Well…..the leaves have pretty much fallen, the temperatures are getting colder, and the trees are in their “pretend” death. We are now turning within to reflect on our own Scorpio energy of what needs to die in our lives, whether it be attitudes, behaviors, or physical changes within our environment. Have you used the intensity of Scorpio to dive deep into yourself to find that which you are being asked to let go of?

Scorpio is also about magnetism. It’s about the mysteries of life that we so want to have revealed, yet they are kept hidden and we have to research and investigate in search of satisfying what our Soul wants to attract. Oddly strange that the energy that follows death and rebirth, rejuvenation, is that of Sagittarius, Jupiter who just wants to bless us with all the abundance that he possibly can. It is the energy of the gift giver……

So the question becomes: What do I NOW want to attract into my life? What kind of magnet do I wish to be?  What do I desire (another Scorpio keyword) to be blessed with? We can try to answer that question just from the science of an ordinary magnet. Small magnets attract small things; large magnets, large objects. And so our own human magnet draws according to our own power of attraction, that which we identify with, our attitudes, our patterns of thought, behavior, our bad habits.  The question to ask yourself during this time of Scorpio transformation is, do I wish to be a business magnet, a spiritual magnet, a material magnet? What do I want and who do I want to be and what do I need to renew within me?

You may right off the top of your head say, “Why yes….I wish to attract financial abundance and many material comforts!” And you can very much do so. Or you may say, “My soul so desires to find peace and comfort in Divine Love.” But in reality, we can’t have one without the other. Again….we always go back to the lessons of Libra to be in balance and harmony with the flow of life and the Universe.

If you focus only on attracting material comforts and wealth, you may find at the end of your life that you never progressed spiritually and it may seem so pointless to have forsaken the joys of Spirit because you were so overwhelmed with “life.” Just like you cannot only focus on gaining spiritual abundance and forget the body and its necessities for material life unless you have advanced to the stage of a true yogi forsaking all materiality! And that probably isn’t going to be the case for the vast majority of us!

There are all kinds of magnetism; mental, physical, sexual, spiritual. However, remember the words of Jesus? He said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto You .” What does this mean? Where is the Kingdom of God? And how can this Kingdom have what I need to live here on Earth?

The Kingdom is found within ourselves via meditation! This is where we connect to our inner selves and find clarity, wisdom, intuitive guidance, love for self and others, healing.   It is here we find our Soul’s magnet.  The list goes on and on of what we find in the Kingdom within for “There are many doors in my Father‘s mansion.” (Jesus spoke)

It is here that we connect to our Will creating the action necessary (remember Aries?) to manifest what we wish in our lives. It is within ourselves that we develop a “plan” of that which we want to be and create, where we find what kind of magnet we wish to be and what it is we need to release in order to attract it (Scorpio). And it is here that the balance is found between that which is required in the physical world and the growth of our spiritual reality.

How do we develop the “plan?” Dive deep into yourself and feel/see what it is you “really” want to create (new business, home, love, whatever….), plant the seed, via meditation connect to your Will to generate the action necessary, take care of your physical body with proper diet, exercise, fellowship, and then turn your Will to Divine Will and allow your magnetism to attract it into your life. On a daily basis connect to yourself via meditation and release the fears, the anxieties that block the flow of spiritual magnetism, and coming from a place of more peace, all else will follow. Like magnets that attract objects, so you, too, will attract. Think with love, and you’ll attract love. Think positively and you’ll attract positivity.  This is where we find the Kingdom we are advised to seek first and foremost for all else to follow.

In yoga, during Shavasana, (corpse pose) surrender, but then inhale and stretch your body and tense every muscle in the body as you hold the breath. Feel the energy tingling through the body, feel your “human magnet,“ as you focus intently on the “Third Eye,“ and then exhale fully through the mouth and release, surrender. Do this several times and feel the flow of energy within the body with the realization that this is “you,” the Creator of your life! Now…..await the blessings to be received by Sagittarius/Jupiter.

As The Beatles so wisely said: “All You Need is Love!”

Wishing you love and magnetic energy! Debbie







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