It’s Only Love

Love……the most basic and raw of emotions. From the moment we are born, love is what we seek to make us feel safe and secure in this World. We seek approval from our parents and others erroneously believing that if we  please others we will be loved. We romanticize love! Poets, authors, artists paint a picture of love and its many joys and tragedies. Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra….. lovers who would even die for love! But what is this emotion that we are all so obsessed with? Why do we complicate love so?

There have been so many studies on “love.” It has been defined in so many ways by poets, philosophers, ministers, psychologists, and even sex therapists! It is said that love is gentle, patient, blissful, divine, dramatic. Some even believe that love is pain and suffering. They turn their backs on love out of fear of becoming too vulnerable, out of control of their own destiny. What, then, attracts us to love and to people when we meet them?

Researchers say that what attracts us and keeps us in relationships are the endorphins that are released from the brain when we have some sort of contact with a person, especially when having sex or any type of physical contact such as kissing or holding hands or touching someone’s cheek. We have a sense of well-being, peacefulness. We feel less anxious. Oxytocin, also released during sex, is what has been shown to bond relationships, that which is associated with maintaining relationships. It creates emotional bonds, which is why they say the more sex you have the greater the bond. When couples begin to slow down their sex lives, you begin to see issues arise in their ability to maintain a peaceful relationship. Well….this may explain love from a chemical/ physical aspect, but then why is it that there are times you meet a person and instantly feel that this person is going to have some meaning in your life, play some major role without even exchanging so much as a word? You feel a “soul” connection, deep and profound.

Love is also an exchange of energy. It can be karmic. From an astrological point of view, there are electromagnetic energies, vibrational frequencies that resonate between two people. In some cases, this is for the better good, to find a fulfilling and satisfying relationship. In others, it may be for our growth, our lesson to be learned. The relationship may be challenged, difficult but serves to allow for evolvement of the Soul. Understanding the energies in a composite/synastry chart done between two lovers allows us to develop an understanding of the relationship, what makes it harmonious, what makes it challenging. Through this understanding, we can learn that we are not broken; it’s just a different language that we can learn about one another resulting in a better flow of energy. We learn about ourselves through our relationships, and there is no relationship on Earth that does not serve a purpose.

They say opposites attract. This is true. You can have a Sun/Moon opposition, or Sun/Sun opposition (among other aspects) and feel that you are magnetically drawn to this person and are unable to pull yourself away from them no matter WHAT transpires. But if you take a few steps back and deeply meditate/contemplate on yourself, your self-cherishing patterns, the person, and the events, you are able to see the source of the conflict and the meaning it has in your life, what it is you are to understand about yourself therefore benefiting from the relationship. Opposites are mutually beneficial. You learn from one another. You help one another to discover things about yourself. What one has, the other lacks and vice versa. This blending of energies is needed for our own individual evolvement.

This does not mean we do not leave toxic relationships or ones that have served their purpose. We do! We move forward. But there is always baggage that we carry with us into our next relationship. We ask ourselves how can we possibly get past that. Love then becomes complicated. We begin to color it with the hues of our insecurities, our disappointments, our broken hearts. We become fearful and build a big wall of “stand back” energy to protect ourselves. It becomes difficult to trust, to allow love to re-enter our lives, or when it does, we allow our experiences to affect our new love.   When we lose trust, we lose ourselves. How can something so wonderful and the creative force behind our births be recaptured?

Dr. Gary Chapman writes in his book “The 5 Love Languages” that the strengthening and maintaining of our love relationships is all in understanding ours and our partner’s love language, how it is that we give and receive love. We all give/receive love in our own unique way, and I have found it very much coincides with the Zodiac signs!

I took Dr. Chapman’s  Love Language quiz. I am a Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury which is all about communications, the intellect, rationalizing what is behind a person’s intentions and actions. According to Dr. Chapman’s interpretation of the quiz, my primary love language is that of Words of Affirmation, meaning that it’s important for me to communicate love verbally or through the written word, hearing the reasons behind my partner’s love for me. It is feeling love through kind and encouraging words of support and praise. It is also the way I give love. Insults to a person whose primary love language is Words of Affirmation can be Earth-shattering! And this perfectly fits the Mercurial nature of Gemini.

My secondary language was that of Acts of Service. Again, this falls under the auspices of Mercury (which is also the ruler of Virgo, the energy of duty and service) in that I see and appreciate the intention behind a person’s acts. For me giving and receiving love is shown in helping my partner in acts of service, but it is also wanting my partner to help me. Laziness can make me feel that my partner does not validate my feelings.

Third was Receiving Gifts. Well……my Venus is in Taurus! Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Venus is about aesthetic beauty, love, romance, the arts, the pleasures of life, and Taurus is about our material possessions. It is not about being materialistic, but about seeing the thoughtfulness behind the gesture. The effort made is seen as an act of love.

I know a Libran who also took the test. Interestingly enough, her primary love language is that of Quality Time, having a partner’s full undivided attention. Understandable since Libra is all about relating to others and the World around them. Her secondary was that of Acts of Service. Venus, the planet of love and romance and pleasure is in Virgo, the energy of service and duty.

And so we can see that if we try to understand how our partner gives and receives love, we can eliminate so many conflicts. We can begin to not have such high expectations of how we believe our partner should be responding to us, and we will in turn be less prone to experience disappointment and hurt. Mutual acceptance and respect for our individual natures can be developed and we may actually find it to be very fun and rewarding! Our understanding of love deepens. We begin to uncomplicate love.

The first step is having self-love. Relationships are mirror images of what is contained within us. If we feel fearful, insecure about love, this is what we will attract. Relationships that breed those same emotions that we fear. If we are afraid to be vulnerable and authentic, we will attract a relationship that brings us suffering, feelings of invalidation due to our own inability to be open in our heart and in our communications. Learning about ourselves and our language of love and that of our partners indeed allows us to have more fulfilling and authentic relationships.

I found it so interesting in researching Dr. Chapman’s theories how it very much coincided with Astrology. It only proves to validate how the energetic forces of the planets and stars affect us. We respond to this pulsating rhythm of our solar system in everything we think and feel. We are, after all, energetic beings ourselves made of the same chemicals and compounds and gases that are in the Universe.

If you would like to have a synastry/composite chart done, you can e-mail me at

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and enjoy the video!

Much love,

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Transformative Power of Love

As Fall comfortably sets in around us, trees beautifully colored and the sound of leaves softly falling onto the ground, we begin to reflect on what it is that needs to also fall out of our lives. Autumn is very much a time of deep reflection, of letting go as we see some of the seasonal plants we planted die, the trees beginning to be stripped naked, squirrels scurrying about to begin collecting their food for the winter preparing for the cold weather to approach.It seems to be all about dying.

