Upcoming Events


Tuesday, January 1st

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

We are very honored to be hosting Stevie from Embodied Vinyasa to Zion Yoga for this fantastic workshop!
Our collective journey around the Sun is moving us into a new year!  This planetary shift provides an opportunity for integration; to nourish and clarify where we want to direct our inner and outer movements, as well as reflect on where those energies have been and how they have supported us.  Step into this New Year fully and intentionally.

Explore an approach to the chakra system within vinyasa that accesses our energetic body to live in greater alignment with our authentic flow.  We give time and reverence to each energetic center, cultivating a container for homeostasis.  These explorations encourage deeper understanding of your life energy and incredible potential.

We will move from the root (Muladhara) to the crown (Sahasrara) integrating asana, mantra, and contemplation for a full spectrum practice.  We work to bring balance to our system and break through blockages, allowing space for nourishment and rejuvenation as we enter a new year.

This workshop is  QUITE THE TREAT!!  
The cost for the workshop is $30.  To REGISTER, CLICK HERE

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