Spring into Action

on March 29, 2013

Spring has arrived!  All is coming back to life…….all is recreating!  It’s funny that we celebrate the new year in January, in the dead of the winter, when in actuality, the new year begins now!  Spring is the beginning of another cycle in our lives. It is the start of the new astrological year, and this is truly the time to form an intent for  something new in our lives.   And it all begins with that wonderful, very-much needed energy of the Sun in Aries!

Each of the signs in the zodiac and their respective ruling planet play a very crucial part in any kind of creation we wish to manifest.  The energy of each sign is needed in order to have the right qualities in place for a successful outcome.  The leadership and initiative of Aries, the practicality of Taurus to then take your intent and translate it into a talent, give it worth, the communicative skills of Gemini to then take that talent  and communicate it to the world……and so on down the line!

I have come to very much respect the energy of Mars and Aries.  I am of the belief that without that energy there would be nothing!  You have to have action to make any wish come true.  You can sit and engineer a plan until you’re blue in the face, but without the passion, the leadership, the initiative, the action, and most importantly, the liberation of the energy of Aries, nothing will happen!  Eventually, maybe, because anything we think we create, but without that push it could take forever!

It’s important to remember that when speaking of the energy of the planets and the signs, these are the archetypes of the different emotional and mental levels of consciousness that we as humans experience.  Why does Mars contain this warrior-like energy, this call to action energy?  Who knows, but it does.  How does one come to this conclusion?  Hundreds and hundreds of years of study and research of the electromagnetic waves that the various planets put out and their effect on the world and the collective consciousness when in certain locations of the sky as they travel around the Sun.  Something to keep in mind as you travel your yearly cycle path of new creations.  Take advantage of the energy that is most prominent at a given time and follow the map!

So why does it start with Aries and Mars?  Aries is the “leader of the pack.”  He is the warrior, the conqueror.  Coming out of Pisces, the ending of one cycle that goes right into a new cycle (endings and beginnings are one and the same!) where we contemplated all that we experienced over the year, we may have possibly come to a realization about ourselves that brings about the desire to plant a new seed.  Ask yourself what you learned, what you gained, what you lost and why.  Aries/Mars will now provide you with a new purpose (just like the dawning of spring)  and it will call you to action!  What is it you need to do?  What is it you need to let go of?  What warrior do you need to call forth within you to liberate you from whatever it is that enslaves you, keeping you from triumph?

It is very interesting to think back through history.  There is so much we can glean from the celebration of Passover and Easter.  There is liberation, sacrifice, and resurrection.  Moses (Aries, by the way) is one of  the greatest examples of a liberator, leader, warrior, and passionate figure.  He heard what his call to action was, and that was to liberate the Jewish people from the enslavement of Egypt to a new beginning.   And the greatest sacrifice of them all?  Jesus dying on the Cross, surrendering his ego to the Will of God for what many believe was our salvation from sin.  But what does that mean?  Are we really born with sin, or is our sin the interference of the ego?  Is our sacrifice to achieve our own salvation to also put our ego on the Cross?  And by killing the ego, do we then resurrect our Higher Selves to guide us towards a better life by opening us to receive the wisdom of the ages creating more balance within us?  The answer very much seems to lie in examining the Aries/Mars energy in our lives and determining where to liberate, sacrifice, and resurrect.

Well, here is your chance for another new spring!  What seed of intent are you going to plant and then nurture throughout the journey of the planets this year?  Simplicity seems to have a nice tone to it!  You hear more and more people complaining about how intensely stressed their lives have become.  It’s too difficult to keep up with things that seem to be beyond our control.  Technology, government, economy, finding time to connect to your home, family, loved ones.  You hear the words “life used to be so simple at one time.”  Technology promised to make our lives more simple, but in reality, it has actually complicated our lives more.  In some ways technology has made life easier, but it has also added so many more stressors.  How many hours do you spend in front of “technology,” and how many hours to you spend enjoying “life?”  The trees, the outdoors, animals, the sky, the world.  How often do you “disconnect?”  If you write it down, you might be truly amazed.

Begin this spring with all of its life-creating qualities with a new cycle for your own life.  Go within and ask what you really wish for in your life, identify that which enslaves you, liberate yourself, form a strong intent, and then connect to the warrior energy of Aries/Mars and get on your horse and take action!  Lead yourself to triumph!  Aries/Mars represents all the power we hold within ourselves.  If anyone is an ice-hockey fan, they may be familiar with the phrase “unleash the fury” the Washington Capitals chant with such strong conviction.  Well…..unleash your fury!!  And then, as the Beatles so eloquently titled one of their songs, “Follow the Sun.”  Take in the energies of each Sun sign keeping your intent firmly in place, and at the end…..manifest!

What to do with yoga?  Well, most definitely when posturing your warrior poses, do them with conviction, power, leadership, and action!  Aries rules the head, the genital areas (Aries are passionate), the muscles, the blood.  I would begin your practice of yoga with Kapalabhati breathing exercises and other pranayama breathing that stimulate the root chakra to energize the body, activate the physical body.  Engage in other yoga poses to stimulate the root, and perform all practices with warrior strength!  Bring out the warrior and liberate yourself, act with conviction!  And then balance it all out with a wonderful meditation to connect your physical (a balanced ego) to your higher self.

So whether you make your intent simplicity for this year, or whether it be a new boyfriend or house, or whether it be to find yourself, start with the opportunities that Aries/Mars brings to you.  Respect the Aries energy.  It is creation.

With love, Debbie

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