about opening our heart to self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-value. Where do you lack self-love and why? It is about your physicality, your senses. It is how you will bring about success, and also how you will attract the right relationships. In Taurus, Venus is more about materiality. In Libra, it is more about love, grace, beauty, relationships. Connect to nature, connect to the beauty of life, and see the beauty of your “self” so that you can see it in others.

Of course, how this eclipse affects you personally and in what area of life is dependent on how it is aspecting your personal natal chart. However, if you’re wondering what areas of your life you need to be looking at, think back to the eclipse of November 2012. What was going on in your life? What was going on within you? Is this resurfacing?

All this will be helpful in preparing for the full Moon eclipse that will be happening at the end of the month. This will be a lunar eclipse, so it will bring about apprehensions and raise fears. You will be susceptible to the reactions of others. So if you want to create something new, deal with it now so that it will be easier to face your fears later.

And so the question is….what do I need to sacrifice (Beauty) in order to recognize my own self-worth and value to the World around me…..gestate and transform it (Foundation)…..and then birth it (Earth).

Wishing you much success and love! You are worth it.

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Welcome to the pleasures of life, the senses, and unlimited abundance!!  Spring has sprung.  We have planted the seeds, both metaphorically speaking and physically, and we are now starting to see, feel, and enjoy their beauty perceptually.  Welcome to Taurus….lover of luxuries, financially and sensually. All that we can see, touch, taste, hear…..

Everything begins with a thought, an idea, a seed. Think of all the flowers you see blooming in your yard right now or in your pots where you so graciously planted your seeds. That one little seed contains within it an intelligence to instruct that seed to become either a begonia or a daisy or a basil plant or whatever it may be. Even our largest trees stem from one little seed that instructs nature to produce a tree. But seeds, when you really look at them, really kind of look all the same, at least they do to me. Still, within each one is encoded a formula whose source is One intelligence. I mean, really, that is an awful lot of work to encode billions upon billions upon BILLIONS of seeds that make up all of nature, including us! Talk about working overtime!

And so it is with our thoughts and that which we want to create in our lives. It could be a simple wish or dream that plants the seed and sparks our Will into action, that call-to-action that is Aries to begin the creative process. Taurus then follows, translating that seed into the intelligence that we are encoded with via our talents, feelings of self-worth, which in turn showers upon us the unlimited abundance that can be ours, whether it be financial, emotional, or materially. Whatever is your pleasure! Whatever is your seed! Taurus IS nature!

So why do some of us not succeed at the many ideas or seeds that we may plant? It’s not the seed…’s not the intelligence behind it….and it’s probably not even the lack of willingness to work hard to achieve it. It’s the value we give it. Somehow the translation is off. Instead of looking to external circumstances impeding the success, look internally as to the nourishment the seed is receiving. Are you watering it? Do you feel worthy of receiving? Are you devaluing yourself and what it is you are offering? Are you comparing your worth to that of someone else with the same offerings?

I think it goes beyond saying that throughout our lives we learn that if we do not value ourselves, then others will not value us either. If we do not believe in what we are selling, people won’t buy it, and then we ask ourselves well, why does the person down the street have success when they don’t have nearly what I have to offer. They have the most important ingredient….self-worth and esteem, the realization that lack of self-value creates financial limitation. Taurus understands the translation of identity to value, self-worth, and money, which makes them good financial advisors and investors.

And this is why Taurus loves all the pleasures of the senses! They love food, art, luxuries, and most importantly, they love their financial security. They love all the things that Venus represents (their ruling planet, along with Libra.) They are lovers of the physical life and recognize these pleasures are the blessings from above. Being of the element of earth, they understand the senses and physical pleasures while also understanding the value of Spirit.

In Kabbalah, they associate the letter Vav with Taurus. The meaning of this letter is the nail or the hook, that that joins the above to the below. Taurus understands the connection. They understand that the Spirit is our true nature, but it is the physical senses, money, and possessions that are the vehicle, the resources needed to fulfill  our purpose in life. And this is the abundance that the Universe gives to us, provided we have self-esteem and put value in our talents and what we believe.