Fall is a time of death in preparation for rebirth. This is the cycle…..birth, death, rebirth, death, rebirth….and on and on it goes. Plants die but blossom again….trees stand bare to then redress themselves. Even within our own bodies, cells die to then regenerate. Birth, death and rebirth are around us every day, every second, every minute in every aspect of our lives, even the smallest of incidents. One breath dies; another is born. In our yoga postures, we surrender/die to one pose to then flow into the next. One cannot exist without the other. Without death, including that of our physical bodies, life would grow old and stale. It would lose its charm, its mystery, its joy. Death of anything brings new opportunities to press the refresh button and start again. If your job isn’t fulfilling, is not something you’re doing with enthusiasm, you feel a loss of creativity, of productivity. Bringing death to that job brings birth of a new opportunity! If leaves didn’t die, we wouldn’t have compost. If we didn’t bring death to certain chapters in our lives, new ones wouldn’t be written. Life and death are synonymous. They are the equation, the formula for regenerating ourselves, our lives, our attitudes.

Transformation is healing. It is bringing death to a wound within us, a pattern within us that brings us pain and suffering. Transformation/death is letting go of self-cherishing, of self-centeredness that keeps us bound to that which ultimately is creating our wound. However, it’s not an easy thing to do for any of us! We are so caught up in everything that we “do” and that we think we must “have” that we don’t allow ourselves to surrender. Surrendering is allowing the death to take place. When we give ourselves permission to let go of self-cherishing, we open ourselves up to the experience of understanding that we are all in this boat together. We are all seeking happiness, love, peace. We begin to connect to the Divine Love that brings about a transformative effect upon ourselves and others. Brings to light a quote by Paramahansa Yogananda. “Ordinary love is selfish, darkly rooted in desires and satisfactions. Divine Love is without condition, without boundary, without change.” When we surrender and allow Divine Love to flourish within us, we become more acceptable, more forgiving and understanding of others. Easy task? No. Because it requires a death, a surrender, and so many of us, no matter how miserable we may be, find death, surrender, change difficult. And why? Because of the uncertainty, the fear, the letting go of feeling that even in certain circumstances, we at least have some control. But it is this Divine Love that heals.

So……..a few weeks ago I watched a somewhat silly movie called “Warm Bodies.” It was a goofy movie about zombies, and one zombie in particular who was still attached to his “life,” per se. But the message that I got from this movie was strong! A goofy, silly movie that made me think of the incredible transformative qualities that love has. I won’t bore you too much with it, but just feel I have to somewhat summarize it to get the message across. This teenaged zombie (male) falls in love with a human girl because he killed and (excuse the graphic language) ate the brain of her boyfriend. When they do this, they gain the memories of this person. He then feels compelled to protect this teenaged girl from the other zombies and he brings her to where he lives. There he still had music and other things that teenagers love, and the two of them enjoyed an evening together listening to music, her trying to teach him to speak again, and he wanting so desperately to respond. They fall in love. As the story unfolds, the rest of his zombie friends see this love and become affected by it. The zombies begin to change. They begin to become more human-like again, but not entirely. Long story short, the two teenagers, through the power of their love, are able to transform the zombies to become more acceptable in society and the “humans” to become more tolerant and understanding of the transformative nature of what the zombies really were. They begin to co-exist together. And everyone lived happily ever after!!!

Yes, a goofy, corny movie, but it really makes one think about how love can transform the ideas, the attitudes, and even the nature of another. It begins with love for yourself, connecting to your higher Divine Love, surrendering to self-cherishing, and yes, dying to a part of ourselves. This heals us, opens us up to the many joys of life, the beauty of what this intelligence called life truly is.
Is there pain and suffering in the World? Yes, there is. There are horrors that go beyond our comprehension. But through the transformative power of love we find that place within ourselves where we can shield ourselves and find compassion, and instead of responding with even more anger and hostility which serves to only make matters worse, we can instead send the power of love. Doesn’t mean you condone behavior or live idealistically under a rock, but you try to find a place within yourself where you don’t allow the darkness to overshadow your own inner peace. “Divine love is without condition, without boundary, without change. The flux of the human heart is gone forever at the transfixing touch of pure love.” (Paramahansa Yogananda).

The World will always be what it is, and these are the challenges that we face as humans. The polarity of life. But likewise, we are the beings that we are, and in order to find happiness for ourselves, we connect to what the Buddhist call our Bodichitta mind, that of love and compassion for all sentient beings, and who knows……maybe the zombies will become more human and we can end up living happily ever after!!

During this time of the energy of Scorpio/transformation, meditate, contemplate on someone who maybe has done you harm. Begin to imagine that even they have a desire for happiness, for love. They have a family. They have those who love them or maybe who don’t. They have their own issues. As you contemplate this, you may begin to start having a sense of understanding that hey, this person is just like me. Maybe they don’t walk my same path but their desires as a soul are the same. Maybe you begin to feel compassion. Examine your own self-cherishing. What was harmed? Your sense of “Me?” Is it your judgment? Your sense of control? Your own sense of what you believe is right or wrong? Just examine.
In yoga…..yes, savasana is the pose of the month!!! Surrender to each pose completely. Surrender to the breath.

Happy Halloween and enjoy this wonderful video about the healing power of Love!

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Memories, Family, and Love

I have recently returned from a very personal, meaningful, bittersweet journey, and though it’s a little late to be talking about the Cancer energy since we are now in full swing with our brave and willful Lion (Leo), this trip did take place during the time of the Sun being in the constellation of Cancer. It was all about memories, nurturing, mothers, family, and love!

How to begin…….my mother passed away six years ago. She was from Rome, Italy, and it was her desire to be returned home to rest. So we managed to gather up the family, which, by the way, is spread all over the place! China, California, Washington, D.C., and Rome! No easy feat to get the timing right for everyone, but we did it! And during the time of family and mother as symbolized by the Moon/Cancer, we all met in Rome to bring her back home and spread her remains in a most beautiful location overlooking the Eternal City.

Having been raised in Rome, it was quite a trip down memory lane to visit many of the places I went to as a child and to be able to share those memories with my husband and daughter. Walking the streets of cobblestone with my brothers and our descendant family, hearing the sounds and seeing the beauty of Italian life re-awakened in me my family heritage, a sense of returning home, a recognition of who I am as a result of my upbringing. In an odd way, it was as if saying a final goodbye, realizing that all that is left is just memories.

Memories……why do they seem to define us so much? Good or bad, they influence how we choose to react to most all situations in our lives and are the foundation for our patterns of behavior. They can bring out love, acceptance, joy, compassion, or bring out the polarities of hate, rejection, fear, anxiety, suffering, anger influencing how we energetically are received or rejected by others. Memories, in essence, are the root cause of our happiness, successes, or pain and suffering. It is through our memories that we learn our life lessons and determine our soul’s evolvement.

