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virgoLast year when the Sun was traveling through Virgo, we had all the sensory overload of the Presidential Elections going on. The media did all that it could to try to manipulate our own belief systems with all their accusations and drama. This one is right…, that one is right. He is lying…, he’s lying!! Gosh….enough to drive one to insanity. But with the Sun’s visit to Virgo’s neighborhood, we were able to edit out that which we personally recognized as distortions of words and called upon our own analytical thinking and reasoning to come to our own decisions that felt right for us.

So what do we have this year? Pretty much a repetition, but only this time it’s with all the scandals going on, the inequity of racial finger-pointing that continues to cause divisiveness among the common folk, while the puppeteers manipulating the show use their authority to continue to benefit their own egos for power and control. I guess it’s the same story that has existed for thousands of years. Nothing will ever change the language of politicians. But how we organize, analyze, and edit our own thoughts and belief systems can make a difference to us in how we live our lives among the madness.

This is the beauty of the energy of Virgo!! Here is where we pay attention to all the little details, where we set boundaries, where we pay attention to our well-being (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). It is where we say NO to that which crosses our boundaries and interferes with our goals. As Gahl Sasson so eloquently puts it: “Say No to sweets….say yes to health.” This is what Virgo teaches.

But, of course, this energy teaches so much more! It wants to perfect things in our lives by editing out what is not needed. If you have been following your intention since we planted the seed back in Aries, you will recognize the flow. We started with initiating. We created the intention, we planted the seed. Taurus gave it its value, what practical value your intention had for you. Gemini communicated it, waited for the guidance to proceed, listened for the message. Cancer nourished and loved the seed, gave it compassion. Leo gave the Will to create the action needed to make the dream come true, the authority necessary. And now…..we’re ready to organize the plan, analyze it, and edit it. Virgo edits the fantasy from the reality and makes it happen through your physicality. It basically is the Swiffer-mop to clean up all the dirt! Virgos are the masters at organizing, analyzing, editing, and then cleaning it all up!!

Work and service! This is what is needed to manifest. Whatever the seed of intention may be, there is always the work needed to reach its potentiality. But it’s not just about the work needed; it’s also about the service. And that’s not just service to others, but to yourself, as well.

In service we learn humility. We come to realize that there is a far greater power within us than just our own frail egos. Greatness is achieved through humility. Examples of this surround us in our everyday lives. Our animals. The service that our animals provide to use is that of love, companionship, loyalty……yet, look at the humility of your pet. They will roll onto their backs and surrender themselves with unconditional love to you and forever be grateful for all you do! What a perfect manifestation of the art of giving/receiving unconditional love and service. It is reciprocal.

The military. They truly provide a service that goes above and beyond what any of us are called upon to do in our lives. And they do so with humility. They sacrifice their well-being for the sake of others. There is greatness in humility as you serve something much larger than your “self.” What is that expression? Great things come in small packages? The energy of Virgo thrives when it is being of service.

As we approach Labor Day, the day of work and service, it’s a wonderful time to identify in our lives where it is we are or could be of service. Where in our lives can we detoxify in order to better our health, physically, emotionally, spiritually (Virgo rules over health, as well). It is important to care for the body as it is the vessel to manifest your highest potential. Where can you shine your light the brightest to the rest of the world with humility, without needing, wanting, or asking for the recognition? Where can you excel? Where do your boundaries need to be set?

In your practice of yoga, while doing poses such as Uttanasa (forward bend), child’s pose, resting in pigeon pose, bent forward with your heart touching the Earth, surrender yourself with humility to the greatness of Divinity. Surrendering of ourselves opens our heart.

With that, I wish you all wonderful health and well-being.

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I WILL……how many times do we use those two words! And what do we “really” mean when we say them? Intention, wish, action, commitment? Really, it’s all that but so much more.

As we continue our journey through the constellation of Leo this month, it makes sense to speak about Will since they are the masters of its use! They can create and manifest just about anything they desire (another variation of Will). Leo is such a strong, dynamic energy, just as its ruler, The Sun, that once they set their mind on something, they WILL accomplish it. And there is truly the force behind the word….dynamic action!

