Christmas – Sag

on December 2, 2012

Welcome to December!! Welcome to the Winter Solstice, to Christmas, to the receiving/giving energy of Sagittarius, to the Abundance of Jupiter, to the birth of Christ Consciousness, and yes……to the end of the Mayan calendar!! So much going on! Going to be a busy newsletter month!

Well, let’s start with “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth,” Sagittarius! Good place to start since this sign pretty much encompasses most of these topics. No coincidence it falls during a time of joy, laughter, fun, generosity, and Holiness. Sag is the optimistic, free-spirited, adventurous, generous wise man! (or woman!) They are the high priests, the gurus, the rabbis, the spiritual teachers, the knowledge-seekers. And it’s all natural! They don’t need to read a million books (though they love to educate themselves). They breath and live higher knowledge in the essence of their being, and for this, they are always seeking/speaking Truth, though sometimes not so gracefully.

Sometimes the truth of a Sagittarian can really put people out because they will dare to say that which others will not even dream of as it can step outside the boundaries of diplomacy. Truly….you will never be able to fool a Sag. They WILL call you out. But look at that for just one moment. What puts you out about it? The fact that it’s true and they dared to say it, or the fact that you have just been faced with a reality that needs to change within you? Does this not make them truly the wisest of us all? Does this not make them people you would welcome in your life for growth?

Welcome the Sag in your life as they will teach you the Truth you need to transform, to help you migrate from one state of being to the next (though at times painfully so). As one of my favorite authors once wrote, “The truth of Sagittarius kills death. And the death of death is life.” (Gahl Sasson, Cosmic Navigator.)

So what is our Truth and how do we live it? Where is the authentic you? Buried within you through all the cobwebs of bad habits, of negative thinking, of identification with ego lies your Treasure! Your joy! Your Christmas! The greatest gift you will ever receive…your Truth, purpose. Find that Truth through your meditation, and then with faith, live it.

The birth of Jesus is so much more than we realize. This was the birth of the greatest metaphysician of all times! This was the birth of the Christ Consciousness within us all, the physical manifestation of God brought to us through Jesus, the Christ. Many scholars have tried to put into words the life of this great Being, but it is difficult to do. We can only “feel” it and not “intellectualize” it.

One message, though, is certain. And that is that we all have within us the Christ Consciousness. We are all children of God, as was Jesus. We, too, with daily devotion and turning inward by meditating can find the meaning of who we are, the healing of our souls, the compassion and love. And that is our Treasure….to find our true essence and walk through this life with joy, even in our darkest of times. Paramahansa Yogananda said: “From Joy we came, in Joy we live, in Joy we melt.”

But as Sagittarius teaches us, it is not just the birth of Jesus, but it is all the teachers throughout time. Again, the Christ is within us all. Jesus encompassed all these teachings. His travels during His life (another Sag message….to spread Truth, you must journey) brought Him to experience these other teachers. Jesus understood that there is only One thing that unites us all….our Christ Consciousness. He understood the sacrifice of ego (the body). Ego is what creates the separation between the physical and the spiritual. It is through the closing of this gap that we create a better world for ourselves.

During this Christmas season, connect to the joy of the season by using the optimism of Sagittarius to face your Truth and live it authentically, without fear. When decorating your Tree, in your Mind’s Eye see yourself laying the gifts of calmness, forgiveness, nobility, service, kindness, peace, faith, joy all wrapped in gold under your Tree. Release the stress of Christmas and allow instead the love and peace of Christmas to prevail and to stay within your heart.

And realize that this gift of the Christ is for all creation! Our favorite Centaurs rule over travel, over foreign cultures, over education, over philosophy. Use their energy to really connect to the Unity of the Christ Consciousness in all of the World.

I am going to segue to the body now since we are celebrating the physical birth of the Christ. Sagittarius rules the liver, our hips and lower bodies. So in yoga during this time, detoxify the body by doing a lot of twists! Maybe devote a whole practice to twists. There are so many…….some that we even like to forget! Also, do lower body strengthening. Practice your chair pose (Utkatasana) and its variations. Connect to your faith and optimism, your inner Sag, while doing these challenging poses.

And with that, I will leave the other topics to our next newsletter! Truly enjoy this time. Notice how the whole World seems to come together in one consciousness, and that is the Christ within us all. It brings out the joy, the love, the peace in all everywhere. Think about that……why is it? What does that tell us?

Ponder Christmas in your heart and allow the generosity, abundance, gaiety, joy, spirituality of Sagittarius to live in your heart!

Merry Christ-mas, and have fun!! LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!

Blessings, Debbie


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