And what creates memories? People! Relationships with everyone we encounter serve our life’s purpose. Every single person you meet has a purpose in your life, positively or negatively, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. Even the so-called bad memories when looked at introspectively serve their purpose, and ideally, we should welcome those with even greater appreciation! Those are the events in our lives that bring us evolvement. As is said, it is ourselves that is reflected in all situations and people. It is difficult to understand or even accept, but if we pull away from the “self” for just a moment, we get a glimpse of what lesson this serves to teach us about ourselves.

And then there are those people who come into our lives who with one word or smile can give us the greatest inspiration, hope, and faith to overcome all obstacles and reach for our highest potential! Energetically, they touch that part of us that needs comfort, compassion, and acceptance. We sometimes place more importance on these experiences because they bring us happy memories. But it is through the acceptance of all memories, good and bad, that we become a whole.

And then there are those memories that are strictly ours. Laying on a beach, feeling the breeze touching your body, hearing the sound of the ocean in rhythm with your own breath, the heat of the Sun vitalizing you. Memories of your authentic self untouched by the external distractions of life, and touched by the feelings of peace, well-being. The silence of your mind enjoying your embodiment, your senses, your pleasures. It is these memories that we recreate when we take time to meditate and connect to our authentic selves of happy, peaceful beings, that which we were born as before life, through memories, took over.

Family……our greatest joy, yet our greatest challenge!! They can be our greatest supporters, yet causes for our insecurities. Most of our memories and experiences are born within the family. We love them so much, yet they can be the source of so much of our pain! And this is why family is so important in our lives. They help us to see, whether in a positive or negative manner, aspects about ourselves that become the tools necessary for getting along in this World. But do we get it? No. Why? Because we are too engrossed with the self, attached to the judgment, criticism, hurt. We don’t look at our family as teachers. We look at them almost as a source of conflict within ourselves refusing to face that which they point out to us. We forget that family loves us. It is not their intention to hurt us.

Yes… some situations, family is exactly that; pain, suffering, deceit, , rejection, unloving! But even there we can learn so much about ourselves. Again, it’s a question of how we choose to react. Do we allow the pain to lead us into a life of depression? Do we allow those memories to rob us of our joy and happiness which we are all entitled to? Do we allow it to affect our own personal relationships? Do we allow it to rob our life? Or do we choose to gain strength, courage, and even compassion. Reminds me of a quote from Paramahansa Yogananda: “Forgiveness is what holds the Universe together. “ It is an eternal virtue. This is the tool necessary to get along in the World without anger, anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. And what better place to learn forgiveness than with the family. We ALL have what we term “dysfunctional families.” We all have scars.

So how do we integrate and accept our good and bad memories, experiences, and relationships into a learning lesson, into an opportunity for self-evolvement? Yep……love and compassion, the nurturing qualities of the Moon/Cancer! But it’s important to dig deep within our outer shell (the Crab) and find love and compassion for ourselves first and foremost. It is there where we can find understanding and forgiveness.

Understanding and forgiveness does not mean we forget experiences or how a person hurt us, but it means that we choose to see through the eyes of love and let go of the attachment to ego. It is allowing our authentic self to shine, rather than our selfish, controlling natures born from our insecurities and need for power. It is not allowing anger and judgement to build within ourselves as a result of another person disturbing our own peace. “He did this to ME.” Do we all do it? Yes. Do I do it? Yes. Do we all judge? Yes. Do I judge? Yes. We are all guilty of being self-absorbed, but the challenge is to not be! This is the purpose of our learning, of our being here on this Earth and having our memories, experiences, and relationships. It is the purpose of our soul’s evolvement, learning to receive from and give to others.  And each person in your life plays a part in this process.

It is when we choose to see through the eyes of love and compassion that we glean what is necessary for our lives through our memories and relationships. This is what I learned on this journey this summer. I came to understand so much about my family, and though I may not have liked some things, I realized it had nothing to do with what any one person’s purpose was in my life or mine in theirs.  And in the process, we created new joyful and loving memories as a family and with new people that we met.

So the energy of Cancer, that of mother, love, family, nurturing was very prominent! During our trip, my sister-in-law, who was with us, lost her mother. My mother and hers knew each other and were friends. And so the energy of mother, childhood, and memories was very strong for all of us. And we honored our mothers in a private prayer over the beautiful ruins of the Roman Forum as the sun was setting in that golden unique color that is Rome!

And so take a moment to remember people in your life. Think back to your memories, pleasant and unpleasant, and see what emotions they awaken in your life. What can you learn from this emotion? What is it telling you about yourself? How can you use love, compassion, and forgiveness to integrate these emotions and allow them to be tools from here on out with the intent of creating new joyful memories? How can you turn pain into joy? And if your memories are all loving and joyful ones, how can you turn that into wisdom to touch the lives of others who may be in pain?

Enjoy this most apropos song by the most tuned-in guys who didn’t even know they were!


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Summer Solstice – The Celebration of Life

stonehenge3“HRAM-HRIM-HROOM-HRUM-HRAIM-HRAUM-HRAHA,” one of the many chants, rituals, dances, traditions you will hear and see during the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. This is the Bija mantra for the Sun, the light of light, our awareness. It brings forth the life-giving power that comes from the Sun and is our life force.

The Summer Solstice is the time when Earth is at its most incline towards the Sun. The Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun reaching for its life-sustaining nourishment of warmth and light as all life celebrates and bows in its honor. It is the longest day of the year reminding us that without this Star, all life as we know it would not exist. It is to be revered and honored for its power.

From the days of our ancient ancestors to today, this day has been marked with great celebration throughout the world. There are numerous cultural rituals honoring the Sun. It can be said that the Summer Solstice is a day that truly unifies us as humans living on this incredible planet that is the result of such an intelligent design. It is a day when everyone, everywhere celebrates that which is the life-giving energy of the Sun. We celebrate the abundance it brings us as we see the crops that were harvested in the spring begin to produce. We celebrate its vitality, light, warmth. We dance and sing. We feel alive. Mother Earth is producing and we rejoice!

People around the World celebrate this day in so many different forms. Thousands flock to Stonehenge every year on the Summer Solstice to watch the Sun rise and set, though in reality, it is neither rising nor setting but just our illusion as the Earth rotates and completes its daily dance with the Sun. People gather and play music and dance. Others will engage in rituals of building bonfires and spending day in prayer. Whatever the methodology or place, it is a collective honoring of what the Ancients actually considered a god…..Ra….the Sun!