And yes…..there is the opposing force! Taurus, when not properly balanced in your life, can lead to materialism, possessiveness, and indulgence, but again…..everything is to be balanced.

Yesterday was the first day of the Sun in Taurus. I have to say that I was definitely in sync with the energy!! I went to Wholefoods with my daughter and we just enjoyed all the samplings they had to offer. Cheeses, wines, crackers… was a feast! And then we went to visit our friend, who, coincidentally, is a Taurus and owns an upscale dog boutique. She loves luxury items for our most beloved companions, and walking into her store was like walking into a barn full of all the pleasures that touch our heart. Cute little clothes, her three little dogs, other dogs visiting, and warmth! Of course, I did treat my own little one to a cute little T-shirt with a heart on it that brought pleasure even to her! When I took her for a walk later that day wearing her heart shirt, she was prancing around like something I’ve never seen her do before. And it was a beautiful day to be out in nature. It ended with a nice glass of good wine!

What does this mean for you? Enjoy life this month!! Enjoy the pleasures, within reason, that life brings. Spas, food, music, art. Connect to your senses. Commune with nature and reflect on the abundance the Universe gives to us in each little seed of creation, every thought, every being. Check in on your own seed that you chose for this astrological year. Is it sprouting? Reflect on your own talents and worth. How are you utilizing them? Where are you limiting yourself? Where are you not valuing yourself? Where do you lack self-esteem? And if all is well…..then ENJOY the blessings! Have gratitude towards yourself and what you are contributing.

Taurus rules the neck and throat. Kind of funny when you think that with the blooming of the seeds, there are those of us who suffer from allergies creating throat discomfort! So in yoga during this time, bring focus to your breathing. Engage in long, deep, cleansing breaths. Inhaling, open your heart by extending your arms back, slightly dropping the head back to relax the neck, and allow the heart to receive abundance! Engage in poses that relax the neck and shoulder areas. Maybe attend a Kirtan. Do some chanting to open up the throat area and unblock that energy.

April is when we celebrate Earth Day, and that is what Taurus is about…..the Earth, Nature! So enjoy it. Enjoy the pleasures while keeping your sight on where it all comes from……the seed! The seed of someone’s idea to invent something, the seed of someone’s creativity to create art, the seed of someone’s love to create a life. And with the lessons of Taurus, give it worth and value, in your own life and in the life of others!

With love, Debbie

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Spring into Action

Spring has arrived!  All is coming back to life…….all is recreating!  It’s funny that we celebrate the new year in January, in the dead of the winter, when in actuality, the new year begins now!  Spring is the beginning of another cycle in our lives. It is the start of the new astrological year, and this is truly the time to form an intent for  something new in our lives.   And it all begins with that wonderful, very-much needed energy of the Sun in Aries!

Each of the signs in the zodiac and their respective ruling planet play a very crucial part in any kind of creation we wish to manifest.  The energy of each sign is needed in order to have the right qualities in place for a successful outcome.  The leadership and initiative of Aries, the practicality of Taurus to then take your intent and translate it into a talent, give it worth, the communicative skills of Gemini to then take that talent  and communicate it to the world……and so on down the line!

I have come to very much respect the energy of Mars and Aries.  I am of the belief that without that energy there would be nothing!  You have to have action to make any wish come true.  You can sit and engineer a plan until you’re blue in the face, but without the passion, the leadership, the initiative, the action, and most importantly, the liberation of the energy of Aries, nothing will happen!  Eventually, maybe, because anything we think we create, but without that push it could take forever!

It’s important to remember that when speaking of the energy of the planets and the signs, these are the archetypes of the different emotional and mental levels of consciousness that we as humans experience.  Why does Mars contain this warrior-like energy, this call to action energy?  Who knows, but it does.  How does one come to this conclusion?  Hundreds and hundreds of years of study and research of the electromagnetic waves that the various planets put out and their effect on the world and the collective consciousness when in certain locations of the sky as they travel around the Sun.  Something to keep in mind as you travel your yearly cycle path of new creations.  Take advantage of the energy that is most prominent at a given time and follow the map!

