We are all dreamers. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have art, dance, music, poetry. We wouldn’t have our imaginary Worlds of fairies, dragons, mystics. The World would indeed be dreary! Our greatest inventors and visionaries are dreamers. Without them we wouldn’t have electricity and all the technology that exists today. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein just to name a few. I’m sure they were called crazy, illogical, and were labeled with the blasphemous name of dreamer. Remember the words of John Lennon, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.“ All dreams, all wishes, all things our imagination projects can come true if we just believe, if we trust the Universe, and if we have faith. This is the energy of our mystical Pisces!

And by the way, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were Pisces!! So there you have it! That is the energy of our Fish. They are the dreamers of the World, the imaginative creative force of the World. Their dreaminess and imagination is often misunderstood as being nothing but an illusion, that they are delusional seeing the World through imaginary rose-colored glasses, but look what using your imagination can bring to the World if you just…..BELIEVE!

So… Pisces really a dreamer, or do they “get it?” Do they actually know what true reality is, that the illusion is really the physical world and our dreams and imagination are what is real? The Hindus refer to this concept as Maya, which literally means illusion. The Buddhist refer to it as samsara, which is the process of continuing to create different worlds for ourselves and physically moving through them. Basically…!  Mystics and some of our greatest philosophers believe that the physical world is the illusion. We suffer when the illusions of our own perceptions that we create in our minds affect our lives regarding our relationships, our emotions, our thoughts.

Pisces is the Whole of Life. They are the last Zodiacal sign and they have walked with compassion in the imaginary shoes of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., which is why you will find Pisces people to be extremely empathetic, so much so that it can be detrimental. This empathy extends to all sentient beings. They “feel” and soak up the negativity that flows through life, which is why you will find them many times escaping from life, whether it be through sleeping or addictions of various sorts. They find it hard to set boundaries and can be prone to self-pity and confusion. But take a moment to think and imagine having all those energies within you! It would be exhausting! It would be enough to pull even the bravest Aries into a funk, into feeling pity for themselves. This needs to be understood, just like Libra’s balancing act needs to be understood.

The message that Pisces brings to us after we’ve traveled the whole Zodiacal Wheel is that we should try to be integrated with the blessings that each sign gives to us. We need to be communicators (Gemini), we need to be resourceful (Scorpio), we need to be persistent and determined (Capricorn), we need logic (Virgo) and all the other gifts that the Zodiac brings to us to get through in this life. Pisces is all of this. They truly understand and perceive that all is One. They are the “flow” of life, as is symbolically represented by the Fish. Pisces is the Astral World. As George Harrison (a Pisces) so wisely said, “Life flows on within you and without you.” The flow of Prana, of Life Force.

So we’re back to the question….so what does Pisces have to do with me? Well, it’s the mystic you! It’s the mystic in us all. This is the energy of yoga, of meditation, of astrology, of Tarot, of dreams, of imagination, of fantasy, of art, of all mysticism! It is the creativity of our minds and our thoughts. We all love these things in our life. Who doesn’t love to watch an animated fantasy movie. It stirs us up emotionally, brings out the creativity within us, stirs up our sympathy, our empathy when we find ourselves relating to a little fish who gets lost from his comrades. When we use our imagination, we can visualize, create, and then manifest in our daily lives. Pisces is all about meditation and creative visualization! It allows you to have an “AHA” moment!

This is a perfect time to meditate, to take yoga classes, to pay attention to your dreams, to go to a dream group, use your imagination. When meditating, use creative visualization if there is something you either want to rid yourself of in your life or attract to you, and keep a journal of what you “hear“ or “see“ as an answer to your visualization. Look at the World through eyes of empathy and compassion, walk in others’ shoes. Enjoy art and poetry. Go into your imagination…..become a mystic!

In yoga, this is a wonderful energy to take Prana Flow classes. Maybe even Google Shiva Rea (a Pisces) and see if you can find one of her classes being streamlined, or maybe go get one of her DVDs. When performing your sequences, imagine yourself flowing like a dancer from one pose to another, seeing yourself as whatever you wish to be as you stay focused in the center of your Third-Eye.  Think of the prolific Fish, the symbol of Pisces, as they flow through the waters of our consciousness, one reaching for the Divine, the other towards our physical selves.  ”As above….so below.”

And go dancing! Pisces love to dance! Go take a class in line dancing where the flow of energy is One with everyone. Unity!

This brings us to the end of our journey through the Zodiac. We started with the sowing of the seed of action in Aries ending with the flow of imagination, creativity, and faith to make the wish we started our journey with manifest.

Enjoy this time of imagination and creativity! BELIEVE in your dreams, in yourself. Trust and have faith that all will come to you as it is meant to unfold. Pisces is the Wholeness of the Circle of Life, the beginning and the end. It brings us to the Spring Equinox where the Sun returns to warm us again and bring new life. “Here Comes the Sun, and I say it’s all right!“ Enjoy the video!

Dedicated to my beautiful, dreamy, and mystical Pisces friend Tammi!

With love,

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