Balance……how many times a day must we hear that word!! You must balance work with pleasure, good with bad, light with dark, positive with negative, anger with peace. The list is endless of all the polarities of life, and to walk through life in harmony we must tip the scales to find our center.

As the Sun moves into the constellation of Libra, the energy is all about balance, art, beauty, relationships, diplomacy, compromise, socializing with friends. Not a coincidence that it is during this time as we come into autumn that night and day reach a perfect balance! Not to mention all the beautiful new fall fashion designs that come out, something that the energy of Libra enjoys tremendously! It’s all about aesthetic pleasure, both visual and subtle. Rarely will you find a Libra who is not well-dressed, perfumed, with a most melodic-sounding voice. And don’t be fooled by those that say, “oh, Libras are just too indecisive. They can‘t make up their minds!” True….but not out of fickleness. It’s truly because they see both sides to ALL things and are simultaneously trying to find the center, the balance of the two opposing thoughts. Not an easy task for anyone, but with justice and principles being first and foremost in a Libran’s nature, it is a feat they can accomplish with grace.

What does it mean to balance? Where do we find balance? Compromise, for one. Ghandi, a Libra, made many compromises to bring about a new India, to return India to its people. In relationships, whether married or in partnerships, we have to compromise for the sake of the relationship, not so much for the sake of the other person. Relationship implies two. So, therefore, you both compromise to reach the union, the center of the nature of the relationship itself. You each sacrifice something to reach harmony.

So what does this month mean for us as this energy prevails? During this time, focus on relationships, aesthetics, both personal and environmental, and focus on truly balancing our life.  All things, good and bad, are there to assist us in centering ourselves which is truly the only way to reach harmony. Each person in our life is there to reflect what we may need to address in ourselves in order to be balanced. Just like our partners, even people who may be our enemies can mirror something about ourselves. Pay attention. Let go of ego in relationships and then compromise.

And have fun!!!! Get together with friends, socialize, and surround yourself with beauty, whether it’s personal adornments or in one’s surroundings. New clothes, maybe, new comforter, pictures.  Whatever beautifies.  Listen to music and become the music. Focus on the beauty, peace, and harmony of life rather than all the ugliness. As Elvis Costello once said in a song, “What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding.” Nothing!! It’s the balance of life. And again, wise words from another Libra, John Lennon…“Give peace a chance.” Not just hippie words, but truly words of wisdom (most Libras are wise!). Reflecting on those words brings us back to the nature of our beings, that which we are born as…..loving and peaceful. Especially important to think about as we go through a very divisive time right now in this country.

Yoga…..oh, yoga!! During this time as you’re performing your balancing asanas, really try to find your center, not only your physical center to maintain your posture, but your inner center. This can be anywhere! Your center may be your heart, your solar plexus, your third eye….maybe even a particular part of your physical body. As you balance and center, listen to what it is telling you. How is it wanting you to create balance in your life? What do you need to change within yourself to create harmony in relationships and in the world around you?

And then……bring it all to the heart and enjoy the peace and the beauty!

Happy birthday to all you wonderful Libras!

Love & Blessings,




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So much Virgo energy this month!!  We have the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and on the 15th of September, we have a New Moon in Virgo forming a conjunction.  What an incredible time for analytical thinking, reasoning, and expression.  So many minute details to pay attention to, so much filtering of important information to do.  What a critical time to have this energy surrounding us.

These days leading up to the election for a new president brings so much controversy, confusion, divisiveness, sensory overload, and sometimes even feelings of loss of control in our own belief system. The media plays such a big factor in trying to persuade us one way or the other, and we tend to feel almost like puppets being manipulated by self-serving egos! This one calls this one a liar….the other calls the other a liar….one says these are facts…the other says no, these are facts, and we are in the middle thinking what am I to believe…..who is right….who is wrong….who truly cares.  I found myself involved in many controversial subjects this week, and it was difficult to have discussions with any sort of respect, though I sincerely gave it my best shot!!  Virgo wants us to be humble in our thinking and our words.

So what do we do? We edit out that which we recognize as obvious distortions of words that are clearly misrepresented to persuade us to one’s own views. The Virgo constellation that our Sun is now passing through brings an energy of discernment, analytical thinking and reasoning, logic, ability to pay attention to even the smallest and most minute of details. Use this gift that we are given to come to your own conclusions. Open yourself up to humbly listen to all views, and then use your own analytical reasoning to do your own editorial work and draw your own conclusion.

It is difficult not to fall into the whole hoopla of the political world, but it is not beneficial to us as human beings, to our spirit when we fall into the trappings of ill will towards others just because of a difference of opinion. In truth…..that is what they want, is to pit one against the other for their own benefit. Know your own truth…..use your own better judgment. Again, difficult to do. Use your own editorial abilities to say no….these are my facts! Regardless of who it is you favor, respect others and humbly listen to their side, as well. You may just learn something you didn’t know, like it or not.  But do so respectfully and without insults. This is the only way that we can learn from one another and stand together as human beings that do not wish to be manipulated by any side. That is the most abusive insult there is….the game that is played on us. Analyze.

In your yoga/meditation practice this week, bring your awareness to your Throat (Visuddha)  and Third Eye (Ajna) Chakras.  The Throat for the ability to clearly speak and hear your own truth and to honorably express yourself, and the Third Eye for integrating information and using your own intuitive guidance for perspective and to curtail judgment.   Our practice is our best friend….it puts us back in check when we’re veering off the road of respect for one another.  And that applies to all aspects of our lives… life, our relationships with our children, spouses, work relationships.  It’s easy to stray and lose focus causing disturbances in our own inner peace and love for another. 

Paramahansa Yogananda said: “Softer than a flower where kindness is concerned…..stronger than thunder where principles are at stake.”  Believe in your truth and have your opinions, but be clear that they are YOUR beliefs, and not those of the ones who try to influence you.  Be strong in your truth, but be kind and respectful when voicing them.  Hard to do in today’s atmosphere. 

Love to all, Debbie

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