Welcome to the pleasures of life, the senses, and unlimited abundance!!  Spring has sprung.  We have planted the seeds, both metaphorically speaking and physically, and we are now starting to see, feel, and enjoy their beauty perceptually.  Welcome to Taurus….lover of luxuries, financially and sensually. All that we can see, touch, taste, hear…..

Everything begins with a thought, an idea, a seed. Think of all the flowers you see blooming in your yard right now or in your pots where you so graciously planted your seeds. That one little seed contains within it an intelligence to instruct that seed to become either a begonia or a daisy or a basil plant or whatever it may be. Even our largest trees stem from one little seed that instructs nature to produce a tree. But seeds, when you really look at them, really kind of look all the same, at least they do to me. Still, within each one is encoded a formula whose source is One intelligence. I mean, really, that is an awful lot of work to encode billions upon billions upon BILLIONS of seeds that make up all of nature, including us! Talk about working overtime!

And so it is with our thoughts and that which we want to create in our lives. It could be a simple wish or dream that plants the seed and sparks our Will into action, that call-to-action that is Aries to begin the creative process. Taurus then follows, translating that seed into the intelligence that we are encoded with via our talents, feelings of self-worth, which in turn showers upon us the unlimited abundance that can be ours, whether it be financial, emotional, or materially. Whatever is your pleasure! Whatever is your seed! Taurus IS nature!

So why do some of us not succeed at the many ideas or seeds that we may plant? It’s not the seed…’s not the intelligence behind it….and it’s probably not even the lack of willingness to work hard to achieve it. It’s the value we give it. Somehow the translation is off. Instead of looking to external circumstances impeding the success, look internally as to the nourishment the seed is receiving. Are you watering it? Do you feel worthy of receiving? Are you devaluing yourself and what it is you are offering? Are you comparing your worth to that of someone else with the same offerings?

I think it goes beyond saying that throughout our lives we learn that if we do not value ourselves, then others will not value us either. If we do not believe in what we are selling, people won’t buy it, and then we ask ourselves well, why does the person down the street have success when they don’t have nearly what I have to offer. They have the most important ingredient….self-worth and esteem, the realization that lack of self-value creates financial limitation. Taurus understands the translation of identity to value, self-worth, and money, which makes them good financial advisors and investors.

And this is why Taurus loves all the pleasures of the senses! They love food, art, luxuries, and most importantly, they love their financial security. They love all the things that Venus represents (their ruling planet, along with Libra.) They are lovers of the physical life and recognize these pleasures are the blessings from above. Being of the element of earth, they understand the senses and physical pleasures while also understanding the value of Spirit.

In Kabbalah, they associate the letter Vav with Taurus. The meaning of this letter is the nail or the hook, that that joins the above to the below. Taurus understands the connection. They understand that the Spirit is our true nature, but it is the physical senses, money, and possessions that are the vehicle, the resources needed to fulfill  our purpose in life. And this is the abundance that the Universe gives to us, provided we have self-esteem and put value in our talents and what we believe.

And yes…..there is the opposing force! Taurus, when not properly balanced in your life, can lead to materialism, possessiveness, and indulgence, but again…..everything is to be balanced.

Yesterday was the first day of the Sun in Taurus. I have to say that I was definitely in sync with the energy!! I went to Wholefoods with my daughter and we just enjoyed all the samplings they had to offer. Cheeses, wines, crackers… was a feast! And then we went to visit our friend, who, coincidentally, is a Taurus and owns an upscale dog boutique. She loves luxury items for our most beloved companions, and walking into her store was like walking into a barn full of all the pleasures that touch our heart. Cute little clothes, her three little dogs, other dogs visiting, and warmth! Of course, I did treat my own little one to a cute little T-shirt with a heart on it that brought pleasure even to her! When I took her for a walk later that day wearing her heart shirt, she was prancing around like something I’ve never seen her do before. And it was a beautiful day to be out in nature. It ended with a nice glass of good wine!

What does this mean for you? Enjoy life this month!! Enjoy the pleasures, within reason, that life brings. Spas, food, music, art. Connect to your senses. Commune with nature and reflect on the abundance the Universe gives to us in each little seed of creation, every thought, every being. Check in on your own seed that you chose for this astrological year. Is it sprouting? Reflect on your own talents and worth. How are you utilizing them? Where are you limiting yourself? Where are you not valuing yourself? Where do you lack self-esteem? And if all is well…..then ENJOY the blessings! Have gratitude towards yourself and what you are contributing.

Taurus rules the neck and throat. Kind of funny when you think that with the blooming of the seeds, there are those of us who suffer from allergies creating throat discomfort! So in yoga during this time, bring focus to your breathing. Engage in long, deep, cleansing breaths. Inhaling, open your heart by extending your arms back, slightly dropping the head back to relax the neck, and allow the heart to receive abundance! Engage in poses that relax the neck and shoulder areas. Maybe attend a Kirtan. Do some chanting to open up the throat area and unblock that energy.

April is when we celebrate Earth Day, and that is what Taurus is about…..the Earth, Nature! So enjoy it. Enjoy the pleasures while keeping your sight on where it all comes from……the seed! The seed of someone’s idea to invent something, the seed of someone’s creativity to create art, the seed of someone’s love to create a life. And with the lessons of Taurus, give it worth and value, in your own life and in the life of others!

With love, Debbie

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