Midsummer is also celebrated at this time and is associated with not only the Summer Solstice but the nativity of Saint John the Baptist. Though this is said to be celebrated on June 24th, it is honored between the times of the 21st and the 24th as there is this idea by some that the longest day of the year is not, in fact, the 21st but the 24th. And so they honor Saint John during the festivities of the Summer Solstice as John the Baptist, according to Christian beliefs, was the giver of life, the “light of awareness.” He brought to us the light of the Spirit through Baptism.

And so it is that when we honor the Sun we honor the light and the life within ourselves. That vitality and force that is of the same element of the Sun and other Stars. As Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “we are all made of “star stuff.”” When honoring the Sun during this time in whatever manner you do, honor yourself and your own creative expression of Universal consciousness!

The Summer Solstice brings the Sun into the Tropic of Cancer, which is the energy of unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. Its purpose is to provide security. Cancer is the giver of life, the Mother that births. It is the nurturer and healer. It is our intuition and our feelings. When we look to the Dalai Lama, a Cancer, there is an understanding of just how deeply compassionate, forgiving, and loving this energy is. Develop this acceptance, forgiveness and compassion for yourself as this translates into compassion and acceptance of others.

Cancer is our home! So during this time, connect to family and to childhood memories. Enjoy summer activities with your family laughing and loving. Look towards the Sun with its promise of warmth.

Sunflowers One of the most beautiful symbols of the Summer Solstice, at least to me, is the Sunflower! It bends and stretches and dances its way into the most direct position in front of the Sun as a symbol of unwavering spiritual faith and worship. It is the happiest of flowers and grows tall as it stretches higher and higher towards the “life-giver” showing its reverence and loyalty to the source of all warmth and Light. All creation on this Earth honors the Sun. It is the source of love, vitality, and life for all. The Sunflower is symbolic of reaching for our highest Spiritual knowledge.

In meditation (reflection or whatever method you use), try to bring yourself back to a time when maybe you did something that required compassion and forgiveness. Bring yourself back to that moment and really “feel” it. Bring forth compassion for yourself and then forgive yourself. Accept and love yourself, and then apply that to your family and to the world around you. Practice mindfulness to develop intuition.

In yoga for the Summer Solstice, make it your intention to do as many Sun Salutations as you can, a practice of Surya Namaskara. Focus on sun energy for the first week of Cancer and then switch to a more lunar practice and connect to your inner emotions, intuition. Give yourself a nurturing ground for healing.

I wish you all light, vitality, warmth, and spiritual attunement! Enjoy the Video!


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The Greatest Story Ever Told

Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection! Easter brings with it beautiful bright Easter dresses to feel renewed and alive. Flowers, sunshine. There is a feeling in the air of freshness, renewal, life. As we watch little girls in their Easter bonnets and baskets searching for colored Easter eggs, and little boys with their suits and ties trying to trick the little girls into looking elsewhere so they themselves can have the egg that she spotted, we smile and rejoice in the beauty of those little things. But what of the story that brings us Easter?

There are many stories told in mythology, the Bible, and other philosophical or scriptural books. They serve to teach us. We listen to the stories and we try to grasp the meaning of what the message is. How do we understand this Truth and incorporate it into our daily lives? What is the Truth? How do we put our faith in the stories?

The only way we can even begin to know Truth is through our own direct perception. When we read scripture or historical stories meant to instruct us, we use intelligence and intuition in understanding their meaning. The intellect is comprised of our sense perceptions and experiences, but that can sometimes deceive us. It limits our thinking and the conclusions that we draw can be wrong. People see things differently. For instance, from a distance we may see a cloud of smoke and based on our intellect and our sense perception conclude that it is a fire, but maybe it’s a dust cloud created from a herd of buffalo! Intuition, on the other hand, is our own inner connection to our higher intellect, our higher self, and it is never wrong. We connect to our intuition the more we meditate or do practices that keep us in a calm, clear state of mind. So by reading scriptures/stories, intellectually digesting it, mulling it over intuitionally, meditating on it, we will “feel” its truth or non-truth and how it applies in our own lives. This is different than having blind faith in our opinions. It is coming from a place of calmness where we can reason without the distractions of others’ perceptions and influences on us and find our own truth. The test of truth is by experiencing it, living it. One of my favorite Rumi quotes is “My life is my message.”

Which brings us to the greatest story ever told….that of Jesus and his crucifixion. Today is Good Friday, though in reality, it’s not so good! Some refer to it as Black Friday, but of course today, in our infinite wisdom, we think of that as a day to go satisfy our materialistic needs and go shopping at some gawd-awful hour!! This day is the day that the darkness of man, the ignorance of many and the ego prevailed and started a karmic catalyst for us all! No matter who or what you believe Jesus was or represented, there is no question that the life of a man was sacrificed for having done no wrong except to instill within the “powers that were” the fear that they could possibly lose control over the population. Sound familiar? This so much sounds like Pluto expressing itself ten-fold. It would be interesting to research what the placement of Pluto was on that fateful day.

What is interesting about this Good Friday and Passover is that it occurred during the same eclipse that is said to have occurred on this day back in AD33. (Anno Domini-The Year of Our Lord). It was called “The Moon of Blood.” Eclipses are typically associated with beginnings and endings. Certainly, Jesus’ story came to an end, at least physically. How do we know this? Astronomy studies. There are three ways in which the date of Jesus’ death has been speculated. One is through Canonical Gospels, which puts it at AD33. Then Sir Isaac Newton put it at AD34 based on the differences between the Biblical and Julian Calendars and the crescent moon. And the third are astronomy studies based on calculations which put it exactly at April 3rd, AD33. From a numerology point of view, how significant of a date……333, the number of the Trinity.

Good Friday and the crucifixion is honored by the 12 Stations of the Cross— Via Dolorosa, or Way of Sorrows. This is a processional that goes through each stage of the crucifixion from the condemnation, the carrying of the Cross, to the physical death. The purpose is to make the spiritual journey of the Christ’s suffering through prayer/meditation, and is performed as an act of reparation for the sins inflicted upon Jesus on the day of his death.

So what do we glean from this story? What is the message here? One can speculate many things. Some believe it is symbolic of astronomical events, especially when one looks at the significance of the number 12 (12 Apostles, 12 months in a year, 12 constellations). Others believe it is the Son of God who died for our sins. Others believe it’s representative of the ego of man sacrificing itself for its higher purpose. So many different schools of thought. But how do we as individuals look at this story and feel the truth that speaks to us?

The Cross has become a symbol of sacrifice. The Cross is the burden that we bear. We all bear a cross. We are all condemned at times for our actions or our words when we allow the shadow side of our “self” to manifest. When we hurt others, we sacrifice our egos and ask for forgiveness and support. It is through the acts of kindness and forgiveness that the World is held together.

