Courage and Vitality

The Sun’s warmth gives us vitality and strength! When the Sun is out, we feel good; we feel youthful; we want to have loving fun. It brings us back to the days when we were children and we used to run and throw ourselves on the slip-and-slides laughing at each one of our friends doing their own goofy little maneuver as we stood on the sidelines licking our popsicles! And it also took courage.

But it is so much more. The Sun has been honored throughout all time as the giver of life. It sustains all life. All that we experience on planet Earth is because of this bold, powerful, generous, sustaining, and creative energy. The Sun is Love. Is it no wonder that our friend Leo is ruled by the Sun?

Leos are all the characteristics that the Sun is. In our natal charts, the Sun represents our creative expression, our ego, how we manifest ourselves to the World.  It is our creativity and our power, and Leos are the Kings/Queens in this area of life. And just like the Sun, they want the recognition of who they are. They are royalty; they are the drama of life. They roar with confidence and authority in exhibiting their Will.

Using their incredible creativity and love, they are able to manifest their wishes. Any picture you‘ve ever seen of a child gazing towards the stars and singing “When you wish upon a star,” is sure to be a Leo courageously and authoritatively making their “wish come true“ by expressing their willful natures.

Leo rules the heart and so they love romance! But their love is so much more. The Sun/Leo rules the heart Chakra, and in nearly all spiritual practices, it is the aim to open our hearts, bring unity in mind and heart to access our higher selves or God or Source. Whatever label you wish to use. This is achieving the wisdom the ancients have spoken of. Leo accomplishes this by bringing forth their inner child, their playfulness, as this is love! This is our nature when we fall in love. Leo can turn even the simplest of tasks into a loving, fun experience as this is their expression. As the Beatles said, “I feel good…in a special way. I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.“ Love creates!

What does this mean for our seed we planted at the beginning of the year? In Aries we created. We formed the intent of what it is we wanted to accomplish. In Taurus we gave it value, worth, what it meant for our lives. Gemini communicated our wish. It listened for the messenger to guide us towards the path. In Cancer we nourished it with unconditional love. We contained it within our womb. Leo boldly, confidently, courageously, and willfully is staking claim to our intent. It is taking charge of its manifestation.

Take some time during the Sun’s stay in Leo to examine where in your life you need to exhibit more strength, courage, and confidence in manifesting your intent. Take authority over all those little nagging thoughts that go through your mind that serve nothing but to limit you, and “will“ them away. During our stay in Cancer, we had to look at some of our insecurities. We took a journey back to our past to see where/what blocks our unlimited potential. Now grab those insecurities with all your might and take dominion over them! In Tarot, Leo is the Strength card, which is our higher self taking dominion over the beast that is our lower nature. Soak in the Sun and feel its power….its vitality…..its sustenance, and then take control of the “self.”

In yoga, proudly perform your Sun Salutations with confidence, authority, and honor. Since Leo rules over the heart and the spinal cord, engage in heart-opening yoga sessions, backbend postures. Take authority over your body, but be playful. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

And remember……bring out your inner child! Have fun, play, love, laugh. “Let the Sun Shine In.”

With Love

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