on January 3, 2014

capricorn goat 2Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the energy of Capricorn!

Just as the Goat, the symbol of Capricorn, takes its time chewing its food, mulling over whether it really wants to climb the mountain or not, and even once decided, takes his time, so have I delayed in writing about our ambitious and persistent Goat. Too much mulling over Panettone left over from the Holidays!

We all greet the New Year with intentions of a new us, a new job, a new relationship……a new whatever, especially after all the reflecting and discarding of that which we no longer need in search of what we felt was a much needed transformation. I’m sure many of you have done that this year, as well. We truly are genuine in our determination to make the changes in our lives that we know are beneficial, but somehow we fall victim to impatience, pessimism, cynicism, fear…..whatever it is.

This year we had a little bit of help from the New Moon on New Year’s Day, and it was a New Moon in our ambitious Capricorn! The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings. It’s the best time for planting new seeds in life, whether a new project, job, or intention. So hold on to that Sagittarian optimism and faith because success is likely for whatever resolution it is that you made!

And this is why Capricorn comes to greet us in the new year! The Goat is the achiever in life. It is the perseverance, determination, patience, ambition that is needed to succeed. It’s about maturity in following the rules, the law. It is stern. This energy teaches us how to successfully construct using our wisdom with discipline and structure.

But it’s not always easy! The energy of Capricorn (and Saturn, its ruler) is not without its fair share of pain and suffering and even depression. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and our life lessons. He brings to the surface that which lies in our subconscious, our fears, anxieties, our pessimisms accumulated through our various life experiences. This is the energy we most succumb to if we don’t use strong determination.

You will hear others and yourself saying “I can’t do this.” “It’s too hard.” “What a bunch of hogwash.” “I’m too depressed to give up my sweets.” We are asked to stare these thoughts straight in the eye and with concentrated determination, just like the Goat, slowly climb that mountain of success. We learn through our wonderful optimistic Centaur that there is life after death, that with faith and optimism we CAN reconstruct, reinvent ourselves. Saturn/Capricorn allows you to do that, to succeed by focusing, honing in on what we wish to accomplish and proceed with responsibility. Saturn and the energy of Capricorn are the disciplinarians!

Sometimes reconstruction of that which you are trying to kill brings suffering and hardships, but isn’t that what success is all about? Success comes by not getting discouraged but by using patience and the challenging words of discipline and perseverance to stare your demons in the face and release yourself from their chains. The Tarot card for Capricorn is The Devil, which represents our bondage to our worst fears and anxieties and our need to free ourselves in order to succeed. The most valuable of traits to succeed in any area of life are those of perseverance, discipline, and responsibility given to us by our ever reliable and funny Goat! It is the formula for success.

And patience!!! Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is the ruler of Time (the Ancient Greeks referred to Saturn as Chronos, the lord of time). Time is going to pass no matter what. Why limit yourself by time? Why tell yourself “oh, it will take too long….I don’t have time to do that….etc.“ Maybe let go of the expectations of failure/success and just keep choo-chooing along. You WILL get there because you made a determined intention to do so. Use discipline….use perseverance….use patience, apply some action, and voila! If you allow the dark side of the energy of Capricorn/Saturn to discourage you and you give up, what will that leave? Regret? Create more fears and setbacks?

Saturn reminds us that staying in the present time is where we create the environment for success. It is “mindfulness.“ Practice mindfulness meditation during this time. When eating, be mindful of what you are eating, become the experience of eating. And the same with walking or any other activity. Be present in the moment, mindful of your actions, words, thoughts. The past is gone…..the future is not here….it’s only NOW that exists.

So in yoga… attention and allow “time” for alignment in your poses. “Structure” your poses. Saturn/Capricorn rules the skeletal body, so make sure that you are not putting strain or pressure on the knees or any other vulnerable skeletal areas of the body. (low back, neck, shoulders.) Listen to your instructors when they begin to give cues for alignment and adjust yourself accordingly.

One other thing about Capricorns….they are funny! Laughter is sometimes a very effective way to overcome your fears. Click on the video and try it!

I wish you success in whatever you undertake in the new year!
With love, Debbie

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