The Peaceful Warrior Within

on August 5, 2012

Aries, the Warrior, the Liberator, the energy that calls us to action, action, action!!  All of us have a need for that Aries energy to give us our sense of purpose and help us identify the oppressor that lies within us and holds us back.  Aries is our hero.  A wonderful example of a sense of purpose and liberator was Moses, an Aries, called upon to lead his people out of slavery.  

Though Mars has always had the reputation of being a destroyer, a creator of war and traditionally people have feared that force, it is a necessary one.  It is our “call to action.”  There are times when we have to stand up and take Warrior-like action.  We cannot create in our lives that which we truly are passionate about without ridding ourselves of that which oppresses us.  And calling upon the energy of Mars, the Warrior within us helps us to liberate ourselves, to rid our lives of that which holds us back from our purpose. 

So what is the Warrior within us and how do we use it?   Well, one thing we all seem to forget about is that by nature we are peaceful and joyful and loving beings.  This is how we come into this World.  It is through distractions of life, conditioning, demands, expectations placed upon us by others that takes us farther and farther from what we really are.  It begins to create scars if those distractions are unhealthy ones, and we soon lose that sense of peace and joy that is our birthright.  When we look at children, they are happy, not a care in the world.  They trust, they love.  All of us were once like that, and then life distractions take over and we begin a cylce of fear, self-doubt, unworthiness inflicted upon us by external events.  Of course, we can’t just stop life events!  They happen.  And in reality, we were meant to endure certain things in our lives to learn our Soul’s lessons in order to fulfill our purpose.  Again, using Moses as an example, certainly his stresses were many!!  But the Warrior within him, the Aries energy, pushed him to action despite all obstacles.  We have to learn to play the game of life to become successful, accepted in society and be recognized for our accomplishments.  BUT…..we don’t have to lose our peace…..we don’t have to lose our joy…..we don’t have to lose the child within our hearts!  We can call upon our Warrior to liberate us from those feelings, cut them out and push forward.  Think about how you feel at Christmastime.  We feel joy, warmth, love, kindness.  It is somewhat expected of us.  But really…..that’s what we are!!  It brings to mind the lyrics of Faith Hill’s song.  “Where Are You Christmas.  Why can’t I feel You.  Why have You gone away.  Where is the laughter You used to bring.  Why can’t I hear music play?”  The word Christmas reflects our peace, our joy, our innocence.

One Warrior approach is to develop the courage to accept yourself for what you are, including the bad habits and wrong thinking you may have developed over the years.  Probably this is first and foremost!  Bad habits and wrong thinking develop patterns in our lives.  It attracts to us negative results destroying our peace.  The Warrior approach is to face it, be honest with yourself, and destroy whatever patterns by  changing those habits and thoughts.  If you find yourself struggling in life with your finances, relationships, energetically, begin to examine your patterns.  What is usually lying on the surface of your conscious mind which then gets embedded into your subconscious bringing that into manifestation?  You may be doing everything “physically” right but it’s just not happening.  Examine what you’re “really” thinking and feeling. 

Once you’ve identified what is your personal oppressor, meditate and see yourself around a fire.  Really feel the heat of that fire and feel the power that fire brings.  See yourself writing on a piece of paper all those traits, feelings, thoughts that are intefering with your accomplishments, your goal, and then throw them into the fire.  Watch them burn as the fire slowly burns out and all that is left is ashes, and then affirm to yourself:  “I relieve myself of all ignorance and bad habits.  I am NOW attracting into my life …….”  And then state what it is, whether prosperity, love, happiness.  And then inhale those positive thoughts and exhale all those habits and patterns.  Maybe give them color.  Whatever works for you.

And then there is our yoga!!  Didn’t think I’d let you go without that, did you?  When practicing your yoga this week, really feel the strength and the power and the determination of all your Warrior poses (Virabhadrasana).  Warrior I, II, III…..feel them empowering you and bring to your Third-Eye that which you are determined to conquer!!  And mentally tell yourself “I am strong.  I am vital.  I am determined.  I WILL create my destiny and manifest my wishes, and I will share them with joy and love to all who surround me!”  Be the Warrior with his courageous, brave Lion walking beside him (or her).

Remember…..”If there is love in your heart and your mind, You will feel Christmas all the time.”  As you walk with courage liberating yourself from all those negative patterns, return in your Heart to that peace, joy, and the child that is your true essence!

With love and blessings for a wonderful week of practice, Debbie!

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