All is Good

So how did you enjoy all that Scorpio energy, all that transformation, all that dying to self? It was pretty intense energy but I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love that time of year where we go deep into ourselves and really look to transform and be rid of habits and attitudes, things that really do not serve us any longer. And then along comes this optimistic, hopeful and abundant energy of the Sun in Sagittarius. The motto for Sagittarians…..“It’s All Good.” So let’s just flow with that!

Thank goodness for benevolent Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, as it brings the light to the darkness. Sag brings gaiety, fun, faith, optimism, luck, and it brings the light of Truth. Scorpio asked us to look deep and transform so that we could open our eyes to Truth and allow the light to shine on the darkness. We may have perceived suffering or a negativity that things were working contrary to what we were desiring, but it’s actually the opposite. And this is what the energy of Sagittarius brings to us. It brings the optimism to know that we have the ability to bring to fruition the changes we experienced and wish for our lives.

And it bring us the Christmas season!!! What a perfect time for this most wise of energies. It is Santa Claus!! It is no coincidence it falls during a time of joy, laughter, fun, generosity, and Holiness. Sag is the optimistic, free-spirited, adventurous, generous wise man! (or woman!) But they are also the high priests, the gurus, the rabbis, the spiritual teachers, the knowledge-seekers, the philosophers, and it’s all natural! They don’t need to read a million books (though they love to educate themselves). They breathe and live higher knowledge in the essence of their being, and for this, they are always seeking/speaking Truth, though sometimes not so gracefully.

“The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.” Another of their mottos. The truth of a Sagittarian can really put people out because they will dare to say that which others will not even dream of as it can step outside the boundaries of diplomacy. Truly….you will never be able to fool a Sag. They WILL call you out. But look at that for just one moment. What puts you out about it? The fact that it’s true and they dared to be so rude as to say it, or the fact that you have just been faced with a reality that needs to change within you? Does this not make them truly the wisest of us all? Does this not make them people you would welcome in your life for growth? And they do so with such naturalness and optimism. Truth is never easy, especially the Truth within ourselves that we keep hidden. Use this time to bring out your own inner wisdom. Be a Sag.

Welcome that Truth. Allow it to transform, to help you migrate from one state of being to the next, as painful as it may be. Allow it to bring your rebirth. Find what your Truth is and how you live it on a daily basis. What is the authentic you? Buried within you through all the cobwebs of bad habits, of negative thinking, of identification with ego lies this most wonderful Treasure! It is your joy! It is your Christmas! The greatest gift you will ever receive…your Truth, your purpose.

So during this Christmas season, connect to the joy of this time by using the optimism of the Sagittarian energy to face your Truth and live it authentically without fear. When decorating your Tree, in your Mind’s Eye see yourself laying the gifts of calmness, forgiveness, nobility, service, kindness, peace, faith, joy all wrapped in gold under your Tree. Release the stress of Christmas and allow instead the love and peace of the season to prevail and to stay within your heart throughout the year.

During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, which, in essence was the birth of the Christ Consciousness within us all, the physical manifestation of the Creator brought to us through Jesus, the Christ. It isn’t about one religious belief system over another, but that which is in us all, regardless of our cultural or religious background. Realize that this gift of the Christ is for all creation! It does not discriminate. Our favorite Centaurs, Sag, rule over travel, over foreign cultures, over education, over philosophy. Use their energy to really connect to the Unity of the Christ Consciousness in all of the World and in All people!

And really, during this time of year, one can truly “feel” it as you go to the stores or walk the streets. People seem more joyful, loving, peaceful. Is it coincidence the Sun travels through the constellation of optimism, joy, of giving and receiving during this time? The Sun never lies to us.

So what is our practice of yoga and meditation during this time? Well, this energy rules the liver and the hips. So detoxify the body by doing a lot of twists! Maybe devote a whole practice to twists. There are so many…….some that we even like to forget! And with all the parties we attend during this time with all the food, sweets, drinks it becomes most important to detoxify. Engage in hip openers, as well. Practice your chair pose (Utkatasana) and its variations.

In meditation, connect to your Christ Consciousness, that point between the brow, the Third Chakra, Ajna. Coincidentally, the energy of Sagittarius is that of vision, of the collective, of synchronicities with the Universe, which are characteristics of the Third Chakra. Go within and find your vision, your Truth, your joy, optimism. Your own inner Sag.

And with that, I will leave you with a link to a Christmas song that is so characteristic of this energy. Truly enjoy this time. Open yourself to the generosity, abundance, gaiety, spirituality of Sagittarius to live in your heart. Notice how the whole World seems to come together in one consciousness, and that is the Christ within us all. It brings out the joy, the love, the peace in all everywhere. Think about that……why is it? What does that tell us?

Merry Christ-mas. Have fun and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!

Love & Blessings,

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