You may sometimes hear people say about another, “Oh, they have such strong Will power.” True, that could be a positive or a negative, but it certainly shows a strong commitment to self and to the action required to live ones life. So many people fail at tasks because they give up. They let their Will go. When people transition, it is said they have no Will left….they surrender. Nothing around you….not your home, not your relationships, not your exercise routine would be without Will. We cannot do ANYTHING without Will. It is planting a seed of intention/desire into our thoughts and then using the dynamic action of Will to produce it. Will is the force behind all that we do.

There are many metaphysical practices that employ techniques such as creative visualization and then affirming your vision with phrases that usually will begin with the words “I Will.“ It is taking that vision and giving it power through your commitment. A thought is just a thought until it is acted upon. And how is it acted upon? Yep, through your Will. Same with a desire. You can have desires and wishes until you’re blue in the face, but how do they manifest? By making the commitment to take the action necessary to bring it to fruition. And, of course, there is one person we all know who was the supreme Master of Will…..Jesus himself. It was through his Will, guided by Divine Will, which we are all One with through our own Christ Consciousness, that gave him the ability to heal so many people. So where does this strong force come from?

Many might argue that our Will comes from our brain, that our brain is what creates the action to manifest our thoughts. Yeah…to some extent that’s true. But then think about it……the brain is “actually” just an organ, like your liver or your heart or your spleen! It is an extremely complex organ, but it is an organ. So what tells the brain what to do?? Consciousness? That silent space that has no sense of time or space? Is that where our Will exists? I would offer yes.

I would offer that this brings logic to why in our meditation practice we are always instructed to stay within the awareness of just the present moment so as not to be distracted by “stuff,” to empty the mind and connect to that space where we then are intuitively guided not by fear or ego, but by our own Divine nature……turning our ego/control over to our Higher Will. It is here that we can make our desires manifest. It is through our meditation practice that we connect to the One Christ Consciousness within us all that is our Will.

It’s also how we rid ourselves of bad habits and patterns. Sometimes just by forming the intention of ridding yourself of a habit and then letting it go and saying the words “I Will” to form the commitment and the dynamic force of action, and boom, it’s gone without even a second thought!! You wake up one morning and go wow…..I’ve gone three days without a cigarette and didn’t even realize it! Didn’t even have to try!

Forming our wishes/intentions/desires through thought and then surrendering them and trusting that what will come will be for our better good is trusting in our Higher Will. Sometimes that good may come in the form of adversity or setbacks and we may think gosh, this is dumb. What am I doing? How can I possibly think that I could do this. Look at what’s happening. Goodness in our lives does not always come in the form of riches and success as those can be very detrimental in our lives, as well. Goodness in our lives comes from trust in knowing that our Will is one with the Divine Will, and the One is always looking out for our better good, even if it has to be shown to us through adversity. It is through adversity that we evolve from our lower nature to our higher to then accomplish our intent.

This is the message of Leo and the Sun. It is taking that seed we planted in Aries and giving it the action to create the momentum in our life to manifest it. Leo’s Tarot Card is the card of Strength. It shows a woman who represents our Higher Self, our Will taming the wild beast, which represents the unevolved part of us. Its message is that it takes strength to embrace ourselves fully, to acknowledge and accept the unevolved aspects of ourselves and trusting that through the use of our Higher Will, we can take dominion over our lives and create that which we wish to manifest.
strength card
This is a good energy this month to work on your Will in meditation. Put it to the test. Come up with something you would like to accomplish this month and be sure it’s what you REALLY want, whether it’s to rid yourself of a habit or to create something new, write it down, look at it before you go into meditation, sleep, and first thing in the morning look at it. Then come up with an affirmation for yourself beginning with the words “I Will,” and then surrender. Let it go. Then begin to pay attention to any synchronicities, opportunities through people you meet, flashes of intuition, ideas….whatever seems to relate to that which you are trying to accomplish. If you want something more generic, maybe try something like “I Will put the law of intention/desire into effect in my life.”

With that…..I Will you a successful, creative, loving Leo energy month!!

With love…..Debbie

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