So when we look at the story of Jesus and his crucifixion, it’s almost like metaphorically looking into our own lives. Is this what was meant by Jesus dying for our sins? Was it to help us understand to surrender the ego to our Higher Self and let that be our guide? Again, our Truth lies in looking within ourselves, and if the Truth we perceive helps us to be better people and to contribute in a positive, compassionate, loving way to the World, then maybe that is the Truth!

Examine the 12 Stations of the Cross. It seems to describe the process of transformation in our lives. When we need to surrender, sacrifice, and resurrect as new people, transformed people. So many of us have gone through a process similar. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Station 1: Jesus is condemned to death (our actions, words that have hurt others and we are condemned for?)

Station 2: Jesus carries his Cross. (our mental burden as a result of our shadow?)

Station 3: Jesus falls the first time. (we become isolated, suffering in loneliness?)

Station 4: Jesus meets his mother (unconditional love to nourish our soul?)

Station 5: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the Cross (the support of a dear friend?)

Station 6: Jesus falls a second time (we continue our struggle?)

Station 7: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem (the feminine energy that guides us to look internally and to reflect on our Higher Self?)

Station 8: Jesus falls a third time. (transformation is a long road?)

Station 9: Jesus is stripped of his clothes (our surrender, our cry to be stripped of our burdens?)

Station 10: Jesus is nailed to the Cross (our own crucifixion, or surrender of ego?)

Station 11: Jesus dies on the Cross (we die to ego?)

Station 12: Jesus is laid in the tomb (we go within, our own silence, and search for inner light, our understanding, our heart?)

And then, of course, there is the Resurrection. The transformation is complete.

Again, the Greatest Story Ever Told, the death of the greatest spiritual man the World has known. Some have called him the Savior, and maybe he is just that. Knowing his story and the process of his death is symbolic of our own lives if we just take a moment to think about it.

The Son of God? If you are of the belief that God is within us, then we are all Sons and Daughters of God, and the story of the death of his one begotten Son is to instruct us on how to be better people ourselves, to be kind, forgiving, loving, and peaceful! What do we need to sacrifice in order to be more content? In yoga, use this energy to completely surrender the self in every posture! Give of yourself.

Happy Easter, brothers and sisters! Put on your brightest dress, your brightest smile, and be joyful! And don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!


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Happy new cycle! We always hear on January 1st, Happy New Year! We make our resolutions, form our intentions, decide to liberate ourselves to then recreate, but ironically……the new cycle of our lives begins in the Spring! In the winter we hibernate, we reflect, we decide what it is we want to recreate in ourselves as we look forward to the warmth, vitality, and liberation of the Sun as it approaches the Spring Equinox.

And really, it makes sense when you think about the process of life, of nature. In the Spring everything comes back to life! There is recreation, as well as creation. We plant seeds for flowers, vegetables. The energy is that of initiative, creation, action, and liberation! Could this be why so many of us fail at our so well-intentioned resolutions at the beginning of the Calendar year? Energetically it just isn’t the right time. It’s the dead of winter. The days are long. It’s cold. It’s reflective. When the Spring Equinox arrives, the days are longer, the Sun shines brighter, there is warmth. The Earth begins to flourish. There is……creation!

Astrology is the study of man in relation to his environment. It is the telling of time, of life-cycles, of the natural evolvement of all things in nature. Man, animals, nature, and the Cosmos are all One interacting with one another energetically. Ever since the beginning, man has understood his relationship to nature. He has done his planting based on certain tell-tale signs of the Moon and other planetary influences. The tides are affected, our food is affected. And so it is with us. Our bodies respond energetically to the vibrational frequencies of the planets’ movements in our Solar System. When we attune ourselves to this rhythm, we find it can guide us like a map. We can use it to tell the “right time,” just like our wonderfully expensive Rolex (or not)!

And so with the Spring Equinox we begin a new astrological year, and it begins with the energy of Aries and Mars, representative of new beginnings, creation, and action. Aries/Mars has been associated with warriors, liberators, and aggression. When we hear of conflict and war, astrologers will always look to Mars and its interactions with other planetary influences. But this energy does not always have to be negative. When we look at it in our personal lives, it can be where we may be guided to find the warrior within ourselves to confront our inner enemies to find the liberation we need to effectuate recreation in our lives. It can be our call to action, though it may come with sacrifices. The energy of Aries/Mars can also be known as the “sacrificial lamb.”

To create/recreate, there has to be a form of liberation, sacrifice, resurrection. It is interesting to note that throughout history, we find many examples of this. One example would be that of Moses (Aries, by the way) who while under the influence of Mars/Aries heard his call to action to lead and liberate his people from the enslavement of Egypt to a new beginning. And the ultimate sacrifice of all……Jesus on the Cross. Again, his call to action was to liberate us all from the enslavement of our sins. One can debate what those “sins” may be. Are we really born to “sin,” or is our sin the interference of ego, of delusion? However we may think of it, it was most definitely an “awakening” for us towards new understanding of our Spirit, our compassion, of our love. Is our own sacrifice to achieve salvation to put our egos and delusions on the Cross and resurrect, recreate ourselves? There are many who believe Jesus was also an Aries. Again, the power of Aries/Mars can be forceful like a warrior or gentle as the sacrificial lamb.

Begin this spring with all of its life-creating qualities with a new cycle for your own life! Unleash your warrior and battle that which enslaves you. Go within and ask yourself what you really want, what seed of intent you want to plant, and then connect to that warrior energy of Mars/Aries and with courage lead yourself to triumph. Take action!! We can have the greatest ideas and best intentions in the world, but without action, nothing will manifest.

Be honest with yourself. Identify where you struggle in life. What/who is your oppressor? Once you’ve identified what/who is your oppressor, meditate and see yourself around a fire. Write down on a piece of paper what those obstacles are. See them strongly in your mind’s eye, and then throw them into the fire. Release them, sacrifice, liberate, and then see yourself courageously taking action to recreate the new you. The energy of Mars/Aries in our natal charts represents the power we hold within ourselves to recreate.

In yoga, feel strength, conviction, and courage in your practice! Begin by stimulating the root chakra with Kapalabhati breathing (Aries rules the muscles, the blood, the root chakra) or other pranayama breathing that stimulates the root. Practice all of your Virabhadrasana poses (Warriors I, II, and II) with strength, power, and determination. Feel them empowering you, and then bring it to the Third-Eye envisioning that which you wish to conquer and recreate. Tell yourself you are strong, vital, and you WILL create your destiny and manifest your wishes. Engage in other yoga postures that stimulate the root to energize the body, to activate and call upon your warrior strength. And detoxify yourself. Liberate the body of its toxic oppressors! Renew.

Whatever the seed of your intent is for this new cycle, I wish you much success. Follow the Sun. Respect the energy of Mars/Aries! In all fairness to its bad rap, this energy is that of Creation!

