The Power Within

scorpio2In a few days, the Sun moves into the constellation of Scorpio. Ah, the mystery of life! Just look into the eyes of a person born in the sign of Scorpio and you will feel the emotional depth of all the mysteries unravel! Deeply intense, passionate, and extremely driven, Scorpio touches the innermost part of your soul. Just like the fall, it asks you to die to a part of you that needs to be let go of to then regenerate and heal yourself. Birth, death, and rebirth.

Scorpio is the cycle of life. The process of transformation to bring about a change. Plants die but blossom again to bring even more beauty every year they are reborn. Trees are naked to then redress themselves in the new spring fashions! In our bodies, cells die to then regenerate. Birth, death and rebirth are around us every day in every aspect of our lives. Every second that passes in life is a death and then a rebirth. Time is death and rebirth. One cannot exist without the other. It is Libra’s message of relationship. There is no entrance without an exit! It serves us to embrace this cycle so that every moment, every touch, every word, every glance, every action we live is with great gratitude and appreciation. Scorpio teaches us to live in awareness of the present.

Pluto, the ruling planet of the Scorpio energy, is the destroyer! He brings about elimination, takes away that which is no longer needed. It is powerful indeed, and when Pluto transits hit our natal chart, we are most definitely in store for major disruption, but it is a needed one for changing that which no longer serves us. It could be a relationship or a job or a behavioral pattern that doesn’t serve us well. Whatever it may be, Pluto and Scorpio provide the power to die to that part of our “self” to then bring about healing in our lives. Scorpio is the embodiment of the mystery and makes them the healers in life passing on the torch of death and rebirth to achieve our highest potential.

It truly is not a simple task to understand this energy since it is the mystery of life itself. Scorpio energy holds the secrets within, which make Scorpios want to uncover the secrets, reveal the secrets. They have a very suspicious mind and make great investigators as they try to peel away each layer. This is the motivation for the intimacy they develop with people they meet. They will ask about your life, they will ask about your deepest feelings, and they will genuinely care! This allows them to unravel more of the mystery.

However, they will not be so open about their own deepest emotions. This can make it challenging at times to understand where you stand with your Scorpio friend as you may misinterpret their unwillingness to speak about their deepest emotions. This could lead to all kinds of misperceptions. But do respect their secrets. It is who they are….the mystery.

So during this time when the energy of Scorpio surrounds us (we do have Halloween during Scorpio), dive deep into yourself, into your emotions, and begin to ask yourself what must die in your life to regenerate yourself to bring about the manifestation of the seed you planted back in the Spring when the Sun was in Aries. Is it your attitude? Is it a relationship? Is it a habit? Dive deep into your soul, into your past and see what needs to be released. Understand that you cannot transform, you cannot be reborn or change what challenges you most in life without the death of that which no longer serves you. The serpent sheds its skin. So you, too, must shed yours and replace it with a new one.

Meditate deeply, intensely. Dive into the deepest part of the ocean of your soul, of your consciousness, and using that Scorpio energy, research, investigate, find what it is that is blocking you. You contain the Power within yourself to take control and transform. But while you’re doing so…..enjoy the ride!! Scorpio is also about magic!

In yoga we perform a pose called Savasana, corpse pose. It is where we die and surrender to our embodiment. We pretend to be a corpse. You live your life through all the asanas of your practice….sun salutations, all your warrior positions…and then you die in Savasana! When in Savasana, incorporate your life, the energy of your practice into the body, and then truly surrender! Dive deep into the “third-eye,” and look, examine, investigate.

Also, when performing your cobra or fish pose, breathe in the energy of Scorpio, of rejuvenation. Shed your skin when performing cobra. Become the snake and bring forth the intense power within through your hiss.

Happy “Scorpio” Halloween and Happy Regeneration!

With love, Debbie

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