Innovation – Aquarius

on January 30, 2013

Reconstruction through innovative thinking, freedom, acceptance of humanity (the energies of the Zodiac as a whole), and awareness is the theme of Aquarius! Where would we be without the genius of this eccentric energy and its love for humankind? Furthermore, where would technology and the unifying of the World via advanced communications be without Aquarius? They are the sign of technology, science, and unity.

When you reflect on the 12 different energies of the Zodiac, it really is amazing how the flow of life, the plan reveals itself! Each planet (and its corresponding archetype in the signs) has a place in how life unfolds. Again, going back just the past few months…we had death in Scorpio (Pluto), the optimism of Sagittarius (Jupiter) to know that there is life after death, the reconstruction of Capricorn (Saturn) with its discipline and patience, and now we come to the ingenious, innovative, out-of-the-box ideas of Aquarius (Uranus). Do you see the pattern? You died, you transmigrated (rebirthed), you developed perseverance to move forward, and now you come to the awareness within yourself to have the lightening bolt of a genius idea in just how to use your new self to better serve yourself, your friends, and humanity.

And really, that is what it’s about. How do we give back that which we receive? That is the fundamental teachings of Kabbalah….receive to then give forth. The energy of Aquarius does so through its love for humanity. They are the sign of brotherhood. They are friendly and most funny!! Eccentric beyond belief. Some famous comedians that come to mind are John Belushi, Chris Rock, George Burns. You could almost say they’re like beings from another planet. All of us know an Aquarian, and tell me they are not the most unique people you know!

Everyone loves an Aquarian because Aquarians love people! Friends mean everything to them. Almost to a fault, actually, as they can seem impersonal to their nearest loved ones. Does anyone remember the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond?” I would place Raymond as an Aquarian. Eccentric, getting himself into situations due to his out-of-the-box mentality, yet fundamentally, you could sense his true caring for the well-being of others coming out in “odd” ways. And, of course, always forgiven!

The shadow of this energy is that it is rebellious, stubborn, and unpredictable! But then again, let’s go back to the lessons of Libra. Where would the world be if there were not those that chose to rebel against tyranny? And they did so with their love for humanity. Everyone is equal in the eyes of Aquarius. Abraham Lincoln was Aquarius. Edison? Yes, he too! And Charles Darwin, as well.

Some of you may say well, yeah, this is interesting to read, but what does it have to do with me? I’m an Aries! We all contain within ourselves the different archetypes of the signs, and each energy contributes tremendously to the world. There are different aspects of our lives that contain specific energies of a sign. For instance, in your natal chart you may have Aquarius in your 7th house. Well, then the characteristic of Aquarius would come through in your relationships. You would probably want a funny partner who is a good friend and allows you freedom!

Uranus (Aquarius) is our superconscious. It is the One consciousness in all things. It is the unifying energy. It is that which connects to higher intelligence. I guess that’s where all those wonderfully innovative ideas come from!

So during this time, engage in mindfulness meditation, awareness meditations. Do Pranayama exercises such as alternate nostril breathing to align your left and right energies focusing intently on your Brow Chakra. Open your psychic channels, and keep the Chakras clear. For those of you who do not engage in these practices, just take some time to just sit and connect to your mind, eliminating all thoughts and distractions. Just sit in silence keeping your awareness on your breath and your body, slowly breathing in and out and being aware of the flow of the breath through the body.

LAUGHING YOGA!!! This would be a great time to go take a laughing yoga class! Laughing unites, creates friendships, brings out the crazy child in you. Aquarius loves to laugh.  In your regular practice, make sure you do your poses equally. In your balance poses, take care that the ankles are properly placed, and in your arm balances that you pay attention to your wrists.

I would like to take a moment to dedicate this to my mother who was quite the eccentric Aquarian! We miss and love her!

With that…..”have a wild and crazy February!”

Love, Debbie

p.s If anyone is interested in having their chart done or would like more information, you can contact me at


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