Enjoy this beautiful song and let it be the guide for your own Exodus.

With love,

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We are all dreamers. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have art, dance, music, poetry. We wouldn’t have our imaginary Worlds of fairies, dragons, mystics. The World would indeed be dreary! Our greatest inventors and visionaries are dreamers. Without them we wouldn’t have electricity and all the technology that exists today. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein just to name a few. I’m sure they were called crazy, illogical, and were labeled with the blasphemous name of dreamer. Remember the words of John Lennon, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.“ All dreams, all wishes, all things our imagination projects can come true if we just believe, if we trust the Universe, and if we have faith. This is the energy of our mystical Pisces!

And by the way, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were Pisces!! So there you have it! That is the energy of our Fish. They are the dreamers of the World, the imaginative creative force of the World. Their dreaminess and imagination is often misunderstood as being nothing but an illusion, that they are delusional seeing the World through imaginary rose-colored glasses, but look what using your imagination can bring to the World if you just…..BELIEVE!

So… Pisces really a dreamer, or do they “get it?” Do they actually know what true reality is, that the illusion is really the physical world and our dreams and imagination are what is real? The Hindus refer to this concept as Maya, which literally means illusion. The Buddhist refer to it as samsara, which is the process of continuing to create different worlds for ourselves and physically moving through them. Basically…!  Mystics and some of our greatest philosophers believe that the physical world is the illusion. We suffer when the illusions of our own perceptions that we create in our minds affect our lives regarding our relationships, our emotions, our thoughts.

Pisces is the Whole of Life. They are the last Zodiacal sign and they have walked with compassion in the imaginary shoes of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., which is why you will find Pisces people to be extremely empathetic, so much so that it can be detrimental. This empathy extends to all sentient beings. They “feel” and soak up the negativity that flows through life, which is why you will find them many times escaping from life, whether it be through sleeping or addictions of various sorts. They find it hard to set boundaries and can be prone to self-pity and confusion. But take a moment to think and imagine having all those energies within you! It would be exhausting! It would be enough to pull even the bravest Aries into a funk, into feeling pity for themselves. This needs to be understood, just like Libra’s balancing act needs to be understood.

The message that Pisces brings to us after we’ve traveled the whole Zodiacal Wheel is that we should try to be integrated with the blessings that each sign gives to us. We need to be communicators (Gemini), we need to be resourceful (Scorpio), we need to be persistent and determined (Capricorn), we need logic (Virgo) and all the other gifts that the Zodiac brings to us to get through in this life. Pisces is all of this. They truly understand and perceive that all is One. They are the “flow” of life, as is symbolically represented by the Fish. Pisces is the Astral World. As George Harrison (a Pisces) so wisely said, “Life flows on within you and without you.” The flow of Prana, of Life Force.

So we’re back to the question….so what does Pisces have to do with me? Well, it’s the mystic you! It’s the mystic in us all. This is the energy of yoga, of meditation, of astrology, of Tarot, of dreams, of imagination, of fantasy, of art, of all mysticism! It is the creativity of our minds and our thoughts. We all love these things in our life. Who doesn’t love to watch an animated fantasy movie. It stirs us up emotionally, brings out the creativity within us, stirs up our sympathy, our empathy when we find ourselves relating to a little fish who gets lost from his comrades. When we use our imagination, we can visualize, create, and then manifest in our daily lives. Pisces is all about meditation and creative visualization! It allows you to have an “AHA” moment!

This is a perfect time to meditate, to take yoga classes, to pay attention to your dreams, to go to a dream group, use your imagination. When meditating, use creative visualization if there is something you either want to rid yourself of in your life or attract to you, and keep a journal of what you “hear“ or “see“ as an answer to your visualization. Look at the World through eyes of empathy and compassion, walk in others’ shoes. Enjoy art and poetry. Go into your imagination…..become a mystic!

In yoga, this is a wonderful energy to take Prana Flow classes. Maybe even Google Shiva Rea (a Pisces) and see if you can find one of her classes being streamlined, or maybe go get one of her DVDs. When performing your sequences, imagine yourself flowing like a dancer from one pose to another, seeing yourself as whatever you wish to be as you stay focused in the center of your Third-Eye.  Think of the prolific Fish, the symbol of Pisces, as they flow through the waters of our consciousness, one reaching for the Divine, the other towards our physical selves.  ”As above….so below.”

And go dancing! Pisces love to dance! Go take a class in line dancing where the flow of energy is One with everyone. Unity!

This brings us to the end of our journey through the Zodiac. We started with the sowing of the seed of action in Aries ending with the flow of imagination, creativity, and faith to make the wish we started our journey with manifest.

Enjoy this time of imagination and creativity! BELIEVE in your dreams, in yourself. Trust and have faith that all will come to you as it is meant to unfold. Pisces is the Wholeness of the Circle of Life, the beginning and the end. It brings us to the Spring Equinox where the Sun returns to warm us again and bring new life. “Here Comes the Sun, and I say it’s all right!“ Enjoy the video!

Dedicated to my beautiful, dreamy, and mystical Pisces friend Tammi!

With love,

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Baby, You’re a Star!

Welcome to the innovative, inventive, genius, yet very rebellious laboratory of the Nutty Professor known as Aquarius! The World would be so boring if we didn’t have these friendly, eccentric, and sociable beings.

Many believe that we are now in the Age of Aquarius. Makes a lot of sense when one considers how fast technology is moving. These people are the ones that gift us with all the technological advances you see around us as they are the ones that “think outside the box.” The ones that can grasp concepts that you and I can only fathom in a science fiction novel!

Aquarius is the sudden lightening bolt that sparks an ingenious idea in your mind. Yes, we all have a little bit of this craziness, just like we contain all the other energies of the zodiac within our birth charts. And thank goodness that we do! The World would not progress without the original intelligence of this energy, and we would not find that innovative star within us that helps to contribute to an ever-changing World!

The Zodiac, just like the seasons of the year, serves its purpose in guiding us through our evolvement. We saw, for instance, how Aries was the planting of the seed, the action of bringing forth an idea (Spring). We saw how in the fall we had the death of that which no longer served us in Scorpio and so forth (see past articles). Capricorn brought us reconstruction, and Aquarius brings that reconstruction through innovative thinking, freedom, acceptance of humanity (the energies of the Zodiac as a whole), and awareness! Where would we be without the genius and revolutionary ideas of this eccentric energy and its love for humankind? Furthermore, where would technology and the unifying of the World via advanced communications be without Aquarius? They are the sign of technology, science, and unity.

