Summer Solstice – Cancer

The Sun
“HRAM-HRIM-HROOM-HRUM-HRAIM-HRAUM-HRAHA,” one of the many chants, rituals, dances, traditions you will hear and see during the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. This is the Bija mantra for the Sun, the light of light, our awareness. It brings forth the life-giving power that comes from the Sun and is our life force.

From the days of our ancient ancestors to today, this day has been marked with great celebration throughout the world as it is a day marking the beginning of life-giving energy, abundance, growth, expansion, nurturing. Crops that were harvested in the spring are producing, and people emerge and dance in celebration. Mother Earth is producing and the people rejoice.

There are celebrations everywhere. Weddings take place celebrating love and family. Very apropos as we enter the energy of Cancer, which begins on the Summer Solstice. It is a time of abundance in love, family, and prosperity in all things. The Moon, ruler of Cancer, is associated with the harvest. And so we harvest all things in our life during the Summer Solstice and the energy of Cancer.

The Summer Solstice is the time when Earth is at its most incline towards the Sun. The Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun as a flower faces the life-giving Sun to grow into its beauty. And so it is with us. We return to life and we nurture whatever seed of intention it is we planted as we begin to witness its birth.

The Moon/Cancer is the giver of life. It is the mother that births, it is the nurturer, unconditional love, and healer. This energy is our emotions, our childhood memories, our ties to family. The Moon and Cancer is our home!

Certainly, you have the pleasure of knowing someone born into this sign. Personally, I have a Moon child sister-in-law. I cannot even begin to think of the many adjectives I would use to describe her loving nature, nurturing qualities, compassionate nature! Not to mention being the greatest hostess I know. When you attend one of her parties, you feel you are at home, both emotionally and physically. There is nothing that she wouldn’t do for someone, and does so with love! I also have a friend who is a Cancer, and she is always right there to listen and advise you on feelings. Of course, she is a very feely person herself and wants to talk about her feelings in her intimate relationships, and this gives her a wonderful understanding of our emotions.

Cancer is the energy of unconditional love and compassion, and its purpose is to provide security. But as we saw in the energy of Gemini and the significance of the letter Zayin, there is also the shadow side of that energy which is Cancer’s challenge in life, and that is to understand security, they must experience, feel, and understand insecurity, resulting possibly in a deep-seated need to be needed. To understand fully compassion, they must feel and understand lack of compassion. And to understand the fullest capability of unconditional love, they experience what they feel is a lack of. That is the key word……feel!! The Cancer energy truly “feels.” If one looks to the Dalai Lama, born in the sign of Cancer, there is an understanding of just how deeply compassionate and loving this energy is. It forgives!

A very important astrological event occurs on the 25th of June. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, opportunities, and luck enters the sign of Cancer. Jupiter wants to bless us, but sometimes it gets a little over-enthusiastic leading to exaggeration. Opening ourselves up to the energy of Jupiter, we open ourselves to tremendous opportunities by “listening” and “seeing” the synchronicities that are guiding us towards our goal. The Moon/Cancer is our intuition. Trust your intuition, nurture your intuition, and allow it to provide guidance. We contain within ourselves all the answers if we take the time to listen, to allow life to answer. Patience is key, and Jupiter will bless you here.

What does it mean that Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer? Well, you will find it is a time where you may experience and be blessed with more compassion, empathy, forgiveness, healing, mostly in the area of home and family and early childhood memories. So this will be a wonderful time (Jupiter will be in Cancer until July 2014) to focus on those areas of your life. Maybe you’ve been thinking of changing homes or redecorating your existing one. Maybe you’re planning a family reunion. Whatever involves home, love, and family will bring you the most blessings.

It is also a time where you can do great healing of past wounds. Since Cancer energy is also compassion and forgiveness, healing comes from forgiving not just those who have wounded you, but yourself, as well. We can do this by having compassion, walking in other people’s shoes. Everyone is doing the best they can, and we do not know the other’s story, but we can imagine that somehow at some time, they have suffered just as we have. Who knows why your coworker snapped at you. Maybe there is someone at home who is experiencing an illness and they are having to care for them. It could be anything. Exhibit compassion before condemning. Accept that people are where they are, but we can choose where to be in our own hearts. This is the art of forgiveness. It is through acceptance and forgiveness that we learn love.

Since Jupiter loves to inflate and expand everything it touches and the Moon/Cancer is our emotions, you may find that emotions may be overly exaggerated. There is always a shadow side to all things, and Jupiter’s is exaggeration. Maybe the family healing that needs to be done gets too emotionally-charged and leads instead to a passive-aggressive energy. Or maybe the forgiveness you’re trying to find from an early childhood memory gets too emotional and leads to guilt. Since Cancer protects family and nurtures, maybe that protectiveness will display itself by over-crossing your boundaries creating conflict in relationships. In other words, we can end up feeling “too much,” resulting in an opposite effect.

When meditating (reflection or whatever method you use), try to bring yourself back to a time when maybe you did something that required compassion and forgiveness. Bring yourself back to that moment and really “feel” it. Bring forth compassion for yourself and then forgive yourself. Accept and love yourself, and then apply that to your family and to the world around you. Practice mindfulness to develop intuition.

In yoga, during the Summer Solstice and the first week of Cancer, do a practice of Surya Namaskara. Focus on sun energy. Then switch to a more lunar practice and connect to your inner emotions, intuition. Give yourself a nurturing ground for healing.

Most importantly…….ENJOY YOUR FAMILY!! What a wonderful summer it will be for family, home, and love with Jupiter blessing us in the sign of Cancer!

All my love….Debbie

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