So why does it start with Aries and Mars?  Aries is the “leader of the pack.”  He is the warrior, the conqueror.  Coming out of Pisces, the ending of one cycle that goes right into a new cycle (endings and beginnings are one and the same!) where we contemplated all that we experienced over the year, we may have possibly come to a realization about ourselves that brings about the desire to plant a new seed.  Ask yourself what you learned, what you gained, what you lost and why.  Aries/Mars will now provide you with a new purpose (just like the dawning of spring)  and it will call you to action!  What is it you need to do?  What is it you need to let go of?  What warrior do you need to call forth within you to liberate you from whatever it is that enslaves you, keeping you from triumph?

It is very interesting to think back through history.  There is so much we can glean from the celebration of Passover and Easter.  There is liberation, sacrifice, and resurrection.  Moses (Aries, by the way) is one of  the greatest examples of a liberator, leader, warrior, and passionate figure.  He heard what his call to action was, and that was to liberate the Jewish people from the enslavement of Egypt to a new beginning.   And the greatest sacrifice of them all?  Jesus dying on the Cross, surrendering his ego to the Will of God for what many believe was our salvation from sin.  But what does that mean?  Are we really born with sin, or is our sin the interference of the ego?  Is our sacrifice to achieve our own salvation to also put our ego on the Cross?  And by killing the ego, do we then resurrect our Higher Selves to guide us towards a better life by opening us to receive the wisdom of the ages creating more balance within us?  The answer very much seems to lie in examining the Aries/Mars energy in our lives and determining where to liberate, sacrifice, and resurrect.

Well, here is your chance for another new spring!  What seed of intent are you going to plant and then nurture throughout the journey of the planets this year?  Simplicity seems to have a nice tone to it!  You hear more and more people complaining about how intensely stressed their lives have become.  It’s too difficult to keep up with things that seem to be beyond our control.  Technology, government, economy, finding time to connect to your home, family, loved ones.  You hear the words “life used to be so simple at one time.”  Technology promised to make our lives more simple, but in reality, it has actually complicated our lives more.  In some ways technology has made life easier, but it has also added so many more stressors.  How many hours do you spend in front of “technology,” and how many hours to you spend enjoying “life?”  The trees, the outdoors, animals, the sky, the world.  How often do you “disconnect?”  If you write it down, you might be truly amazed.

Begin this spring with all of its life-creating qualities with a new cycle for your own life.  Go within and ask what you really wish for in your life, identify that which enslaves you, liberate yourself, form a strong intent, and then connect to the warrior energy of Aries/Mars and get on your horse and take action!  Lead yourself to triumph!  Aries/Mars represents all the power we hold within ourselves.  If anyone is an ice-hockey fan, they may be familiar with the phrase “unleash the fury” the Washington Capitals chant with such strong conviction.  Well…..unleash your fury!!  And then, as the Beatles so eloquently titled one of their songs, “Follow the Sun.”  Take in the energies of each Sun sign keeping your intent firmly in place, and at the end…..manifest!

What to do with yoga?  Well, most definitely when posturing your warrior poses, do them with conviction, power, leadership, and action!  Aries rules the head, the genital areas (Aries are passionate), the muscles, the blood.  I would begin your practice of yoga with Kapalabhati breathing exercises and other pranayama breathing that stimulate the root chakra to energize the body, activate the physical body.  Engage in other yoga poses to stimulate the root, and perform all practices with warrior strength!  Bring out the warrior and liberate yourself, act with conviction!  And then balance it all out with a wonderful meditation to connect your physical (a balanced ego) to your higher self.

So whether you make your intent simplicity for this year, or whether it be a new boyfriend or house, or whether it be to find yourself, start with the opportunities that Aries/Mars brings to you.  Respect the Aries energy.  It is creation.

With love, Debbie

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