on October 7, 2012

As  the Sun continues its journey through  the constellation of Libra, our thoughts may be about that which brings us harmony and peace, both personally and globally.  With all the talk bombarding us these days, it appears that harmony and peace are two words that seem to have vanished from the English language, as has diplomacy and truth!!  So how do we stay centered in our own truth?  How do we stay balanced within our own peace?  How do we live life in harmony?

Opposites!  Yeah, opposites!  Libra recognizes that you can’t have one without the other, which is why at times they are accused of being so indecisive.  Take a moment to think about opposites.  You can’t have an entrance without an exit.  You can’t have winning without losing.  You also cannot have truth without deceit.  How would you know of truth if there wasn’t deceit to measure it against?  There will always be the other side of the coin.

In Astrology there are signs that oppose one another.  Aries and Libra oppose one another.  Think of that one….Aries the warrior, the aggressive energy, action, and Libra the peacemaker, the one always seeking harmony, diplomacy.  Aries is active; Libra can be passive.   Aries can very much benefit from the peacefulness of Libra to soothe their firey  nature, and Libra can benefit from the action of Aries.  Look at the opposite signs of Virgo and Pisces.  Virgo with their analytical and practical mind can very much help ground the dreaminess of Pisces,  and in return, Pisces can add some imagination to Virgo.  Opposites are strongly attracted to one another as they feel mutual respect and admiration for the other.  They learn from one another.  Opposites attract…..they want what the other has.

And so it is in all aspects of life.  There is always the other side of the coin.  The thing is we have to learn to integrate the opposites to give us a better understanding of the natural laws of life to help create wholeness within ourselves.  How do we know to create balance if there isn’t imbalance?  How can we know how to be humble if we didn’t know what arrogance looked like?  How do we create peace if we don’t know what conflict feels like?

Through our practice of meditation, of going into the silence, we can begin to have acceptance of the dualities of life.  We begin to see how one incorporates the other, that opposites truly are the same extreme of one another.  Through acceptance of opposites,  we begin to complete our own sense of self, of truth, of balancing the world around us, resulting in harmony, tolerance, and most importantly…..more love!  Not just a “feel-good” concept; it is a natural law of life!

And so in your yoga this week, think about opposites when you do your inversions.  Think of how you have up and down, north and south.   When practicing your Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), give thought to your Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (up dog).  When doing Adho Mukha Vrksasana (headstand), think about it’s opposite of Tadasana (mountain pose).  Before starting your Sun Salutation, take a bow to the North, South, East, West and imagine them on opposite ends of their vertical and horizontal lines.

And most importantly……tell yourself that you are in balance and harmony and that you trust the natural flow of life!!

Wishing you harmony now and always,


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