Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Taurus

on May 10, 2013

So much celestial activity this May! And so much inner activity within our lives! We have three eclipses, and they each ask of us to go within, examine ourselves, and bring to light new beginnings. Of course, that’s always easier said than done for in doing so, we are to open our hearts and look at our vulnerabilities, exposing them!

Solar and lunar eclipses are not necessarily doom and gloom as many ancients and even some modern-day schools of thought like to believe. Yes, there can be drastic events during eclipses, but this is most likely due to the aspects that planets begin to form to the place where the eclipse occurred. It is not the eclipse itself.

Really, they can be wonderful awakenings for us. They can bring introspection, endings and beginnings, fresh starts, clarity if we “listen.” It’s almost as if they are like our calendars in our computers or cell phones that periodically start making noises at us to remind us to do something. Eclipses remind us to do a self-check.

A solar eclipse takes place when the light of the Sun is blocked by the Moon coming between the Sun and the Earth. So temporarily, we do not see the light. We may feel lost, confused, unsure of our direction. They bring “darkness.” But in that darkness is silence, a perfect place for introspection. And then eventually it passes and the light reappears and can bring with it clarity and new beginnings.

A lunar eclipse can bring even more introspection as they occur when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon forcing us to balance our ego identity, which is our Sun, and our subconscious, our emotions, which is our Moon. The effects of a solar or lunar eclipse can last up to six months, but are most powerful for about a month.

As I was meditating on this solar eclipse event and what it meant, I found myself connecting to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. There are 10 spheres on the Tree of Life. A brief description of what they represent would be the different levels of consciousness, not only within ourselves, but in the World around us. Each sphere has various archetypes associated with them, including astrological. For purposes of this article, we will work with the astrological significance.

src="Kabbalah Tree of Life photo: Ten Sephiroth Tree_of_Life_Diagram_with_names_zps0505e576.jpg

So when you look at spheres 6 (Tiphareth-Beauty), 9 (Yesod-Foundation), and 10 (Malkuth-Kingdom), they are The Sun, The Moon, and the Earth. The Sun in our astrological charts represents our self-expression, our ego-identity, vitality. The Moon is our subconscious, our emotional expression, intuition, anxieties. It can be our fears. Earth is our physicality, the manifestation of all conscious energy. And so there it is….the Moon in between the Sun and the Earth. Our own inner eclipse triggered by the external.

The sphere of Beauty (Tiphareth) on the Tree of Life represents our ego identity, but it is also our Awareness, our higher self. You notice it sits in the middle of the Tree. It is the place that oversees our subconscious and our conscious mind. Here is where we need to balance our spiritual higher awareness (intuitive mind) with our Earth-bound senses and look within our ego-identity to see where we need to sacrifice those parts of our ego that block our higher intuitive mind. The Sun rules over Beauty. Again, this is Beauty in a nutshell. It is so much more!

Foundation, (Yesod) you could say, is like the mixing bowl of all our conscious energies. It contains all our accumulated experiences, our patterns, our deepest memories and emotions. It contains our fears, anxieties. This is a place of transformation, death to that which will not serve us for our better good. You could liken Foundation to the Underworld. It is where we hold our deepest memories and emotions, but it is also a place of many riches! When we go within, here is where we gestate that which we come to learn about our “self” that prepares us for a rebirth, a new beginning. It is introspection, acceptance, and the force that then pushes us to manifest in our lives that which we desire to achieve. Foundation is the Moon.

And then Earth (Malkuth) is where all manifests. Here is where we take our self-expression balanced nicely with our higher intuitive natures and contribute to the World around us, our families, our work, our relationships.

So back to this eclipse! It is happening in the New Moon of Taurus with the Sun also in Taurus. As we know, Taurus is about our talents and self-value translated into our self-worth, whether monetarily, spiritually, materially, emotionally. So ask yourself questions regarding your talents, your self-worth, money, possessions. Where are you experiencing challenges and why. Go within and examine what it is you need to sacrifice in order to achieve a greater sense of self-worth to then contribute to the World.

Beauty (Sun) asks you to sacrifice. Foundation (the Moon) prepares for the birth by asking you to face that truth, that sacrifice. And then as the Moon moves away, the Light shines back onto the Earth bringing new clarity, new beginnings.

One other point I would like to mention is that Venus will be playing a role within the next few days, as well. Venus will be reappearing in the sky making a conjunction to the Moon. What does this mean? Open your heart, face your vulnerabilities. How do they interfere with your relationships? What vulnerabilities do you need to sacrifice in order to transform? Do you even acknowledge your vulnerabilities? I know….who wants to open themselves up like that. But to truly move on and create something new, it’s necessary. That is the suffering of change.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, this will be about opening our heart to self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-value. Where do you lack self-love and why? It is about your physicality, your senses. It is how you will bring about success, and also how you will attract the right relationships. In Taurus, Venus is more about materiality. In Libra, it is more about love, grace, beauty, relationships. Connect to nature, connect to the beauty of life, and see the beauty of your “self” so that you can see it in others.

Of course, how this eclipse affects you personally and in what area of life is dependent on how it is aspecting your personal natal chart. However, if you’re wondering what areas of your life you need to be looking at, think back to the eclipse of November 2012. What was going on in your life? What was going on within you? Is this resurfacing?

All this will be helpful in preparing for the full Moon eclipse that will be happening at the end of the month. This will be a lunar eclipse, so it will bring about apprehensions and raise fears. You will be susceptible to the reactions of others. So if you want to create something new, deal with it now so that it will be easier to face your fears later.

And so the question is….what do I need to sacrifice (Beauty) in order to recognize my own self-worth and value to the World around me…..gestate and transform it (Foundation)…..and then birth it (Earth).

Wishing you much success and love! You are worth it.

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