on January 11, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! And now……….

December 21st came and went….the Holidays came and went….and here we find ourselves preparing to hibernate for the winter. I’m sure many of you have made resolutions for the year 2013. We always do, but why do they always seem to fall by the wayside? We truly are genuine in our determination to make the changes in our lives that we know are beneficial, but somehow we fall victims to impatience, pessimism, cynicism, fear…..whatever it is.

And that is why Capricorn comes to greet us in the new year! The Goat is the achiever in life. It is the perseverance, determination, patience, ambition that is needed to succeed. It is the structure and the discipline that we need in order to reach our fullest potential. But it’s not always easy! The energy of Capricorn (and Saturn, its ruler) is not without its fair share of suffering and even depression. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and our life lessons. He brings to the surface that which lies in our subconscious. Saturn contains all the collective fears. He is the disciplinarian.

So…starting in the fall of 2012, many began talking about how things just seemed so “off,” how there is this anticipation of change, this feeling that something was about to occur. And as I wrote in last month’s article, no, there was no death and destruction occurrence, but there is this energy of change, and not just personally, but collectively.

In Scorpio we had the death of that which no longer served us. We saw it every day in the news watching all the changes happening worldwide. Economies, governments. And I’m sure we were feeling it personally, as well. In Sagittarius we were given the optimism to know that even with death there is life. And now Capricorn tells us how to reconstruct. And what do we see? We see negotiations going on in the hopes of reaching solutions to what ails the world. Will they reach compromises? Will there be restructuring? Or will things just continue as they are.

What does this mean to you on a personal level? Well, it is natural for us to self-evaluate ourselves during the fall when the energy of Scorpio so wants us to transform, and then to make those resolutions to make that change. The energy of Capricorn allows you to do that, to succeed. Now, of course, there is always the negative side to any energy, and that of Capricorn is pessimism and fear, and that is the energy that most succumb to. “I can’t do this.” “It’s too hard.” “What a bunch of hogwash.” “I’m too depressed to give up my sweets.” Sometimes reconstruction of that which you are trying to kill brings suffering and hardships. Isn’t that what success is all about? Success comes by not getting discouraged but by using the challenging words of discipline and perseverance!

Oh…..if I have to be honest, I dislike those words! My career is that of a court reporter! When I went to court reporting school, it was three-and-a-half years of nothing but failure on a daily basis. Out of 35 people that started in my group, only five of us actually finished and went on to be court reporters. It is the most challenging of studies on a personal level. Truly….it is! It is speed test after speed test after speed test, and right when you get all excited because you passed a test in one speed, you know you have the next one facing you. I learned so much about myself during this training. I grew so much. I learned perseverance…..I learned discipline….I learned not to get discouraged because I “failed” every day! But now I can honestly say that it has given me the most valuable of training that I have applied to my everyday life.

Whatever personal journey you may be on that is causing feelings of discouragement, just keep on chugging. What was that children’s book? The Choo-Choo that Could (or something like that). The Choo-Choo kept saying I know I can….I know I can.

And know, too, that Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is the ruler of Time (the Ancient Greeks referred to Saturn as Chronos, the lord of time). So patience! Time is going to pass no matter what. Why limit yourself by time? Maybe let go of the expectations of failure/success and just keep choo-chooing along. You WILL get there because you made a determined intention to do so. Use discipline….use perseverance….use patience, apply some action, and voila! If you allow the dark side of the energy of Capricorn/Saturn to discourage you and you give up, what will that leave? Regret? Create more fears and setbacks?

So in yoga… attention and give “time” for alignment in your poses. “Structure” your poses. Make sure that you are not putting strain or pressure on the knees or any other vulnerable skeletal areas of the body. (low back, neck, shoulders.) Listen to your instructors when they begin to give cues for alignment and adjust yourself accordingly.

One other thing about Capricorns….they are funny! Laughter is sometimes a very effective way to overcome your fears. Try it! And take your time! Take your time eating, walking. Just enjoy whatever moment in time.

I wish you success in whatever you undertake in the new year!

With love,


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