TheStarBecause of their high electrical charge and unique intelligence, the Aquarius energy is highly intuitive. Meditation is associated with this energy and with the planet of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. The Star card in Tarot is associated with this sign and is representative of the knowledge that Aquarius holds. In the Star card, the woman has one foot on the Earth and one in the meditative Waters of Consciousness. This symbolizes that when you seek spiritual reference points on which to base your life, you find balance. As meditation and prayer stir the pool of the Universal Mind and provide proof of the existence of Divinity, so the physical world offers the same experience when perceived with the senses that have been energized by meditation. The vases represent the power of meditation and the flow of consciousness derived from meditation. Aquarius is the “star” within us all, the integration of our awakened awareness, the lightening bolt of a unique, innovative idea of how to use yourself to better serve your friends, humanity, and yourself. We are all Stars waiting to shine.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is a mover and a shaker! It’s an energy that wants to effectuate change whenever possible, and it does so very suddenly and drastically. This can create a very unstable, impulsive, and at times irrational environment. And here is where we get to the shadow side of Aquarius. They can be very rebellious, irresponsible, and emotionally detached. A lot of that comes from the idea that because they are the energy of “I know,“ they sometimes think that they “know all too much!“ This creates a stubborn streak in them (they are also a fixed sign) that can lead to such proportions that it can be revolutionary! Historically, many of the most influential revolutions took place during Uranus’ discovery. However, they effectuated a much-needed change, and this change was for humanitarian reasons. This is the modus operandi of Aquarius.

But really….isn’t that what it’s all about? How do we give back that which we receive? How do we awaken the “Star” within us all? That is the fundamental teachings of the mystical teachings of Kabbalah….receive to then give forth. The energy of Aquarius does so through its love for humanity. They are the sign of brotherhood.

And what is one of the best perks to go with that? They are friendly and most funny and eccentric beyond belief!! Everyone loves an Aquarian because Aquarians love people! Friends mean everything to them. Almost to a fault, actually, as they can seem impersonal and detached to their nearest loved ones. I have had the good fortune of knowing many Aquarians in my life. I even took a picture once that I titled “All My Aquarians!” It is one of the funniest, most energetic pictures I own! All you see is just a pile of laughing faces. But they are not just any laughing faces. They are the goofiest, craziest laughing faces one could ever expect to see! Some famous comedians that come to mind are John Belushi, Chris Rock, George Burns. You could almost say they’re like beings from another planet. Does anyone remember the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond?” I would place Raymond as an Aquarian. Eccentric, getting himself into situations due to his out-of-the-box mentality, yet fundamentally, you could sense his true caring for the well-being of others coming out in “odd” ways. And, of course, always forgiven!

From an idealistic point of view, we can understand. But when dealing with it on a one-on-one daily basis, it can be a source of frustration! It’s very difficult at times to follow the eccentric thinking of an Aquarian, and it can sometimes be the cause of a somewhat energetically volatile relationship. They can be scatterbrained always losing things, and their minds race faster than their speech making it difficult to follow their logic.

Some of you may say well, yeah, this is interesting to read, but what does it have to do with me? I’m a Gemini! We all contain within ourselves the different archetypes of the signs, and each energy contributes tremendously to the World. There are different aspects of our lives that contain specific energies of each sign. For instance, in your natal chart you may have Aquarius in your 7th house. Well, then the characteristics of Aquarius would come through in your relationships. You would probably attract a funny and intelligent partner who is a good friend in which you both share mutual respect for one another’s freedom. Freedom is very important to an Aquarian. Aquarius/Uranus in our natal charts is where we need to show more uniqueness, innovation, where we need to open ourselves up to a more humanitarian mindset, and where we open ourselves up to more friends.
Finding Aquarius is where you find your own “Nutty Professor!”

Uranus (Aquarius) is our super-consciousness. It is the one consciousness in all things. It is the integration of all energies. It is that electrical charge which connects to our higher intelligence. I guess that’s where all those wonderfully innovative ideas come from, and where we find our own shining star!

So during this time, engage in mindfulness meditation, awareness meditations. Do Pranayama exercises such as alternate nostril breathing to align your left and right energies focusing intently on your Brow Chakra. Open your psychic channels. For those of you who do not engage in these practices, just take some moments to just sit and connect to your mind, eliminating all thoughts and distractions. Just sit in silence keeping your awareness on your breath and your body, slowly breathing in and out and being aware of the flow of the breath in the body.

In Yoga, do take care of your ankles and shins when engaging in more active, fire-generating sequencing. Be sure to use conscious awareness in distributing the weight evenly on the feet.

I would like to take a moment to dedicate this article to my mother who was quite the eccentric Aquarian! We miss and love her!

With that…..”have a wild and crazy February, and remember “Baby, You’re a Star!”
Love, Debbie

p.s If anyone is interested in finding their own personal Aquarius in their natal charts, or you would just like to have your natal chart done, you can contact me at

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capricorn goat 2Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the energy of Capricorn!

Just as the Goat, the symbol of Capricorn, takes its time chewing its food, mulling over whether it really wants to climb the mountain or not, and even once decided, takes his time, so have I delayed in writing about our ambitious and persistent Goat. Too much mulling over Panettone left over from the Holidays!

We all greet the New Year with intentions of a new us, a new job, a new relationship……a new whatever, especially after all the reflecting and discarding of that which we no longer need in search of what we felt was a much needed transformation. I’m sure many of you have done that this year, as well. We truly are genuine in our determination to make the changes in our lives that we know are beneficial, but somehow we fall victim to impatience, pessimism, cynicism, fear…..whatever it is.

This year we had a little bit of help from the New Moon on New Year’s Day, and it was a New Moon in our ambitious Capricorn! The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings. It’s the best time for planting new seeds in life, whether a new project, job, or intention. So hold on to that Sagittarian optimism and faith because success is likely for whatever resolution it is that you made!

And this is why Capricorn comes to greet us in the new year! The Goat is the achiever in life. It is the perseverance, determination, patience, ambition that is needed to succeed. It’s about maturity in following the rules, the law. It is stern. This energy teaches us how to successfully construct using our wisdom with discipline and structure.

But it’s not always easy! The energy of Capricorn (and Saturn, its ruler) is not without its fair share of pain and suffering and even depression. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and our life lessons. He brings to the surface that which lies in our subconscious, our fears, anxieties, our pessimisms accumulated through our various life experiences. This is the energy we most succumb to if we don’t use strong determination.

You will hear others and yourself saying “I can’t do this.” “It’s too hard.” “What a bunch of hogwash.” “I’m too depressed to give up my sweets.” We are asked to stare these thoughts straight in the eye and with concentrated determination, just like the Goat, slowly climb that mountain of success. We learn through our wonderful optimistic Centaur that there is life after death, that with faith and optimism we CAN reconstruct, reinvent ourselves. Saturn/Capricorn allows you to do that, to succeed by focusing, honing in on what we wish to accomplish and proceed with responsibility. Saturn and the energy of Capricorn are the disciplinarians!

