Baby, You’re a Star!

on January 26, 2014

Welcome to the innovative, inventive, genius, yet very rebellious laboratory of the Nutty Professor known as Aquarius! The World would be so boring if we didn’t have these friendly, eccentric, and sociable beings.

Many believe that we are now in the Age of Aquarius. Makes a lot of sense when one considers how fast technology is moving. These people are the ones that gift us with all the technological advances you see around us as they are the ones that “think outside the box.” The ones that can grasp concepts that you and I can only fathom in a science fiction novel!

Aquarius is the sudden lightening bolt that sparks an ingenious idea in your mind. Yes, we all have a little bit of this craziness, just like we contain all the other energies of the zodiac within our birth charts. And thank goodness that we do! The World would not progress without the original intelligence of this energy, and we would not find that innovative star within us that helps to contribute to an ever-changing World!

The Zodiac, just like the seasons of the year, serves its purpose in guiding us through our evolvement. We saw, for instance, how Aries was the planting of the seed, the action of bringing forth an idea (Spring). We saw how in the fall we had the death of that which no longer served us in Scorpio and so forth (see past articles). Capricorn brought us reconstruction, and Aquarius brings that reconstruction through innovative thinking, freedom, acceptance of humanity (the energies of the Zodiac as a whole), and awareness! Where would we be without the genius and revolutionary ideas of this eccentric energy and its love for humankind? Furthermore, where would technology and the unifying of the World via advanced communications be without Aquarius? They are the sign of technology, science, and unity.

TheStarBecause of their high electrical charge and unique intelligence, the Aquarius energy is highly intuitive. Meditation is associated with this energy and with the planet of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. The Star card in Tarot is associated with this sign and is representative of the knowledge that Aquarius holds. In the Star card, the woman has one foot on the Earth and one in the meditative Waters of Consciousness. This symbolizes that when you seek spiritual reference points on which to base your life, you find balance. As meditation and prayer stir the pool of the Universal Mind and provide proof of the existence of Divinity, so the physical world offers the same experience when perceived with the senses that have been energized by meditation. The vases represent the power of meditation and the flow of consciousness derived from meditation. Aquarius is the “star” within us all, the integration of our awakened awareness, the lightening bolt of a unique, innovative idea of how to use yourself to better serve your friends, humanity, and yourself. We are all Stars waiting to shine.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is a mover and a shaker! It’s an energy that wants to effectuate change whenever possible, and it does so very suddenly and drastically. This can create a very unstable, impulsive, and at times irrational environment. And here is where we get to the shadow side of Aquarius. They can be very rebellious, irresponsible, and emotionally detached. A lot of that comes from the idea that because they are the energy of “I know,“ they sometimes think that they “know all too much!“ This creates a stubborn streak in them (they are also a fixed sign) that can lead to such proportions that it can be revolutionary! Historically, many of the most influential revolutions took place during Uranus’ discovery. However, they effectuated a much-needed change, and this change was for humanitarian reasons. This is the modus operandi of Aquarius.

But really….isn’t that what it’s all about? How do we give back that which we receive? How do we awaken the “Star” within us all? That is the fundamental teachings of the mystical teachings of Kabbalah….receive to then give forth. The energy of Aquarius does so through its love for humanity. They are the sign of brotherhood.

And what is one of the best perks to go with that? They are friendly and most funny and eccentric beyond belief!! Everyone loves an Aquarian because Aquarians love people! Friends mean everything to them. Almost to a fault, actually, as they can seem impersonal and detached to their nearest loved ones. I have had the good fortune of knowing many Aquarians in my life. I even took a picture once that I titled “All My Aquarians!” It is one of the funniest, most energetic pictures I own! All you see is just a pile of laughing faces. But they are not just any laughing faces. They are the goofiest, craziest laughing faces one could ever expect to see! Some famous comedians that come to mind are John Belushi, Chris Rock, George Burns. You could almost say they’re like beings from another planet. Does anyone remember the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond?” I would place Raymond as an Aquarian. Eccentric, getting himself into situations due to his out-of-the-box mentality, yet fundamentally, you could sense his true caring for the well-being of others coming out in “odd” ways. And, of course, always forgiven!

From an idealistic point of view, we can understand. But when dealing with it on a one-on-one daily basis, it can be a source of frustration! It’s very difficult at times to follow the eccentric thinking of an Aquarian, and it can sometimes be the cause of a somewhat energetically volatile relationship. They can be scatterbrained always losing things, and their minds race faster than their speech making it difficult to follow their logic.

Some of you may say well, yeah, this is interesting to read, but what does it have to do with me? I’m a Gemini! We all contain within ourselves the different archetypes of the signs, and each energy contributes tremendously to the World. There are different aspects of our lives that contain specific energies of each sign. For instance, in your natal chart you may have Aquarius in your 7th house. Well, then the characteristics of Aquarius would come through in your relationships. You would probably attract a funny and intelligent partner who is a good friend in which you both share mutual respect for one another’s freedom. Freedom is very important to an Aquarian. Aquarius/Uranus in our natal charts is where we need to show more uniqueness, innovation, where we need to open ourselves up to a more humanitarian mindset, and where we open ourselves up to more friends.
Finding Aquarius is where you find your own “Nutty Professor!”

Uranus (Aquarius) is our super-consciousness. It is the one consciousness in all things. It is the integration of all energies. It is that electrical charge which connects to our higher intelligence. I guess that’s where all those wonderfully innovative ideas come from, and where we find our own shining star!

So during this time, engage in mindfulness meditation, awareness meditations. Do Pranayama exercises such as alternate nostril breathing to align your left and right energies focusing intently on your Brow Chakra. Open your psychic channels. For those of you who do not engage in these practices, just take some moments to just sit and connect to your mind, eliminating all thoughts and distractions. Just sit in silence keeping your awareness on your breath and your body, slowly breathing in and out and being aware of the flow of the breath in the body.

In Yoga, do take care of your ankles and shins when engaging in more active, fire-generating sequencing. Be sure to use conscious awareness in distributing the weight evenly on the feet.

I would like to take a moment to dedicate this article to my mother who was quite the eccentric Aquarian! We miss and love her!

With that…..”have a wild and crazy February, and remember “Baby, You’re a Star!”
Love, Debbie

p.s If anyone is interested in finding their own personal Aquarius in their natal charts, or you would just like to have your natal chart done, you can contact me at

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