“Be neither jubilant by wealth, nor depressed by loss,” was the advice of Paramahansa Yogananda’s father.  Words that in today’s world are difficult to comprehend since most of our society’s “acceptance” is based on what our status is in life….wealth, possessions, career.  These are all wonderful things!  There is nothing more beautiful than sitting in a wonderful sunlit room with beautiful furniture and decorations while gazing at the beauty of a painting by whomever your favorite artist is, listening to your favorite song.  Such a joy!  But what if within one second all that was taken from you?  How would you feel?  Would you lose your sense of identification?  Would you lose your joy?  Would you feel any less of a person because you no longer “fit in?”  Certainly it’s a shock, but it’s one of those transient pleasures that does not determine who you are.

Possession and money are not a sin.  As a matter of fact, they are, in a sense, necessities.  However, to be “possessed” by the possessions and the money is where you may just run into some problems!  Life has so many treasures and they are meant to be enjoyed, but identification to those pleasures can bring suffering.  Ask yourself when it is you become most anxious or stressed or depressed.  When does it occur?  People’s paths are different.  There are many in this world who no matter how much money they have or things they possess are still searching for their happiness, to fill that empty hole that subconsciously gnaws at them.  Yet, there are those that have little who live in joy as they tend to identify more with their spirit, their beingness, which is the constancy of life.  Living your life from that place of constancy can fill us with gratitude for that which is given to us to “use” in this life, (i.e., possessions, etc.) and also, to maintain that state of joyousness when it is taken from us.  “Things” can be taken ……..spirit cannot!  The filling of the void within and the root of your happiness is the constancy of the soul, the identifying with that inner space that never changes.

And so today’s thought is that of  “evenmindness.”  Keep it within your thoughts no matter what you face this day, be it stress, someone causing you anger, a bounced check….whatever!  Come from that space that is not affected by outward distractions.  Come from unshaken joy.   Come from your true self.  Trust that what is meant for you at any given point in life is where you’re supposed to be at that moment.

As always with love……Debbie.

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