Sometimes reconstruction of that which you are trying to kill brings suffering and hardships, but isn’t that what success is all about? Success comes by not getting discouraged but by using patience and the challenging words of discipline and perseverance to stare your demons in the face and release yourself from their chains. The Tarot card for Capricorn is The Devil, which represents our bondage to our worst fears and anxieties and our need to free ourselves in order to succeed. The most valuable of traits to succeed in any area of life are those of perseverance, discipline, and responsibility given to us by our ever reliable and funny Goat! It is the formula for success.

And patience!!! Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is the ruler of Time (the Ancient Greeks referred to Saturn as Chronos, the lord of time). Time is going to pass no matter what. Why limit yourself by time? Why tell yourself “oh, it will take too long….I don’t have time to do that….etc.“ Maybe let go of the expectations of failure/success and just keep choo-chooing along. You WILL get there because you made a determined intention to do so. Use discipline….use perseverance….use patience, apply some action, and voila! If you allow the dark side of the energy of Capricorn/Saturn to discourage you and you give up, what will that leave? Regret? Create more fears and setbacks?

Saturn reminds us that staying in the present time is where we create the environment for success. It is “mindfulness.“ Practice mindfulness meditation during this time. When eating, be mindful of what you are eating, become the experience of eating. And the same with walking or any other activity. Be present in the moment, mindful of your actions, words, thoughts. The past is gone…..the future is not here….it’s only NOW that exists.

So in yoga… attention and allow “time” for alignment in your poses. “Structure” your poses. Saturn/Capricorn rules the skeletal body, so make sure that you are not putting strain or pressure on the knees or any other vulnerable skeletal areas of the body. (low back, neck, shoulders.) Listen to your instructors when they begin to give cues for alignment and adjust yourself accordingly.

One other thing about Capricorns….they are funny! Laughter is sometimes a very effective way to overcome your fears. Click on the video and try it!

I wish you success in whatever you undertake in the new year!
With love, Debbie

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All is Good

So how did you enjoy all that Scorpio energy, all that transformation, all that dying to self? It was pretty intense energy but I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love that time of year where we go deep into ourselves and really look to transform and be rid of habits and attitudes, things that really do not serve us any longer. And then along comes this optimistic, hopeful and abundant energy of the Sun in Sagittarius. The motto for Sagittarians…..“It’s All Good.” So let’s just flow with that!

Thank goodness for benevolent Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, as it brings the light to the darkness. Sag brings gaiety, fun, faith, optimism, luck, and it brings the light of Truth. Scorpio asked us to look deep and transform so that we could open our eyes to Truth and allow the light to shine on the darkness. We may have perceived suffering or a negativity that things were working contrary to what we were desiring, but it’s actually the opposite. And this is what the energy of Sagittarius brings to us. It brings the optimism to know that we have the ability to bring to fruition the changes we experienced and wish for our lives.

And it bring us the Christmas season!!! What a perfect time for this most wise of energies. It is Santa Claus!! It is no coincidence it falls during a time of joy, laughter, fun, generosity, and Holiness. Sag is the optimistic, free-spirited, adventurous, generous wise man! (or woman!) But they are also the high priests, the gurus, the rabbis, the spiritual teachers, the knowledge-seekers, the philosophers, and it’s all natural! They don’t need to read a million books (though they love to educate themselves). They breathe and live higher knowledge in the essence of their being, and for this, they are always seeking/speaking Truth, though sometimes not so gracefully.

“The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.” Another of their mottos. The truth of a Sagittarian can really put people out because they will dare to say that which others will not even dream of as it can step outside the boundaries of diplomacy. Truly….you will never be able to fool a Sag. They WILL call you out. But look at that for just one moment. What puts you out about it? The fact that it’s true and they dared to be so rude as to say it, or the fact that you have just been faced with a reality that needs to change within you? Does this not make them truly the wisest of us all? Does this not make them people you would welcome in your life for growth? And they do so with such naturalness and optimism. Truth is never easy, especially the Truth within ourselves that we keep hidden. Use this time to bring out your own inner wisdom. Be a Sag.

Welcome that Truth. Allow it to transform, to help you migrate from one state of being to the next, as painful as it may be. Allow it to bring your rebirth. Find what your Truth is and how you live it on a daily basis. What is the authentic you? Buried within you through all the cobwebs of bad habits, of negative thinking, of identification with ego lies this most wonderful Treasure! It is your joy! It is your Christmas! The greatest gift you will ever receive…your Truth, your purpose.

So during this Christmas season, connect to the joy of this time by using the optimism of the Sagittarian energy to face your Truth and live it authentically without fear. When decorating your Tree, in your Mind’s Eye see yourself laying the gifts of calmness, forgiveness, nobility, service, kindness, peace, faith, joy all wrapped in gold under your Tree. Release the stress of Christmas and allow instead the love and peace of the season to prevail and to stay within your heart throughout the year.

During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, which, in essence was the birth of the Christ Consciousness within us all, the physical manifestation of the Creator brought to us through Jesus, the Christ. It isn’t about one religious belief system over another, but that which is in us all, regardless of our cultural or religious background. Realize that this gift of the Christ is for all creation! It does not discriminate. Our favorite Centaurs, Sag, rule over travel, over foreign cultures, over education, over philosophy. Use their energy to really connect to the Unity of the Christ Consciousness in all of the World and in All people!

And really, during this time of year, one can truly “feel” it as you go to the stores or walk the streets. People seem more joyful, loving, peaceful. Is it coincidence the Sun travels through the constellation of optimism, joy, of giving and receiving during this time? The Sun never lies to us.

So what is our practice of yoga and meditation during this time? Well, this energy rules the liver and the hips. So detoxify the body by doing a lot of twists! Maybe devote a whole practice to twists. There are so many…….some that we even like to forget! And with all the parties we attend during this time with all the food, sweets, drinks it becomes most important to detoxify. Engage in hip openers, as well. Practice your chair pose (Utkatasana) and its variations.

In meditation, connect to your Christ Consciousness, that point between the brow, the Third Chakra, Ajna. Coincidentally, the energy of Sagittarius is that of vision, of the collective, of synchronicities with the Universe, which are characteristics of the Third Chakra. Go within and find your vision, your Truth, your joy, optimism. Your own inner Sag.

And with that, I will leave you with a link to a Christmas song that is so characteristic of this energy. Truly enjoy this time. Open yourself to the generosity, abundance, gaiety, spirituality of Sagittarius to live in your heart. Notice how the whole World seems to come together in one consciousness, and that is the Christ within us all. It brings out the joy, the love, the peace in all everywhere. Think about that……why is it? What does that tell us?

Merry Christ-mas. Have fun and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!

Love & Blessings,

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