Honoring the Sun

Many ancient cultures worshipped the Sun as the life of everything, including the body.  In modern day society we are made to fear the Sun on the human body.  Can you still hear the voice of your grandmother or your mother telling you to get out of the Sun?  Yes, we do have to be cautious in our exposure to the Sun.  Certainly, if our bodies are going to be exposed for any great length of time we should use a sunblock, and most definitely on the fragile skin of a child, and we should never look at the Sun during its peak.  But the Sun’s rays are beneficial to the body.  It gives us Vitamin D.  It replenishes our vitality.  Think about how you feel when you do not have Sunlight, when it rains for days and days or is just cloudy.  Or maybe you fall into a bad habit of staying indoors just watching TV.  You become lazy, depressed.  You lack energy to initiate any kind of creative project.  You become depressed. Remember the words of our beloved Beatles…..”Here Comes the Sun, and I say….it’s all right.”  When the Sun shines we feel joyous inside, powerful, vital.  We feel full of energy to take on anything.  When you spend a day outdoors, either gardening or playing sports or having a picnic, you feel alive, fresh.  And again….”I feel good in a special way.  I’m in love and it’s a sunny day!” (Beatles) 

In Astrology, our Sun represents our creative expression, our ego, how we manifest ourselves to the World.  It is our creativity and our power.  In the natal chart it is symbolized by a circle with a dot in the middle.  This symbol in the Ancient Egyptian culture and to this day represents the “All-Seeing Eye of Horus”, which also corresponds to the Ancient Hindu belief that the Sun is the eye of the world.  The Hindus respect the Sun as both the physical and spiritual heart of our world and the creator of all life.  Some may be of the belief that it is God.   The Sun is your heart.  When connecting to the Sun, bring it to your heart.  Open your heart.

So how can we honor the Sun?  Take a few minutes every day, if possible, to just sit in the Sun for about 10 minutes.  Just close your eyes and feel its warmth, its vitality, its power, and the feeling of love/joy that you feel through your body.  Feel it energizing every cell of your body.  Breathe in slowly and deeply, holding the breath for a count of five, and then exhaling through the mouth releasing any stagnant energy, negative energy, pain in the body.  Clear the mind and rejuvenate yourself.

And then there is our Yoga practice.  Of all asana sequences, the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is probably one of the most highly revered.  Ideally, performing the Sun Salutation outdoors facing East is best.  However, we do not all have the wonderful benefit of living on a beautiful warm island or in a warmer climate!  Facing East indoors towards the rising Sun will suffice.  Below is a Sun Salutation sequence for you to follow.  Begin by just practicing five rounds and slowly build up to ten.  Daily is preferably, but if time does not allow, four times a week is fine. 

1.   Begin in Mountain Pose.   2.  Raise hands overhead and bend gently backwards (inhale).  3.   Fold forward, hands next to feet (exhale).  4.  Right foot back to lunge, lengthen spine (inhale).  5.  Left foot back to plank (hold breath).  6.  Knees, chin, chest to floor (exhale)  7.  Sweep forward into Cobra (inhale).    8.  Curl toes, lift tailbone to downward dog (exhale)  9.  Right foot forward to lunge (inhale).  10.  Bring left foot to meet right for forward bend (exhale).  11.  Inhale, rise.  12.  Exhale into Mountain Pose.  Repeat sequence.

Be patient with yourself.  Practice is the key to everything.  As you honor the Sun, focus your attention towards the Third Eye, the All-Seeing Eye of the World!  ENJOY!

Love and Joy, Debbie

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