Happy new cycle! We always hear on January 1st, Happy New Year! We make our resolutions, form our intentions, decide to liberate ourselves to then recreate, but ironically……the new cycle of our lives begins in the Spring! In the winter we hibernate, we reflect, we decide what it is we want to recreate in ourselves as we look forward to the warmth, vitality, and liberation of the Sun as it approaches the Spring Equinox.

And really, it makes sense when you think about the process of life, of nature. In the Spring everything comes back to life! There is recreation, as well as creation. We plant seeds for flowers, vegetables. The energy is that of initiative, creation, action, and liberation! Could this be why so many of us fail at our so well-intentioned resolutions at the beginning of the Calendar year? Energetically it just isn’t the right time. It’s the dead of winter. The days are long. It’s cold. It’s reflective. When the Spring Equinox arrives, the days are longer, the Sun shines brighter, there is warmth. The Earth begins to flourish. There is……creation!

Astrology is the study of man in relation to his environment. It is the telling of time, of life-cycles, of the natural evolvement of all things in nature. Man, animals, nature, and the Cosmos are all One interacting with one another energetically. Ever since the beginning, man has understood his relationship to nature. He has done his planting based on certain tell-tale signs of the Moon and other planetary influences. The tides are affected, our food is affected. And so it is with us. Our bodies respond energetically to the vibrational frequencies of the planets’ movements in our Solar System. When we attune ourselves to this rhythm, we find it can guide us like a map. We can use it to tell the “right time,” just like our wonderfully expensive Rolex (or not)!

And so with the Spring Equinox we begin a new astrological year, and it begins with the energy of Aries and Mars, representative of new beginnings, creation, and action. Aries/Mars has been associated with warriors, liberators, and aggression. When we hear of conflict and war, astrologers will always look to Mars and its interactions with other planetary influences. But this energy does not always have to be negative. When we look at it in our personal lives, it can be where we may be guided to find the warrior within ourselves to confront our inner enemies to find the liberation we need to effectuate recreation in our lives. It can be our call to action, though it may come with sacrifices. The energy of Aries/Mars can also be known as the “sacrificial lamb.”

To create/recreate, there has to be a form of liberation, sacrifice, resurrection. It is interesting to note that throughout history, we find many examples of this. One example would be that of Moses (Aries, by the way) who while under the influence of Mars/Aries heard his call to action to lead and liberate his people from the enslavement of Egypt to a new beginning. And the ultimate sacrifice of all……Jesus on the Cross. Again, his call to action was to liberate us all from the enslavement of our sins. One can debate what those “sins” may be. Are we really born to “sin,” or is our sin the interference of ego, of delusion? However we may think of it, it was most definitely an “awakening” for us towards new understanding of our Spirit, our compassion, of our love. Is our own sacrifice to achieve salvation to put our egos and delusions on the Cross and resurrect, recreate ourselves? There are many who believe Jesus was also an Aries. Again, the power of Aries/Mars can be forceful like a warrior or gentle as the sacrificial lamb.

Begin this spring with all of its life-creating qualities with a new cycle for your own life! Unleash your warrior and battle that which enslaves you. Go within and ask yourself what you really want, what seed of intent you want to plant, and then connect to that warrior energy of Mars/Aries and with courage lead yourself to triumph. Take action!! We can have the greatest ideas and best intentions in the world, but without action, nothing will manifest.

Be honest with yourself. Identify where you struggle in life. What/who is your oppressor? Once you’ve identified what/who is your oppressor, meditate and see yourself around a fire. Write down on a piece of paper what those obstacles are. See them strongly in your mind’s eye, and then throw them into the fire. Release them, sacrifice, liberate, and then see yourself courageously taking action to recreate the new you. The energy of Mars/Aries in our natal charts represents the power we hold within ourselves to recreate.

In yoga, feel strength, conviction, and courage in your practice! Begin by stimulating the root chakra with Kapalabhati breathing (Aries rules the muscles, the blood, the root chakra) or other pranayama breathing that stimulates the root. Practice all of your Virabhadrasana poses (Warriors I, II, and II) with strength, power, and determination. Feel them empowering you, and then bring it to the Third-Eye envisioning that which you wish to conquer and recreate. Tell yourself you are strong, vital, and you WILL create your destiny and manifest your wishes. Engage in other yoga postures that stimulate the root to energize the body, to activate and call upon your warrior strength. And detoxify yourself. Liberate the body of its toxic oppressors! Renew.

Whatever the seed of your intent is for this new cycle, I wish you much success. Follow the Sun. Respect the energy of Mars/Aries! In all fairness to its bad rap, this energy is that of Creation!

Enjoy this beautiful song and let it be the guide for your own Exodus.

With love,

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